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How To Make Geometric Succulent Favors

by Emma Arendoski

If there are two things I absolutely love right now for weddings, it is geometric-everything and succulents. With spring right around the corner, I cannot wait to get my hands on some fresh succulent plants for my porch. I’ve been busy keeping my orchids alive all year — even through the winter — I’m proud to also report that my succulent plants are also faring well.

Orchids are tough, but succulents are oh-so-easy! *hands in the air*

Succulents are great for green thumbs… and, ya know, not-so-green thumbs. :) They’re pretty hardy, so they can withstand many temperature variances and require very little care to thrive.

So, when couples want to add greenery to their wedding and also incorporate eco-friendly favors, there’s really nothing better than succulent favors.

And I’ll do you one better: GEOMETRIC succulent favors!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Geometric Succulent Favors

They can look so pretty at your place settings. I love them paired with these blue candle holders, as shown below.

geometric succulent favors

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These modern, stylish little plant holders are the finishing touch to your reception tables and, honestly, one of the best take-home favors we could ever imagine.

Here’s how to make geometric succulent planter favors with a few easy-to-source supplies. You got this!

Succulent Planter Favors

1. Grab your geometric vases.

First, you’ll need geometric vases. You can find these white ones from Kate Aspen here. They’re made of white plaster and really pop with one small succulent inside.

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customized wine glasses

2. Pick your plants.

Okay, listen up: you can head to a farmer’s market to source your succulents, find a friend who grows ’em, or order them in bulk online. We’ve done some serious digging over the years and these succulent plants seem to be the best.

We can’t go based on price alone; we found that some of the very cheap succulent plants arrived dry and poorly cared for; others were broken or missing. These succulent plants are a healthy, beautiful variety and at a great price, delivered right to your door.

I am seriously considering huge bulk orders of these to place in really long planter boxes. Wouldn’t that look cool on a deck or porch? I think so.


Anyways, these are by a company appropriately named Shop Succulents.

via here

You get a great variety and everything ships right to your front door. I believe with Prime you can even get free 2-day shipping, which is awesome.

You can check out more photos, check pricing, read reviews, etc. right here.

3. Give ’em a little water, but not too much.

Take care of those sweet plants and follow the watering instructions prior to the big day. They don’t need much water at all; just a bit will do.

And there you have it: favors, done! What do you think of these geometric succulent favors? Are they making you dream of spring?


P.S. Want more favor ideas? See: 50 Best Wedding Favors (Under $5!)

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