3 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation

Brides: have you thought about how to preserve your wedding invitation after the big day? If you’re still in the midst of planning, the thought probably hasn’t crossed your mind. (It didn’t cross mine while planning, and thankfully my mom made a custom paperweight mere days afterward so I’d never forget how beautiful the invitations were!) When you order your wedding invitations, be sure to order one or two as extra-‘extras’ for preserving (they always tell you to order extras anyway, but you’ll want to set one or two aside.) Then, check out these three ways we’ve rounded up to preserve your wedding invitation to ensure your pretty, hand-picked paper will stand the test of time. Read on to find out more, including a special DIY idea in time for Christmas!

How to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation

1. Have your wedding invitation framed.

The most popular way to preserve your wedding invitation is with a frame. You can place your invitation in a simple frame yourself… or, you can check out the beautiful work by Golden Silhouette, an invitation and keepsake framing expert, who can create a themed masterpiece from your invitation paper.

how to preserve your wedding invitation

golden silhouette

2. Have it photographed and placed in your wedding album.

Add ‘wedding invitation’ to your list of wedding photo must-haves; have the photo printed in a prominent place in your album.

how to preserve your wedding invitation - photo album

indigo album design

3. Make a wedding invitation ornament.

Turn the wedding invitation into an ornament (ideal for your one year anniversary, which ‘paper’ is the traditional gift). For this, though, I recommend saving an extra wedding invitation just in case — you don’t want your only invitation cut up into pieces. Use an additional ‘extra’ and cut it up into strips to be placed inside a clear empty ornament. Add a ribbon and voila – you have a beautiful keepsake!

diy wedding invitation ornament

bridal guide

So, what do you think of these ideas? How will you preserve your wedding invitation?

Happy Planning!


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Black N Bianco

Getting your wedding invitations framed next to your wedding photo would look cute.