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Our photo of the day is this romantic photo of bride and groom sharing a moment alone on a deserted beach. The photo captured by Carolyn Scott Photography is from Suzi and Jason’s recent real wedding featured on Emmaline Bride. Your wedding day’s going to be great but it’s also going to go by quickly. Remember to make your own special moments. You’ll never forget them…

the bride and groom share a moment alone by themselves on a Michigan Beach

A Moment

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Surfing Engagement Session: Nicole and Michael

Surfing the day before your wedding… awesome! This surfing engagement session of Nicole and Michael was a terrific idea. On a secluded beach in Puerto Rico with surfboards in hand, Nicole and Michael hit the waves for some excellent photos. Their photographer, Eric from Eric Boneske Photography, liked the idea of capturing a surfing session and let the fun begin. Find out more from the bride and see the surf session after the click…

Puerto Rico Surfing Engagement Session-Eric Boneske Photography

Baton Rouge Engagement Session: Erica + Clay

This Baton Rouge engagement session was fun and full of personality! Meet Erica and Clay, soon-to-be bride and groom. Erica’s a student at LSU and Clay is in the Air Force. They teamed up with Carolynn from Carolynn Seibert Photography for a delightful and compelling engagement shoot. Carolynn tells us, “Fun, honest, strong, quirky and nerdy are the words they used to describe their relationship- after hearing that I just couldn’t wait to spend time with them. We got creative with this shoot…”

Carolynn Seibert Photography

What Makes a Great Engagement Session? Jess + Tim

So, what makes a great engagement session? A lovely couple, great light, and a skilled photographer. But what’s most important and inspiring is the couple’s story. Jess and Tim have just that: an awe-inspiring love story that makes a great engagement session!

Jess and Tim met just a few years ago while attending college in California. Jess had a crush… on this cute guy named Tim. Tim had a crush… on this pretty girl named Jess. But as fate would have it Tim moved away to South Carolina, where he was stationed with the Air Force while Jess studied hard to finish up law school in California. Little did each other now that one day that college crush would reunite them, they’d enter into a long distance relationship, and with the perfect moment, Tim proposed.

Jonathan + Lindsey’s Marbles Kids Museum Wedding

Fun, fun, fun! Jonathan and Lindsey’s wedding was exactly that, fun! Their wedding planning led them to one of the coolest places in Raleigh, the Marbles Kids Museum. Their Marbles Kids Museum Wedding is something unique and creative. The museum’s colorful themes and cool atmosphere made for some incredible wedding photos. We can only imagine how much fun their wedding guests had that night and how they’ll always remember Jonathan and Lindsey’s wedding. Their wedding day excitement was captured by photographer Carolyn from Carolyn Scott Photography.

Zach + Mary’s Citadel Engagement Shoot

There’s no better way to start the weekend than an engagement shoot. Zach and Mary’s Citadel engagement shoot started off with photos taken at South Carolina’s prestigious military college called The Citadel. Posing amidst the Citadel’s architectural beauty, Zach and Mary made looking good look all too easy. After taking photos at The Citadel, Zach and Mary took a stroll through downtown Charleston before setting sail on the water with the day’s sun setting behind tomorrow’s newest happy couple. Their engagement shoot was sublimely captured by Shelley Freckleton from Freckleton Photography.

15 Handmade Wedding Prints to Love!

Last week, we talked about handmade wedding signs and how they make a great gift for engaged couples. Signs are typically painted onto wood and display the couple’s new name or wedding date. Today, we’re sharing another perfect wedding gift idea: handmade wedding prints! These poster style prints are made with high-quality paper for easy framing + displaying in your home. This artwork can also double as wedding day decor, too! We have compiled a round-up featuring fifteen handmade wedding prints ranging from caricatures to subway signs – with a little bit of everything in between. Enjoy!

handmade wedding prints

Emily and Cody’s Scrabble Engagement

tulsa wedding photographer - justin battenfield photography

Emily word score 10… Cody word score 10… Love is 7… triple word score! Emily and Cody spelled out their love for one another in the word lover’s favorite game of Scrabble. From spelled out words of love to the happiness in their eyes, their love for life and one another was all too easily captured by Justin from Justin Battenfield Photography. We wish Emily and Cody the best as they look forward to the future game of life together… forever.

Utah Salt Flats: Geoff and Stacey’s E-Session

What does a cute couple and Utah’s salt flats equal?  Answer.  A perfect engagement shoot!  What else could you ask for on this beautiful Friday, but to be enticed with this exquisite engagement shoot done by Utah wedding photographer, Jessie Alexis Photography.

Jessie tells us,

“Geoff and Stacy are high school sweethearts who have been together for six years.  For the engagement session, Stacy knew exactly what she wanted.  She planned the entire session around her color scheme of turquoise, black, grey and white.  Her wedding is going to be a stunning DIY event as well.”

We can’t wait to show off their future wedding pics but until then an e-session awaits you.

Get ready for photos in 3..2…1.

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