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Where to Buy Tags and Sparklers for Send-Off?

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering where to buy wedding sparkler tags? We’ll tell you! Lisa sent us a quick Ask Emmaline question in our inbox and asked,

Where can I buy wedding sparkler tags for my reception? Do I buy the sparklers and the tags together?

Great question, Lisa, and thanks for writing. Wedding sparklers and tags aren’t typically sold together; that’s mostly because sparklers are a special item that are only shipped in certain states. Amazon used to sell sparklers, but we noticed they no longer allow them to be sold on their site.

However, there are great places to source sparklers, tags, and everything else you need, all included in this blog post. Enjoy!

Where to Buy Sparkler Tags

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

For a sparkler send-off, you’ll need sparklers, sparkler tags, a bucket, a sign, and matches. Sparkler tags are a fun addition that adds a little personalization to ordinary sparklers.

And since they don’t cost much, sparkler tags are a really fun accent to have for your sparkler send off.

Wedding Sparkler Tags

For a perfect wedding sparkler send-off, here’s what you need.

sparkler tags
galvanized buckets
sparkler sign


To source sparklers, you can buy them here. The sparklers they offer are the long-burning kind; regardless of what kind of sparklers you buy, make sure they are long-burning to last for the grand exit photo shoot.

Also, if you buy longer length sparklers, they are safer and easier to use for guests of all ages.


Here’s an example of the tall galvanized buckets for displaying your sparklers.

customized wine glasses

As a bonus, these are great for putting out the embers after the sparkler exit; fill the buckets with sand to distinguish the flames.


At a side table at your wedding, place the buckets of sparklers and add these tags. These custom sparkler tags are made to order and feature your names and wedding date.


Buy wedding sparkler tags here

Let your guests send you off on your big day in sparkling style. Tags are printed in your choice of white or black ink and personalized with your names and wedding date. The tags measure approximately 2″x3″ each.

These tags are custom-printed and fit on standard size sparklers as a sleeve. By Details on Demand.

Here’s an example of how your tags will look, displayed on a table at your reception and ready-to-go.


Next to the sparkler buckets, add a sign like this one we spotted at PaperandPineCo.

wedding sparkler sign

via here

Alternatively, you can make your own sign with a tabletop chalkboard, like this one.

Now you have a sign in place, check… sparklers in buckets, check! Sparkler tags, check!


You can get use a large bulk box of matches (like these) or get custom match boxes made.

wedding matches for sparklers

by for your party

Place matches in a small box for guests to grab and take to the sparkler exit.

by party favors plus

And there you have it: nothing left to do but enjoy the sparkler send-off!

Happy Planning!


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