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Where to Buy Vegan Slipper Shoes Online

by Emma Arendoski
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Are you looking for where to buy vegan slipper shoes online? Or, more specifically, vegan pom pom slides to wear all over your home AND while getting ready for your wedding? We just found a pair you’ll really love!

These all vegan slipper shoes have a sneaky little secret: they’re a shoe that can be worn outdoors, but they’re actually crafted like a slipper. There are 7 layers of comfort you’ll notice right upon slipping them on, so you’ll be walking on a cloud but no one will know you’re secretly wearing a slipper. ;)

Spotted at Birdies, these all vegan shoes are made of a slide-on style and crafted with premium satin, linen, and velvet — all vegan! There are two colors for spring: blush velvet, which is one of my favorite shades, and cream linen, which we think makes the perfect vegan slipper shoes for the bride.

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Now you can get ready in luxury from head-to-toe: get yourself a comfy pair of bridal pajamas or a luxurious bridal robe and pair them with these vegan slipper shoes online from here.

Other bonuses you’ll love: these are equipped with a small 15mm heel and have a no-slip rubber sole for indoor AND outdoor wear. The pom-poms on the top of the slides make an extra-fun detail, don’t you think?

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And if you’re still wondering what to spoil Mom with for Mother’s Day, these pom-pom slides make a great gift! You can buy here.

Where to Buy Vegan Slipper Shoes Online

It’s such a specific request — vegan slipper shoes online! — and it’s so easy to shop their collection!

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