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Virtual Bridal Shower: 5 Things You Need Right Now

by Emma Arendoski

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virtual bridal shower

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Due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak, many couples need to postpone their wedding, cancel or postpone the bridal shower, and put future celebrations on hold for the moment.

It makes sense: stay home, stay healthy, and avoid celebrations where you can spread the virus to others.

So, there’s a new trend making waves and it’s a fun way to get your family and friends together and celebrate your bridal shower, so you can keep the same date and still get excited about your upcoming wedding! It’s called a virtual bridal shower and it is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding shower for the bride, virtually!

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A virtual bridal shower takes place online only, so everyone stays in their own homes. This keeps social distancing rules in effect and, as some may agree, makes it easy for guests who live far away from the bride anyway!

Perhaps virtual bridal showers for out-of-town guests will be a thing in the future, even if they just video conference into the bridal shower to feel like being there in person!

Here are the five things we think every virtual bridal shower needs to go off without a hitch! Here’s your ultimate guide to this alternative wedding shower plan in a modern, tech-forward world. :) Enjoy!

Virtual Bridal Shower

Here’s what every virtual shower needs to have, right from the get-go:

1. Virtual Bridal Shower Invitations

You need invites — definitely! If you planned a traditional bridal shower and need to cancel or postpone it in lieu of a virtual bridal shower, this will let your guests know your shower now takes place virtually / online-only.

TIP: If you have guests who are elderly, unable to connect to the virtual party, do not have a computer, etc., here’s an alternative. Let them know your plans (give them a call!) and explain how it is going to take place online only. If possible, especially if this is a grandmother or great-grandmother, take a video of the entire virtual bridal shower and figure out a way to show it to them AFTER social distancing guidelines are lifted.

If they have a cell phone with internet capabilities, they can connect to the virtual party but may need extra tips on how to do it. Be patient, give them helpful advice, and do everything you can to include them. Everyone wants to be a part of the fun!

Here are some virtual bridal shower invitations you’ll love. They can be mailed or sent via email or text!

This design is by Nicole Whiddon Studio:

customized wine glasses

virtual bridal shower

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Loving this one by Social Sends. It even has pampas grass!

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How about a couple’s beer-tasting inspired bridal shower with Bubbles and Brews? Cute idea! By SomeDoodles:


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And here’s one by Little Rose Studio — so adorable!

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You can shop other designs here!

Plan the virtual bridal shower on the same date as your original in-person shower, if possible. If that date is coming up too quickly, and you want to open presents at the virtual bridal shower, plan a few weeks further in advance. This gives guests time to mail their cards / gifts / plan accordingly.

Shower By Mail

As an alternative, you can also do a “Shower By Mail” with invites like this one (spotted at LollieJDesign):

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Loving this one by BohemianWoods.

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Or this “Long Distance Bridal Shower” invite by Wishful Paperie:

virtual bridal shower

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Or this cute “Bride to Bee” bridal shower by mail invitation by Adore Paper Co.:

virtual bridal shower

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This style is by Juniper Plum Paperie:

virtual bridal shower

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And I love this by Simply Social Designs:

virtual bridal shower

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Just because the bridal shower is virtual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design, style, or theme, as you can see!

2. Bridal Shower Registry

Every bridal shower needs a registry! Thanks to online registries, you no longer need to go in-store and register. Yay for social distancing on your couch and still getting that gift registry completed!

Amazon Registry

For a virtual bridal shower, the best registry is going to be Amazon. You can make a free registry here. It is the fastest shipping and so many people already use it; plus, you can register for anything under the sun!

Etsy Registry

Etsy has a registry and it is fabulous. See our top 50+ registry items to add + learn all about it here! You can register here.

Make sure you include your bridal registry link on your virtual bridal shower invitations.

3. Bridal Shower Host

Every great party needs a host!

The host has two parts:

video conference online “room”

first, you’ll be hosting the virtual bridal shower in a video chat room. The best place to do it: Zoom! It’s free to host up to 100 guests. If you want to record it, you have to pay for an upgrade ($14.99 I think, but honestly, priceless to have memories saved!) but otherwise, it’s totally free to use! (Yay!)

If you’re not familiar with a virtual video room, it’s a fun way to connect. Everyone can see everyone else in real-time on video, talk to the group, the host can talk about all the reasons why everyone is so excited for the bride and her future spouse, etc.


Secondly, you need a HOST person for the event! It can be your mom, Maid of Honor, bridesmaid — anyone other than the bride herself. This person will keep the party moving. It is fun for the host to figure out some kind of background (you can use them on Zoom) or add a few balloons, streamers, a bride-to-be banner — whatever you can to try and make it festive!

4. Virtual Bridal Shower Itinerary

Plan on the shower lasting approximately 2 hours in length. 1 hour is sufficient; allow more time if the bride is opening gifts on camera.

IF you have a group that loves to chat, this could be VERY long in length, and that’s fine! Just give a mention when the official bridal shower festivities are over and guests who have other things to do (but really, what does anyone have to do right now?!) can head out!

It will go something like this at your virtual shower:

-Guests “arrive”

WELCOME: The host welcomes guests, introduces the bride, the bride (you!) say hello to guests and thank them for taking time to share in your virtual bridal shower

WORDS FOR THE BRIDE: The host asks guests what they’d like to say to the bride: how excited they are of the upcoming day, words of marriage advice to share, ask questions about the fun of the big day, etc.

CHAT: Guests can join in on the conversation as a group

GIFTS: Bride opens gifts on camera, taking time to announce who each gift is from and open it slowly. Explain what it is, thank the guest, and move on to the next gift.

GAME: Guests can play a bridal shower game: email some of these fun printable bridal shower games or do this he said / she said in advance and announce the answers to guests

virtual bridal shower

by invitations by tiffany

Or this “would she rather” game!

virtual bridal shower

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TOAST: Optional: Toast to the bride! Guests have their favorite beverage of choice at the virtual bridal shower, ready to toast when it is time. The host, or anyone who wishes to, can toast to the bride and everyone can join in with enthusiastic “CHEERS!” Throwing your own confetti at home is optional, but totally welcome. ;)

THANK YOU: Finally, the bride thanks the guests for coming. The host says thank you. Everyone says goodbye and signs off… ready to join the in-person wedding festivities in months ahead!

5. Beverages + Fun / Silly Outfits

A beverage or snack each guest brings to the party and tells everyone about is a fun way to add a little personality to the party. See: “TOAST” above in the itinerary. :) Also, it’s fun to wear a fancy outfit, just for kicks! Remember, it’s the bride’s shower day, so make it fun — even miles away! :)

It is especially fun if the bride wears a veil, like this one spotted at ModParty. You can wear it again to your bachelorette party — hopefully in-person, this time!

virtual bridal shower

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BONUS: 6. Thank You Cards

Yes, every bridal shower — whether a virtual one or in-person — should follow-up with thank you cards sent to guests. We think mailed thank yous are the best bet since you hand-write a message inside.

And really, who doesn’t love snail mail?

Here are some cute thank you cards to send guests following your virtual bridal shower by Margaux Paperie:

virtual bridal shower

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Or these by LolaLouiePaperie:

virtual bridal shower

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Don’t forget the return address stamp — it will make your life 100x easier! And if you don’t want to go to the post office right now, you can buy postage stamps online here and have them shipped to your door.

Happy Planning + Social Distancing + Partying From Afar! :)


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