12 Secret Rules Every Maid of Honor Should Know

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Hello, loves! Today’s post is for your nearest and dearest: your MOH, abbreviated for Maid (or Matron) of Honor. The MOH is a key VIP of the bridal party, hand-picked by the couple from their closest crew and selected to represent the leader of the bridesmaids. The MOH and the Best Man are responsible for keeping the party going, keeping the wedding on schedule, and fixing anything that may go amiss along the way. There are a few key responsibilities of the MOH that you may already know (like being supportive, planning the bachelorette party, and giving a toast), but there’s so much more than that. Today, we’re revealing 12 secret maid of honor duties you may not know to ensure you’re prepared for anything that should come your way. So, get ready to roll with the punches and read on to learn the full scoop!

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12 Secret MOH Duties

1. Own The Dress.

You know that unflattering, possibly horrifying dress may not look good on you, but who cares? Own it. Besides, most bridesmaid dresses are pretty gorgeous today (have you seen these?)

2. ABRTKSSYKW: Always Be Ready To Kick Some Serious You-Know-What

This one is self-explanatory. Be the wedding ninja that strikes without warning, whenever and wherever needed. Mistakes happen, so always be kind and courteous if something’s amiss – but do your best to fix the problem without the bride ever having to know.

3. Throw an amazing, no-one-could-have-done-it-better Bachelorette Bash.

Don’t just throw a party, throw a complete bachelorette bash, tailored to her specific tastes. Make a note of her favorite hot spot, arrange for a surprise along the way (a favorite drink, a limo, or a spa day), grab her favorite gals, and spoil her rotten. You know she’d do the same for you! (P.S. See our bachelorette party tips!)

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by bridal bliss couture

4. Take initiative.

Oh, you know those peonies you’ve been eyeing for the reception? Here’s a quick Pinterest board I compiled to give you some inspiration.” (MOH of the Year.) Take a little initiative and she’ll definitely appreciate it. She may feel like her to-do list is never-ending, and every little bit helps. Plus, it shows you care (even if wedding planning isn’t your forte).

5. Keep the bridesmaids on schedule with dresses, which also means…

The Maid of Honor usually has the task of making sure bridesmaid dresses are ordered on time, that bridesmaids make it to fittings, and that dresses are picked up well in advance. This also means if a bridesmaid is running a little behind of schedule, work it out with her, not the bride. In other words, never let the bride know if someone’s a little behind on ordering because it will just stress it out. If she asks, just do what Olivia Pope would do: tell her, “It’s handled.” Ha.

moh duties

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6. Keep essentials on hand at all times.

The bride could need a number of things on her wedding day, so keep a bag of essentials close by just in case. You’ll be her total lifesaver. She could spill (Tide pen!), her ‘do could start to fall mid-day (pins), encounters close talkers (mints), forgets her vows (keep a copy), cries (extra kleenex), cries more tears of joy (eye makeup remover + travel mascara), gets a headache (aspirin)… the list goes on. You know her best, so plan ahead for anything she’s likely to require on the big day. She’ll love you for it.

7. Have contact information for all vendors.

It’s unlikely that it will happen, but vendor scheduling mistakes or other issues can arise on the big day. Be prepared for anything by having contact information for vendors on your cell phone. If the flowers mysteriously never show, the cake is wrong, or the limo is running behind of schedule, you won’t have to ask the bride and freak her out. Just sneak away for a quick minute and give ‘em a ring. Likely they’re just running a little behind, no big deal.

8. When the music is good, you dance.

And, when the music is not so good, you also dance. Either way, you get out there and shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah. And get the bridesmaids in on the fun. It will inspire other guests get out there and shake it, too.

9. Make sure the couple has plenty of one-on-one time.

The wedding day goes by in an INSTANT. I’ve heard some couples don’t even get to enjoy a full piece of cake because they were too busy taking photos. Make sure the couple has plenty of time to dance, to eat, and to take a mini chat break – just the two of them.

10. Make her laugh.

If she’s stressed out, make her laugh. Break out your best impression, your favorite hilarious moment, or scramble for the hilarious You Tube video she loves on your cell phone. If it’s raining, point out that rain actually means good luck. You get the idea: be the silver lining of the day. She probably won’t need a good laugh, but be ready with one just in case.

moh duties

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11. Be the Clean-Up Crew.

Let the couple run away at the end of the night and take care of those last-minute tasks, like cleaning up, returning rental tablecloths, and making sure the venue’s end-of-night tasks have been completed.


This one can’t be stressed enough: enjoy the day! It’s a great moment you’ll always remember together and she’ll appreciate all you did to make her wedding the very best. The hard work is done: have fun!

Isn’t this sweet? We spotted it here.

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Have any to add to the list? Comment below!

Happy Planning!


Reposted from 2013 and updated with current information. Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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Brides: Your MOH does a lot to make sure your day is perfect! Make sure you pick out a beautiful gift to say thank you.

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