How to Make a Wedding Emergency Kit

Hello, loves! What do you really need to pack on your wedding day? Today we’re showing you how to make a wedding emergency kit for just-in-case scenarios so your wedding day will go off without a hitch. Whether your nylons (or mascara!) starts to run, you get a headache, your nail polish chips, your feet start to hurt, or dozens of other mishaps occur, your wedding emergency kit will keep you covered! To make your kit, you’ll want to gather up the essentials included in our list below, place ’em all in a chic bag (we’ve included a few in this post), and ask your MOH (Maid of Honor) to keep the kit on hand if needed. So, if you’re ready get started, read on to find out more!

how to make a wedding emergency kit

duffel by rhinestone sash

How to Make a Wedding Emergency Kit

The best way to avoid a wedding day mishap is with a wedding emergency kit. You can make your own with one quick trip to the store – or shop online – and place everything in a sturdy, ready-to-go bag. You can make this bag at anytime in your wedding planning process and it will be ready to go on the big day. First, gather the following supplies from our list.

The List

o Mini sewing kit (with small scissors)
o Button-down shirt (or zip hooded sweatshirt)
o Clear nail polish (for nylon runs)
o Oil blotting sheets
o Nail polish (in the color you’re wearing for touch-ups)
o Shoe pad inserts for happy, ready-to-dance feet
o Heel traction pads so you don’t slip down the aisle
o Aspirin
o Breath Mints
o Safety pins
o Tube of lipstick
o Chapstick
o Tissues
o Powder compact
o Concealer
o Waterproof mascara
o Pair of slippers / ballet flats

pink ballet flats

slippers by erin bonnie

o Tweezers
o Makeup remover towelettes (in case of a mascara mishap)
o Nail clippers
o Pocket Mirror

pocket mirror by buttonlandia

pocket mirror by buttonlandia

o Bobby pins
o Travel size hairspray
o Deodorant
o Tampons / Pads
o Travel size perfume (this scent is one of my favorites!)

The Bag

Once you have gathered the wedding essentials, you’ll need a chic place to stow ’em. Check out this chic, rhinestone-covered duffel bag by A Bridal Shop

mrs duffel bag with rhinestones

duffel bag by rhinestone sash

If a tote bag is what you’re looking for, grab a tote bag! One of our favorites is by Paper Flora, which can also be customized with your name…

bride tote bag

bride tote bag by paperflora

Take a Few Essentials To-Go

You may also want to have a small bridal clutch for a few must-haves at dinner (so you don’t have to lug around a huge bag). Place in it mints, lipstick, and a mirror. Here’s a gorgeous bridal clutch by ANGEE W.

bridal clutch in lace

clutch by angee w.

And another by Sara C. Accessories which features a pink lining and rhinestones that read, “I Do”.

i do bridal clutch

clutch by sara c. accessories

And, with that, your wedding emergency kit is complete! Now, if anything goes haywire on the big day, you’ll have some essentials just in case. :) Would you add anything to the list? Comment below with anything you’d add to the bag!

– – –

Happy Planning!


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Thank heaven for God sends like you!! During the hectic planning and running around I would never think of this. Thank you.


I have made these kits as gifts for a bride given at the bridal shower for every wedding I have been a part of. A few other things I like to include are: shout wipes/tide pen, baby wipes, tissues, visine, small first aid kit/band aids, travel toothbrush, nail file and white out(to fix french manicures). I usually put it in a large but pretty wedding appropriate purse that I think the bride would like to use after the wedding so it does double duty.


Great kit ideas. The only thing I would add is some toupee tape. Yes the kind of tape that holds on hair pieces. (Not that you have a hair piece). This tape is made to stick to your skin. It’s great to use for your dress in areas that may slip open that you don’t want everyone to see. I use it year round on low cut blouses or shirts. You can bend over and not worry about what people can’t see.

Wedding Shoppe Inc.

Thanks for providing such a helpful guide!! It’s always best to be prepared, especially for your happiest day!

Kent Wedding Photographer

Brilliant idea! I always carry a few emergency supplies when I photograph a wedding, but I shall be adding a couple of your suggestions to my list!