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6 Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces (+ Win One!)

Posted January 24, 2014 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 28 Comments

Hey, nature-loving brides: this one’s for you! Have you seen the incredible ways nature can be tied into jewelry pieces today? I mean, you already know how awesome handmade is, but these particular pieces are awe-inspiring. If you’re planning a nature-filled wedding, love the great outdoors, or just happen to be looking for a pretty nature inspired jewelry piece for spring, we’ve found six of ‘em. Read on to see what we’ve uncovered PLUS enter for a chance to win one of the lovely items shown below!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces

1. Moss Necklace

Who says moss is limited to decor alone? The fantastic Mr. Lentz has created a new way for moss to steal the show as a jewelry embellishment. This moss necklace is one of our favorite finds to date.

nature inspired jewelry - moss necklace

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7 Handmade Wedding Rings Worth Obsessing Over

Posted October 3, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Hello, hello! Have you crossed off wedding rings from your to-do list yet? If not, we’re here to help! At Emmaline Bride, you know we’re crazy about handmade wedding items because each item is crafted with love, care, and is made just for you. Handmade wedding rings are no exception! When you start shopping for wedding bands or engagement rings, consider handmade wedding rings. You’ll support an independent artisan, your ring will be completely original and made just for you, and if you have questions you can speak to the designer directly. Whether you’re browsing handmade wedding rings for your big day to complement your engagement ring – or looking to pop the question with a diamond ring soon – we’ve found one shop that does it all! Read on to find out about the lovely Barbara Michelle Jacobs, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, and see seven hand-picked handmade wedding rings from her collection. We think you’re going to love what we’ve discovered…

Handmade Wedding Rings

We begin the list with the first five for the bride-to-be…

1. Classic Solitaire in Yellow Gold

Simple, elegant, and perfect for the bride who loves yellow gold and a diamond solitaire.

handmade wedding rings - solitaire

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5 Brilliant Bird Cake Toppers

Posted June 7, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

There are two things we love about handmade cake toppers: one, they dress up your cake in a thematic way, and two, they can be re-used later as a keepsake decoration or anniversary cake topper. One type of cake topper we especially love are bird cake toppers particularly handmade + in bright, brilliant colors. These nature-inspired bird cake toppers by Dances With Clay are handcrafted in clay and painted in your choice of color to tie into your palette. Read on to see a few of our favorites by Kathy, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace

bird cake toppers

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DIY Brick + Succulent Centerpieces

Posted June 1, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ Leave a Comment!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today, we’re showing you how to combine your love for succulents with an item you may have lying around your garage. This brilliant twist on a traditional planter uses regular bricks, succulents, votive candles, and a little elbow grease to create picture-perfect planters ready for placement at your wedding (or patio). Read on to find out about DIY Brick Succulent Centerpieces + find out how you can make yours in a weekend!

image via readymade

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Eco-Friendly Wildflower Seed Favors

Posted May 2, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

Looking for an eco-friendly wedding favor guests will use? Check out these sweet little wildflower seed favors by Mother + Daughter Creations. These favors encourage guests to “let love grow” wherever seeds are planted. Guests can plant them in a decorative pot at home or in a garden and whimsical wildflowers will bloom! And, since they’re perennial seeds, they’ll likely bloom year after year. Read on to see more…

wildflower seed favors title=

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How to Plan a Wedding in the Woods

Posted March 22, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 19 Comments

Do you dream of a wedding in the woods, exchanging vows underneath trees and enjoying a reception off the beaten path? Today’s woodland wedding inspiration post is for you! A wedding in the woods is a romantic venue; nature is beauty in itself and makes a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. And, your friend Mother Nature will take care of most of the decorating herself, which means all you have to do is add a few unique touches to make the space your own! It requires a bit more in terms of setup for catering and seating, but we think the result is well worth the extra work. Read on to find out how to plan a chic wedding in the woods with hand-picked inspiration including handmade wedding items & Real Wedding examples from real couples like you! Enjoy!

Does it get more beautiful than this?

wedding in the woods

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How to Personalize Your Rustic Wedding Cake

Posted February 13, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 9 Comments

If you are planning a wedding with a woodland or nature inspired theme, you’ll love this idea for personalizing your rustic wedding cake! Danielle of Made Merri crafts personalized rustic wedding cake toppers with your initials, monogram, or custom words. She uses natural grapevine which is attached to a wooden stick which can be easily added to any wedding cake. Read on to see more…

rustic wedding cake

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Tree Wedding Invitation with Carved Initials

Posted September 14, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

We’re continuing our love for initials now with a tree wedding invitation with carved initials. This handmade wedding invitation by Jack and Jill Wedding features a whimsical drawing with your initials “carved” onto the tree. This is a unique wedding invitation featuring an adorable lantern hanging from one of the branches (so cute!), names written in a bright poppy red ink, and quite possibly the most adorable matching reply card we’ve ever seen. The envelope is printed on kraft paper and features a whimsical design on the front. View the invitation and read on for a special Emmaline Bride only offer!

tree wedding invitation

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Twig Bobbies

Posted July 24, 2010 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Innovative, inspiring, + pretty darn cute!

These tiny twig pins give the boring bobby a run for its money!  Inspired by the great outdoors, Woodland Belle presents nature nerds with a creative twist on the plain pin.  We give it 10 points for creativity – and we have a hunch that Mother Nature would approve.

{ featured in 'real simple' mag, 12/09 }



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