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Where to Find the Cheapest Save the Dates (Under $1)

by Emma Arendoski

A friend of ours is looking at cheap save the date cards after changing her date due to Covid. (Ugh!)

She says if it happens again, she’ll just go ahead and elope. :) Fingers crossed it works out as planned for them this time!

So, since she’s postponed the date and wants to send new announcements, this time she’s ditching the fancy save the date cards and opting for cheaper card options. She turned to us to find out where to find cheap save the date cards — and what the absolute cheapest save the dates are priced at these days. I thought I knew, based on my usual places, but the prices were higher than I remembered. So I had to do some research.

How much are the cheap save the dates going for right now?

After a little digging, we found the cheapest price for save the date magnets, cards, and postcards is currently at Shutterfly. If you have tried them before, you probably already know that they have tons of sales happening all the time.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

The last time I paid full price on Shutterfly was… never. Ha! Yup, if you wait a little while, a sale comes along and bam, you get an awesome deal.

Many people think of their collection for things like photo albums, printed photos, and calendars. But we know them for so much more: wedding save the date cards and invitations, to be honest.

I’ve never personally tried the invitations, but a few years back I was curious about the quality of save the dates for a client and I asked for samples. They are made of great quality and you wouldn’t expect them to be “cheap” save the dates at all.

Here are a few of the designs they recently dropped on their website, just in case you’re looking! At the present time of publication, these are pretty cheap save the dates: going for $0.70 each, give or take, depending on how many your quantity is. Right now, they’re doing a sale with 50% off cards and other things, so the save the dates fall under the umbrella of the sale.

This means a save the date card or magnet that normally costs $1.40 is going for half-price, under a dollar each. That’s amazing!

This first style is my favorite! As you can see, many designs can include your photo; this one does not, but I love the way the rustic style looks. There are dozens of save the date cards with photo and non-photo options to suit your needs. If you need a magnet, they offer ’em!

customized wine glasses

Now, if Andrew and I were looking for the cheapest way to tell guests to save the date (again!), I wouldn’t hesitate to snap these up. You can’t beat it: some of the magnets are even priced at under a dollar.

Now, we also spotted these ridiculously cheap save-the-date cards at Zazzle for as low as $0.09 each. I’ve never tried these myself, so I can’t tell you what I think of them personally and I’ve never heard of such an affordable price; I’m a bit skeptical. However, see them for yourself here and maybe you’ll decide they’re a good fit!

The size is very small, so that might be why the price is so low, but who knows. Maybe you’ll love them!


And if/when the prices change or if we find a better alternative, we’ll be sure to update this post accordingly.

Where to Find Cheap Save the Date Cards

To get in on the deal, head to the website here. No offer code needed, but it ends on 9/27 (Sunday).

Hope it helps!


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