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How To Make Floral Chair Garland

by Emma Arendoski
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diy floral chair garland

We’re teaming up with Blooms By The Box for the latest DIY project: how to make floral chair garland! This floral garland is a beautiful way to accentuate the bride and groom’s chairs for the wedding, whether at a head table or sweetheart table.

Floral Chair Garland

You can add the Mrs and Mr signs, or just use the floral garland below. Either way, it will look great and make your chairs stand out at dinner.

It’s easy and you need just a few simple supplies to make it all come together, all available in their store. Let’s get started!

chair garland


• 5-6 stems of Rose Amsterdam Coral
• 6-7 stems of Yellow Mini Carnations
• 3 stems of Peach Fancy Carnations
• 2-3 stems of White Hypericum
• 5-5 stems of Hybrid Dark Blue Delphinium
• 6-7 stems of Italian Ruscus
• 3 stems of Variegated Pittosporum (Optional)
• Florist Stem wrap
Floral Scissors
Floral Wire

diy floral chair garland


Step 1 – Start by laying out your flowers, greenery, floral tape, floral wire, and floral scissors.

diy floral chair garland

Step 2 – Bundle two stems of Italian ruscus together to create a long, free-flowing garland. To make your garland fuller, add three to four stems of the Italian ruscus.

diy floral chair garland

Step 3 – Tape the stems together; the tape should not be visible. Tape stems of variegated pittosporum to the Italian ruscus, one stem on top, middle and bottom of the garland. Adding the variegated pittosporum is optional for texture.

diy floral chair garland

Step 4 – Cut the stems of the flowers. Aim for 2 inches from the bloom head to the end of the stem to give you ample stem to tape together flowers and add the flowers to the garland.

diy floral chair garland

Step 5 – Tape together tightly, one stem of Amsterdam coral rose, 1 stem of white hypericum and 1 stem of yellow carnation and or 1 stem of peach carnation.

diy floral chair garland

Step 6 – Attach flowers by securely wiring to the Italian ruscus and the variegated pittosporum. Add in the dark blue hybrid delphinium by weaving in-between the greenery and flowers wiring to greenery.

diy floral chair garland

Step 7 – Repeat step 6, attach flowers approximately 4-5” apart from each other.

Step 8 – Wire the garland on the chair diagonally. Let the top and bottom hang freely. Add more flowers where you feel it is needed after the garland is secure to the chair. *Optional- We used Rustic Brown Wire to secure it to the chair. Hang Mr. & Mrs. signs to the back of the chair. Build the second garland for the groom’s chair in the same way. Angle the garland in the opposite direction when wiring to the chair.

diy floral chair garland

Isn’t it lovely? And so easy to make! If you like this floral chair garland, you’ll love more inspiration on their site. Head to BloomsByTheBox.com to get inspired with DIY video tutorials, trending flowers, and more. Plus, you’ll save BIG MONEY by ordering wholesale flowers online. Read: 9 Ways to Save Big Money on Wedding Flowers to see how it’s done.

Thanks to Tina for this lovely tutorial!

Happy Planning!


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