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Where to Buy Horseshoes for Weddings + Crafts

by Emma Arendoski
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Planning your wedding is 10x more frustrating when you don’t know where to buy a particular item. For instance, when Kellymarie wanted to make rustic escort card horseshoes she asked us for our help. We sought out the ultimate list of where to buy horseshoes for weddings (and crafts!) so your wedding DIY can be easier. Read on to see what we’ve found…

where to buy horseshoes for weddings crafts

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Where to Buy Horseshoes for Weddings

There are two types of horseshoes: old and rusty (authentically used on horses or salvaged from an old barn) or brand-new and silver in color. Here’s where to buy both:

where to buy horseshoes for weddings - rustic old authentic horse shoes

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Old, rusty & used horseshoes

Our top pick: EBAY! Check out all of these amazing listings going on right now. I suddenly want/need 50 of them. ;) Another place to look: estate sales. I’ve seen at least one rusty horseshoe at nearly EVERY estate sale I’ve been to.

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New, clean horseshoes horseshoes

Our top pick: AMAZON! This set seem like a pretty amazing deal. Plus, they’ll be shipped straight to your door. (Those suckers can get heavy.)

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These cast iron horseshoes for weddings are a great purchase! From here.

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And, if you’re putting together those escort card horseshoes as we mentioned earlier, you’ll need tags. Just use regular white paper luggage tags (find them at your local craft store – I know Hobby Lobby sells them for sure) and white cotton twine. Hand-write the names using a permanent (fine-point) Sharpie marker. Those markers are the BEST — they don’t smudge, they write nicely, and they won’t rub off. That’s it! So easy.

Hope it helps, lovelies!

Thanks to Kellymarie for writing! (Psst. Have a wedding question for us? Comment below and it could appear in an upcoming post!)

Happy Planning!


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Luke Yancey October 20, 2016 - 10:40 am

I never thought to buy horseshoes on eBay, but it sounds like it’s probably the most affordable option. I will look into it a little more. Thank you for the advice.

Emma Arendoski September 30, 2022 - 8:56 pm

Absolutely, Luke!

stewart mcculloch November 9, 2015 - 6:33 pm

i am a disabled person who lives in south shields tyne – wear and looking for old used unwanted horseshoes, to use as a hobbie, for the long winter months. any help would be greatfull

Emma Arendoski September 30, 2022 - 8:56 pm

Hi Stewart! Try Ebay or Amazon. They have some great deals!

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