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pronounced EMMA-LINE (not “leen”) BRIDE

If you’re looking to reach fun, creative brides who think outside-the-box, Emmaline Bride is the place to advertise your business. We offer a niche market of brides who love handmade, DIY ideas, and twists on traditional wedding ideas. While our audience is largely made of brides, we also promote plenty of groomsmen ideas, too. And, if you thought handmade was synonymous with budget bride, not necessarily: our readers spend equal or more than an average bride. Our readers are discerning, with a passion for total customization and emphasis on every detail.

As a partner with Emmaline Bride, you’ll reach our expansive network of brides through a multitude of resources:

o Award-winning Blog, brimming with creativity, brilliant photography and handmade finds,

o Our state-of-the-art Marketplace, brimming with handmade wedding details uploaded by REAL handcrafted artisans who are experts in their craft,

o The gold standard Preferred Wedding Vendor Guide, which offers a state-by-state directory for helping you plan with the best wedding professionals in the country (including photographers, wedding planners, DJs, and more).

Emmaline Bride began in 2009 and has set itself apart from the competition by carving its own niche. As the original — and leading — handmade wedding blog, Emmaline Bride is on a mission to create a more beautiful wedding world, one handmade detail at a time.

Are you ready to reach more brides today? Advertise with us! Stand out from other vendors by becoming a Preferred Vendor at Emmaline Bride today. All vendors are pre-approved and hand-picked by our team.

See what our clients have to say:

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“Joining forces with Emmaline Bride was by far the best investment I have ever made for my budding wedding stationery business. I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to me on Etsy. I, like so many others, am a stay-at-home mom and I love the ability to work from home and be with my girls. I appreciate that you are so organized and always quick to respond, your website is lovely and professional and such a great resource for so many people. Thank you Thank you!!” -Meagan, Tying the Knots

“Thanks again for being the best place to spend my advertising $$$ online… great great site!” – Heather, FLYoungStudio

“Thanks for everything that you have done to promote my company!” -Sara, Doie

“Thank you! I just renewed. Definitely well worth it! (I love Emmaline Bride!)” -Emily, GCDSpa

“I also want to thank you for being so awesome to work with! I have worked with many other blogs and always end up so frustrated and felt like I have paid a hefty price for things promised that never come through or are published with wrong/or info missing. You have always been so together with it and it shows in your blog and everything else Emmaline! It’s for that reason that I will continue with Emmaline for many successful years to come… Thanks for all your hard work!” -Jenna, Beane & Company

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