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5 Hot Wedding Jewelry Finds (+ Why We Love Them)

January 2, 2013 | Comment

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Hello, lovelies! Happy Wednesday! It’s the 2nd day of the new year and we are so thrilled to be back in action. In case you missed it, last week we held our 4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Palooza, a week-long giveaway series that offered handmade items up for grabs (+ we’re excited to announce the winners later today!) And, on Monday we announced this week’s personalized bridal robe giveaway going on now. Don’t miss it! Today, we’re bringing you a gorgeous collection of hot new wedding jewelry by the always-lovely Figment and Rather. This collection isn’t like every other you’ve seen, though: read on to find out why we’re head-over-heels for this shop and get inspired with the newest wedding jewelry from the collection. Enjoy!

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

Wedding Jewelry Finds

1. Pearl Statement Ring

This gorgeous pearl statement ring combines white freshwater pearls and a gold plated band for an elegant, aisle-ready piece. Adjustable to fit many sizes.

Why We Love It: A cluster ring is the perfect accessory for the bride, whether on her wedding day or beyond.

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

2. White Bow Locket Earrings

This pair of earrings includes vintage brass lockets and a metal bow – in off-white – with gold plated ear wires.

Why We Love It: The lockets open to place photos inside! What a sweet idea.

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

3. Something Blue Wedding Earrings

Blue and white porcelain beads make these earrings pop. A sterling silver chain holds the piece together; earrings measure approximately 7cm.

Why We Love It: This is the perfect piece for the bride who needs a subtle “something blue” she can wear again.

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

4. Bridal Earrings with Pearl + Rose

This is my personal favorite from the collection. These bridal rose earrings feature a tear drop shaped fresh water pearl, which dangles from a delicate ear wire.

Why We Love It: The rose, combined with the tear drop pearl, perfectly exude timeless bridal charm.

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

5. Je T’aime Plus Qu’Heir Mons Que Demain Necklace

This necklace reads, “Je T’aime Plus Qu’Heir Mons Que Demain“, which translates to, “I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow”. Chain measures 18 inches in length.

Why We Love It: This piece is an instant heirloom and even includes a vintage pale purple stone. Love, love, love.

Wedding Jewelry (by Figment and Rather via Emmaline Bride)

– – –

These are only five hand-picked finds… you’ll find even more to love in the shop! Visit Figment and Rather + let us know what pieces you love!

Figment and Rather is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.


P.S. Recently engaged? You might need this.


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