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8 Hot Cocoa Favor Ideas for Weddings

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! The beginning of the snow-filled holiday season always gets me in an cozy mood. It doesn’t take long to find me unpacking slippers, fuzzy socks, blankets, and holly jolly decorations faster than you can say coffee is ready. Anyway, with the frigid temps around here we wanted to warm you up with some hot chocolate favors for weddings, bridal showers, and holiday parties. We’ve found hot cocoa favors on a stick, in a cone, inside an ornament, in a jar, a tube, a bag, and a box. We’ve even found some cute wooden spoons for stirring. So, if it’s hot cocoa favors you’re after, you’ll find it right here! And… if you’re feeling extra creative, head down to number eight for an amazing DIY tutorial we found. Enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Favors Weddings - Apropos Roasters | http://emmalinebride.com/favors/hot-chocolate-favors-weddings/

by apropos roasters

Where to Buy Pashminas for Weddings in Bulk

Need pashminas for weddings in bulk? We’ve found beautiful pashminas and shawls for guests to stay cozy. Read on for details. Subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

These are beautiful pashminas for guests at weddings! | where to buy pashminas for weddings in bulk

by alquimia shop

Get cozy! These beautiful wedding pashminas will surprise guests at your wedding, especially if you’re planning an outdoor fall or early winter ceremony or reception. If your budget allows, you can go the extra mile by offering a handful of these cozy pashminas to guests who want to warm up with one. These pashminas — by Mia Crafts — can even include a cute custom tag such as, “To have and to hold, in case you get cold” or simply “get cozy”. Place a few in a basket or tub with a sign to encourage guests to take one. We love niceties like this — you may remember when we talked about similar ideas like these emergency kits, these bathroom tips, these flip flops, and these flats for dancing. Guests really take notice when you go above and beyond.

Don’t just take our word for it: check these out for yourself! These pashminas are the most beautiful we’ve seen yet.

Succulents in Mason Jars: Cute Favor Idea

Succulents in mason jars = the cutest favor idea for spring + summer weddings! Find out more… and subscribe for the latest!

Succulents in Mason Jars Favor Idea for Weddings

by stella designs shop

Fall and winter weddings are in full swing, which means spring and summer couples need to start thinking about picking out their wedding favors! For spring and summer weddings, we love these succulents in mason jars. They make cute, sustainable favors guests can display on a window sill and water or replant in his or her garden. Money well spent, we say! Many wedding favors are either enjoyed immediately or thrown away, which means money is tossed right along with it. Instead, choose something that is functional and it will be enjoyed by guests for years to come. Succulents are pretty hardy and require minimal care, which makes them a great choice for gardeners of all types — like me, who has more of a purple thumb than a green one. Ha, ha. I try, I swear! Check out these modern favors from Stella Designs Shop, today’s handmade-a-day find!

These Drink Koozies Just Upgraded Wedding Favors

Drink koozies for weddings, bachelorette parties, and more! Stick with us: we’ll show you where the best finds really are. Subscribe for the latest.

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray | http://emmalinebride.com/favors/drink-koozies-weddings/

by sip hip hooray

When you think of drink koozies (aka can coolers), the first adjective that comes to mind probably isn’t the word beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. But the latest koozies on the market for use as bridal shower favors or wedding favors are exactly that! The brilliant typography, bold pops of color, charming one-liners and personalized details on these can coolers from Sip Hip Hooray have forever changed my mind. Guests will actually use these koozies again — proudly! — on patios, at the beach, on the front porch, poolside, and of course, at your wedding reception. And while many people associate drink koozies for use with beer or cider, you’ll be happy to know they’re functional on any can or bottle (including lemonade, iced tea, and your favorite soda pop). Unlike other wedding favors, these drink koozies also serve an important function: to keep drinks cold.

Take a look at these surprisingly beautiful can coolers and be sure to grab a few extra when you order. We don’t think there will be any leftovers! Cheers!

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray | http://emmalinebride.com/favors/drink-koozies-weddings/

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DIY Copper Mug Favors for Weddings

Copper mug favors are beautiful (and functional) for guests! Find out how you can make these Moscow mule mug favors for your wedding. P.S. You’re on the list, right? ;)

Copper Mug Favors for Weddings | Photo by Blaine Siesser Photography | How to DIY: http://emmalinebride.com/favors/copper-mug-wedding-favors/

photo: blaine siesser photography

We recently spotted the most beautiful copper mug favors at this Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park wedding and were eager to replicate it ourselves. Copper mugs make excellent wedding favors for guests. And while a copper mug looks cool, that’s not the only reason why people love to drink out of them.

As a matter of fact, the mug is named after the drink commonly served in them: The Moscow Mule. It is made of ginger beer, lime, and vodka (get a recipe here). I haven’t tried one myself (yet!), but apparently a Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug because the cold metal enhances its taste. The cold copper also increases the amount of the bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer, so you get more fizziness in a copper mug than in a regular glass or plastic container. So, now that you know why people are crazy for these copper mugs, it’s time to talk about how to make your own copper mug favors for guests to take home. Find out more below on how to make these copper mugs more affordable, see a cute mini version, and get a FREE printable sign to use at your wedding! Enjoy!

How to Make the Best Coffee Favors

It’s National Coffee Day! We’re running our favorite coffee themed posts today on Emmaline Bride to celebrate, including this one on how to make coffee favors. Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox.

P.S. Coffee AND donuts? I’m in.


by mavora art and design

I love coffee. You presumably love coffee, or at least you know someone who does. Coffee is one of the top consumed beverages in the United States with around 82% of coffee lovers admitting they drink it every single day. So, it’s no surprise why coffee makes an insanely smart wedding favor idea. Coffee is a gift that your guests will enjoy and actually use, so your budgeted wedding favor money will be well spent.

Today we’re sharing how to make coffee favors for your wedding thanks to some handmade ingenuity over at Mavora Art and Design. These coffee favor bags are cute and easy to put together. Find out how…

Tea Wedding Favors: The Ultimate Guide

Tea wedding favors are front and center today! Subscribe now so you never miss a post!

Tea Wedding Favors:  The Ultimate Guide | via http://emmalinebride.com/favors/tea-wedding-favors

by custom favours

Hi, loves! Emma here. It is the first Friday of fall (still can’t believe it) and we’re bringing forth some awesome tea wedding favors your way. I am a huge fan of coffee myself (and I probably drink more coffee than a Gilmore — speaking of, have you seen this? I’m obsessed). However, I know for many of you, tea is your jam and so I’m sharing some of our favorite picks for tea wedding favors including boxes, bags, containers, and more. We even have a DIY idea up first from stamp expert Felicette to make your own tea favors for your wedding or bridal shower. Enjoy!

These Custom Tea Bags Make Cute Favors

Good morning! Wait until you see these custom tea bags. Check them out below and be sure to subscribe for the latest everyday, straight to your inbox! Click here.

by tea heritage
by tea heritage

Good morning, loves! Emma here. I know I talk about coffee a lot, especially on our Twitter feed, because I adore it so. My sister even surprised me with a “But First, Coffee” tee shirt for my birthday because she knows the obsession is real. Even here, I’ve managed to squeak in a little coffee here and there from these DIY coffee favors, these adorb mugs, any of these, and even a coffee themed wedding. But tea is pretty darn good, too, and I know a handful of friends who are loyal drinkers who won’t sip an ounce of coffee. (Absurd, I say, but to each their own!) So, when I noticed how Tea Heritage is going out of its way to make tea cuter than ever to drink, I couldn’t resist spreading the word. These custom tea bags would make incredible bridal shower favors (for a tea themed shower or otherwise); likewise, they would make a fab wedding favor for your guests. Read on to see what makes them so cute!

Salted Caramel Favors for Weddings

Salted caramel favors are featured today! Don’t miss future posts like this: subscribe now!

salted caramel favors for weddings

by sweet addict bakery

Say thank you to guests with a delectable treat! Edible wedding favors are highly sought-after, with favorites such as s’mores in a jar, rainbow cake in a jar, cameo cookies, cupcakes in bell jars, popcorn favors, jam favors — even coffee and hot cocoa in a tube. (See our huge feature on edible wedding favors for more ideas.) Today we’re featuring one of our latest favorite in favors: salted caramels. YUM!