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How to Save Money and Trees by Creating Your Wedding Website

by Emma Arendoski

Weddings are expensive, and everyone knows that. If your big day is coming closer, you’ll need to prepare things meticulously so that you can stay within the budget. However, that’s not so easy if you have a big guest list.

With the pandemic outbreak and the planet starting to lose its green, building a wedding website is like killing two birds with one stone. Read along to find out how to save money and trees by creating your wedding website.

8 Methods to Save Money and Create an Eco-Friendly Wedding with Your Wedding Website

1. Websites Are Super Affordable

A wedding website allows you to eliminate excessive spending on paper and delivery.

If you do it the conventional way, you’re looking at a cost range between $500 and $700.

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Unsurprisingly, the number can surge over $1000 depending on your choice of paper, invitation design, and the number of your wedding guests.

If you’re really looking to save and get more bang for your buck for your big day, a cheap wedding website can be your lifesaver, since a small website’s upkeep can cost under $2/month.

2. You Can Update Everything Online

Picture this situation: there’s a storm brewing, and it’s only two-day away from your rustic-themed outdoor wedding celebration. In that situation, you may consider bringing your wedding inside. Thus, you need to inform your guests about the sudden change in your wedding venue.

If you use printed invitations, the process can be daunting. You need to prepare another ream of papers and send the updates. On top of that, it’ll be a total disaster if the change happens last-minute. In this case, you’re looking at hundreds of phone calls or text messages.

With a wedding website, you can edit and publish the change of date or venue at the comfort of your own couch. When done, your site will be updated, and all your guests will be able to see your wedding’s latest information.

3. You Can Have an Online Event

Holding a virtual wedding ceremony or virtual bridal shower has been made easier, thanks to wedding websites.

It allows you to share your special moment with your friends and family while isolating, perfect amidst the pandemic outbreak. On top of that, live-streaming your wedding is a great way to include everyone who can’t attend the big day.

A wedding website lets your guests access your live stream through a link or an embedded window. Thus, there’s no need to download an app or create an account, making it very convenient. Also, suppose your server has enough resources. In that case, you can have an unlimited number of guests to share your special moment with.

4. It’s Always Accessible

Unlike printed invitations which can get easily misplaced, wedding websites are accessible 24/7 around the world. Therefore, whether your guests are working on the other side of the world or sipping a cup of coffee at a cafe down the street, they can access your wedding website in just a few clicks.

On top of that, you can always check if your guests have confirmed their attendance. With such information available on tap, you can clearly communicate how many grilled chicken servings your caterer needs to prepare.

5. You Can Have More Details on It

Compared to paper, website pages offer more abundant space for your wedding details. Thus, you have plenty of rooms to contain all your wedding information. Here’s some useful information you can feature on your wedding website:

A “How We Met.” Providing your love story can help your near and dear ones to get to know your spouse, as they may not be able to see you two in-person.

Wedding gift registry. It’s recommended that you let your guests know what to get for you. However, be mindful with your wording as you don’t want your guests to feel pressured.

Travel tips page. You can include information about the safest, nearby accommodations during the Covid-19 crisis. Or, suppose you’ve secured a block of hotel rooms. In that case, you can also share the logistical details on your website.

Weather forecast. This’ll help your guests plan their best outfits.

Also, you can get a little playful by displaying a wedding countdown clock. This feature can spread your excitement to your guests.

6. Have an FAQ Section

Instead of jumping from one phone call to another or answering the same text messages over and over, you can provide a dedicated Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your wedding website. Thus, your guests can just go to the page and get the ideas right away.

Here are the five FAQ examples to begin with:

• How can I RSVP?
• What’s the timeline like for the day?
• Is there a dress code?
• Can I bring a plus one?
• Are there any other wedding events I can attend?

Additionally, an FAQ section helps convey how you want to celebrate your wedding. For instance, suppose you prefer not to have kids around. In that case, you can state your expectation through your site’s FAQs.

7. You Will Have an Event Gallery after the Wedding

Your wedding website will still be around and accessible after the event ends. Thus, it can be a wonderful memento from one of your finest moments in life.

The best way to use your wedding website post-festivity is to share the photos of that day. You can also give your wedding guests access to upload their pictures to your website’s shared album. That way, you can get more photographs to look back.

On top of that, you can use it to leave a thank-you message for your guests.


You’ve learned that wedding websites can save you lots of money, as you won’t have to think about printing and sending out invitation cards. You can also squeeze more information on it, as it can contain more information than the paper-based invitation. Wedding websites can also lower your carbon footprint, saving the planet one wedding at a time.

With the numerous advantages you can get from building a wedding website, there’s no need to wait anymore. Good luck and congrats on your wedding!

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