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9 Conflict-Free + Ethical Diamond Rings

by Emma Arendoski

Want to shop for a conflict free diamond for an engagement ring or your wedding band? We found a great resource for you! Read on to find out more + subscribe for the latest!

If you like the look of a sparkling diamond but not the actual mining itself, you will want to look into lab grown diamonds.

Conflict-free diamond engagement rings are exactly as they sound: they are ethically-sourced. . To be sure your diamond is completely sourced ethically, lab grown diamonds are your best choice. They are real diamonds that are made 100% in a laboratory, with the same identical chemical composition as earth-mined ones, but with a substantially lower price tag!

Are lab created diamonds real?

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YES! Lab-created diamonds are actual diamonds: they have the same brilliance, sparkle, and luster as mined diamonds. This is because lab created diamonds have the same chemical structure as mined diamonds.

The only difference: the origin of the diamond. (You can find out more about the process here).

Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamond

When you buy lab created vs. mined diamonds, you are choosing an ethically-sourced engagement ring for your partner. It is a socially conscious option that is becoming more popular each year; no one can tell the difference between lab created vs mined diamonds, but with a conflict-free diamond, you’ll know your ring was produced ethically. :)

Now, the problem with shopping for lab created diamond rings is knowing yours are actual diamonds. Some places apparently sell imitation diamonds or diamond simulants such as cubic zirconias posed as “diamonds”. You should always look at for a certificate from a reliable third-party, such as the International Gemological Institute.

That’s why we admire the diamond ring selection at Stefano Navi: they do not sell diamond stimulants in any way. All engagement rings are sustainably created using recycled metals and the process is handcrafted at its finest:

1. Select your engagement ring setting,

2. Add your one-of-a-kind lab grown diamond

3. Enjoy a LIFETIME warranty on every certified diamond.

Where to Find Conflict Free Diamond Rings

You can find 100% lab grown diamonds at Stefano Navi.

customized wine glasses

And now you can shop conflict-free diamond rings online easier than ever with their signature home try-on kit to help you determine the correct shape and size of the engagement ring you’d like to wear.

You can choose which finishes (i.e. rose gold, yellow gold, white gold), shapes (round, oval, emerald, princess, pear, cushion), and carat weights (1ct. – 2 ct.) that catch your eye and add them to your kit.

Take five days to try on your samples and determine your preferred specifications and send it back!


Now you’ll know the perfect shape and size for your engagement ring.

Plus, doesn’t it sound fun to try on engagement rings at home? :)

Now that you know more about these beautiful conflict free diamond rings, let’s show you some of our favorites! Here are sixteen of our top-picks for lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

1. Audrey

If you are looking for a classic conflict-free diamond ring that is comfortable enough to wear all day, Audrey makes a great choice. It features four-prongs securely holding a beautiful solitaire setting.

2. Ava

The Ava engagement ring is sleek, sophisticated, and super-comfortable with a six-prong setting and a solitaire diamond.

3. Jolie

This diamond ring — Jolie — features a chic four-prong setting, center diamond, and pavé-set band.

4. Lucia

This stylish ring features a bezel-set diamond and is named Lucia.

5. Grace

This rose-gold finish paired with a baguette diamond is my favorite! See Grace featured here.

6. Julia

The Julia is a large oval-shaped diamond ring with pavé stones on the band. Beautiful!

In addition to engagement rings, they offer lab grown diamonds for wedding bands and jewelry, too. Let’s check out our top picks of lab created diamond wedding bands.

7. Calissa

The Calissa ring has an ornate twist design with one series of diamonds and one solid band intertwined. It looks especially elegant when paired with the matching engagement ring.

8. Caroline

The stylish Caroline ring fits in beautifully with the Caroline engagement ring; I love the curvy, modern style and how it fits with the engagement ring of the same name.


9. Dalia

The Dalia wedding band features 20 sparkling lab grown diamonds on a comfortable band. Wear it with the Dalia engagement ring, shown below.


In addition to engagement rings and wedding bands, additional jewelry pieces like diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are available. These stunning diamond earrings are a classic jewelry choice for your wedding day.

These round halo earrings are another beautiful option — for your wedding day or as an anniversary gift. :)

This sustainable three-stone pendant necklace caught my eye immediately! This is gorgeous!


If you like lab-grown diamonds vs mined, Shop StefanoNavi.com! You’ll love their handcrafted selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry. Plus, they offer completely custom bespoke rings: you can have your dream ring created for a one-of-a-kind piece.

Happy Planning!


This is a sponsored post with StefanoNavi.

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