5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Hello! I (Emma here!) would like to say that we love our readers oh-so-much. We especially love hearing from you with wedding planning questions… and today we’re answering a common question we receive from brides-to-be. Once engaged, you may be wondering… what’s next? You’re not alone. It’s common to feel overwhelmed at first, but it’s much easier when you know where to start. Read on to see our list of five things to do after getting engaged to help you get started – without all the stress! Enjoy!

What to Do After Getting Engaged: 5 Tips (via Emmaline Bride) - Photo by Blair Nicole Photography

by blair nicole photography | see ally + mark’s engagement here

5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

1. Savor the moment.

Enjoy! Grab dinner. Relax. Smile. Laugh. Go for a walk. Enjoy being together and relish in your joy!

What to Do After Getting Engaged: 5 Tips (via Emmaline Bride) - Photo by Michelle Gardella Photography

by michelle gardella photography | see lisa + mark’s engagement here

2. Call family + friends to share the news.

Start spreading the news! Call your parents, immediate family, relatives, and friends and share your sheer excitement!

3. Decide on a season – or approximate date.

Once you’re ready to begin thinking about planning your big day, talk to your fiance and estimate when you’d like to tie the knot. Six months? A year? Do you dream of getting married in a particular season? You don’t need a specific date yet, but it’s a great idea to decide on a season – or a particular month.

What to Do After Getting Engaged: 5 Tips (via Emmaline Bride) - Photo by Boro: Creative Visions

by boro: creative visions | see carla + matt’s engagement here

4. Get inspired!

Flip through bridal magazines, bookmark your favorite wedding blogs (make sure you’re subscribed to Emmaline Bride!), visit craft stores for do-it-yourself inspiration, and read wedding books to gain inspiration. (Here’s one recommendation we think you’ll love!)

5. Start a wedding journal (or blog).

Buy a blank journal and use it to jot down notes or save wedding clippings from magazines. If you prefer, you can start a wedding blog (sign up for a free Blogspot account) or sign up for Pinterest to save your favorite wedding images and ideas. (Once you sign up for Pinterest, follow our pinboards!).

Most Importantly…

ENJOY. Pace yourself. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. Wedding inspiration should excite, not stress you out. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that wedding planning should be fun – not stressful – and while it’s easier said than done it is entirely possible. Stay organized, remember to pause from planning and go out on a date with your fiance often. Don’t let planning become your 24/7. And, don’t try to go at it alone: hire a wedding planner, ask friends to help, and remember that your wedding entourage – your MOH and Bridesmiads – are there to help you along the way. And, don’t you ever forget that we at Emmaline Bride are ALWAYS happy to help + we’re just a teeny little email away! If you get stuck, start to get into panic mode, or have a question you’d like us to answer, let us know. Our door is always open to our lovely readers!

What to Do After Getting Engaged: 5 Tips (via Emmaline Bride) - Photo by Michelle Gardella Photography

by michelle gardella | see tracy + tom’s engagement here

Happy Planning… let the fun begin!


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P.S.S. Need inspiration? Check out the Emmaline Bride archives of Real Weddings we know you’ll love!

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WOW! How did you know I just got engaged last night?!


Love this! Definitely agree with pacing. Don’t rush, just enjoy your engagement. It’s a very special time you should appreciate. :)

Noëlle @ Aspen Valley Services