5 Things Every Bride Needs: Morning of the Wedding

Hi, loves! Today we’re talking about what the bride needs for her wedding. More importantly, though, five things every bride needs for the morning of the wedding. There are things every bride needs for those endearing getting-ready photos, hair and makeup, and those excited, holy-cow-this-is-happening-today part of your big day. The Best Morning Ever. Read on to see the five things you won’t want to leave home without. :) Enjoy!

5 Things Every Bride Needs: Morning of the Wedding

So, what does the bride really need? In short, these five things:

1. A Beverage

Whether she’s a coffee drinker, prefers tea, or wants mimosas on her big day, make sure they’re readily available. Some people swear by no coffee on the bride’s wedding day (making one jittery), but I have to disagree.

things every bride needs morning of the wedding

However, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’ll want to drink the same amount as usual; otherwise, you’ll get one of those terrible caffeine headaches. If you don’t usually drink coffee because it makes you jittery, then obviously pass. And, as it goes with beverages, moderation is key: you won’t want to slam mimosas (for obvious reasons) just as you won’t want to drink too many caffeinated beverages without incorporating water to stay hydrated. And, don’t drink too many beverages right before that gown goes on. Once that is on, it’s pretty much on… and bathroom breaks in a gown are a pain in the you-know-what.

Don’t forget these! They’ll prevent your lipstick from coming off AND will keep those tea + coffee stains at bay.

2. Food

It’s easy for brides to forget about, you know, EATING, while busy getting dolled up. It’s so important to eat a well-balanced meal to keep energized and happy. Make sure you have food on hand and eat a good breakfast. You don’t want to get hangry, not on your wedding day. (MOHs: pack a granola bar in her purse as an extra snack just in case!)

3. A Robe

Getting ready for your wedding means you should lounge in total comfort. What it doesn’t mean, though, is lounging in an old tee shirt from college and a pair of frayed shorts. If your getting ready outfit doesn’t make you feel totally gorgeous, it’s not the right one for your wedding day. Enter: the bridal robe, probably one of my favorite things every bride needs. A robe will tie at your waist which means it’s easy to get on and off; when you’re getting hair and makeup done, it won’t rub off onto your shirt when you need to change into your gown. It’s okay to splurge on something totally gorgeous that you’ll love to wear on the wedding day and beyond. Plus, your new hubby will be all, damn, girl, lookin’ good when you’re at home on the couch, even when it feels like you’re just lounging. A bridal robe is like the yoga pants of the pajama world.

Here an example of a robe that’s so luxuriously soft you won’t want to take it off (by Doie):

willa bridal robe

It’s made with jersey material and has a 100% silk trim.

back of bridal robe

4. A Tote Bag

best day ever tote

dream state

5. An Awesome Playlist

A favorite music playlist is the perfect way to set the mood while getting ready. Include some throwback jams to dance with your girls, as well as some of your favorite tunes that make you happy (+ stress-free).

What would you add to the list?

note: this original post featured a giveaway, which has sense ended. post edited to remove expired giveaway.

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The Gemma is my favorite!


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