8 Clever Time Savers for Wedding Invitations

While planning your wedding, time is of the essence. Your wedding date may seem so far in advance, but it will undoubtedly sneak up on you before you know it. This means that any time savers for wedding to-dos will be greatly appreciated, specifically when it means you don’t have to sacrifice cutting corners. Today, we’re showing you time savers for wedding invitations to ensure you have time left over for the fun stuff (like mani/pedis with the girls and gown shopping with your mom). Read on to find out eight clever time savers for wedding invitations to keep your timeline on track…

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8 Time Savers for Wedding Invitations

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1. Buy plenty of extras, just in case.

You will most likely make a few mistakes when addressing invitations, so make sure you have a few additional invitations on hand for your “oops” file. It will save you time (no re-ordering and waiting for delivery) and money (it costs less to buy more at once than to re-print).

time savers for wedding invitations

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2. Finalize your guest list.

Before your wedding invitations arrive, have your guest list finalized and printed alphabetically so you can cross off names as you go.

3. Include addresses with your guest list.

If you’re planning to hand-write the addresses, be sure you have an up-to-date and accurate address for each guest at hand. It will save time from flipping through your address book or searching online for guests’ addresses you’re unable to locate.

4. Create an assembly line.

Invitation assembly is one of those wonderful, purposeful Saturday afternoon dates to make with your mom and bridesmaids, particularly if your invitation contains many parts. Gather everything you need before everyone arrives (like invitations, envelopes, maps, rsvp cards, and response envelopes). Then, set up a mini assembly line to get those invitations sealed. It can be a daunting task, so be sure to offer plenty of refreshments and take breaks.

5. Hire a calligrapher.

For perfectly personal invitations, hire a calligrapher to hand-address each envelope. It will save you time and stress of writing them yourself, and a calligrapher is an expert in the field. The result? They’ll look beautiful and more personal.

time savers for wedding invitations

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6. Use return labels and envelope seals.

If your wedding invitations do not include a return address, be sure to use a return label instead of hand-writing each invite. Similarly, skip licking the envelopes to seal and use an envelope seal, instead, which can complement your wedding theme and palette.

time savers for wedding invitations

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7. Use a postcard response card.

Skip placing the respond card atop a response envelope and save postage with a postcard response card. Here’s one that makes our hearts sing:

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8. Bring invitations to the post office for cancellation by hand.

Wedding invitations are notorious for being awkwardly shaped or sized which means more postage paid on your end. Don’t guess on stamp price or you may risk invitations returning to you undelivered. Instead, visit your local post office and tell them you have wedding invitations you’d like weighed. They will weigh one invitation and give you an accurate postage amount to ensure you don’t under- (or over-) pay. Then, here’s a secret: bring an entire box of invitations (once stamped) and ask them to be hand-cancelled (as opposed to sent through a machine). This means your invitations won’t get crumpled or crushed through their machine which can make all your hard work go by the wayside. Instead, they’ll leave the post office just as nicely as you prepared them.

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Happy Planning!


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Emma | Emmaline Bride

If you are addressing with calligraphy, you’ll definitely want them to be hand cancelled by the post office. This will prevent the machine from being run over your work. Many invitations are addressed by hand and have no issues. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks for visiting!



Absolutely! This is so true. By attaching the postage, you can make it easier on guests to return in a timely manner. Thanks for adding it to the list!

Emmaline Bride


Thanks for the tips, another item to add would be to affix postage to the post-card. With people being so used to electronic communication, not everyone has a stamp handy. If the postcard has postage already affixed, it will help you get RSVPs in early (on-time). Realize this is an added cost, but post-card stamps are .32 so for 150 replies you are only out $48.00