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How to Find Wedding Shoes That Are Comfortable

by Emma Arendoski

When you’re picking out shoes to wear with your wedding dress, what is your number one priority?

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It has to match your dress, or at least complement the style, right? Yes!

But that’s not all. Many brides are looking for wedding shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and one-of-a-kind.

What if you could have all of the above? It sounds impossible to choose bridal shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish, but we just stumbled upon the ultimate collection of bridal shoes that are comfy so you can dance your you-know-what off all night long (without making crucial wedding shoe mistakes like these, ouch!)

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What you need to know is that there are several things you can do to make sure your shoes are comfortable on your wedding day.

How Can I Make My Wedding Shoes More Comfortable?

Our top three suggestions are:

1. Buy wedding shoes that are comfortable.

This one is obvious, but so many brides pick look over comfort and, while I totally get it, wearing shoes for that many hours can seriously hurt your feet! If you can’t seem to get a particular pair of shoes off of your mind, and they won’t be as comfortable as you’d like, you can always wear them during the wedding ceremony and then change into these for the reception.

2. Put these comfortable inserts inside your shoes.

I swear by these. They are great for targeting specific areas of your feet that normally experience heel pain, especially when you’re wearing them for many hours and it is a new pair of shoes.

You can get them + see reviews here.

3. Make sure you break-in your shoes a little bit before the wedding day.

Should you break in your wedding shoes? YES!

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Since you probably don’t want to wear them around the house or you might not have time to stretch out or break in wedding shoes to make them comfortable, try a shoe stretcher instead. This one works great; it is the one I use myself! It gives shoes a little bit more “give” especially when they’re brand new. Get them here.

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What is nice about a shoe stretcher is that you will use it for your wedding shoes, and you’ll find it beneficial to have in your closet for other times when shoes need a little stretch. They are great for women’s or men’s shoes, and I’ve stretched some of Andrew’s new dress shoes with them (with great results). Not a bad buy for under $20!

Do you need to wear flat shoes to be comfortable?


No! Although some of the bridal shoes on this list are flats, you’re not limited to choosing flat shoes alone. If a flat isn’t your style, a great option is a block heel. A block heel has a nice height but offers more stability and security while wearing them all day.

Plus, block heels are comfortable wedding shoes that also boast one of the top trends of the moment.

Win-win, as we say!

Are expensive shoes more comfortable?

Good question! No, unfortunately, it isn’t how much you spend that equates to how comfortable a pair of wedding shoes — or any shoes, for that matter — will really be. It is true that if you pay a little more, though, you’re usually getting quality materials, which makes a huge difference in the overall comfort level of a shoe.

For instance, a cheap pair of flats probably won’t feel that great all day. But a little more money might offer you a better footbed, insole, and offer more padding than a cheap flat.

But spending $500 on a pair of shoes just because they’re expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to the best or most comfortable wedding shoes you can buy. We recommend spending anywhere from $75 and up to ensure your shoes are made of quality, premium materials. But it’s not the price that counts.

One of the major pitfuls that brides face? They forget about the BEST way to know for sure if a pair is right for you: read reviews! Reviews on shoes, especially when buying online, can be extremely helpful in determining which pair of wedding shoes will be the most comfortable and offer a great fit all day long.

Where to Get Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Now that you know how to make the best of a usually uncomfortable shoe situation, let’s take a peek at some stylish and super comfortable wedding shoes you can wear. We’re sharing our top picks for bridal block heels, flats, sandals, and more from Pinky Promise Accessories.

Christina is the designer behind these handmade shoes and they are stylish, as well as said to be highly comfortable.

We’re sharing our top picks for cute wedding shoes that are comfortable for 2020 and leading into the new 2021 wedding season. Plus, they’re currently on sale (yay!) and you can even get free shipping (yasss!)

Let’s get started!

Wedding Shoes That Are Comfortable

These are our top picks for bridal shoes that look comfortable — without lacking an ounce of style. I’d wear any of these shoes myself, as I’m sure you will agree. From ivory to white to pink or blue, we’ve found a few pairs of shoes for every bridal shoe style in this list. Enjoy!

PRO TIP: Want to shop more styles including sandals? Shop here for the entire collection.

1. Block Heels with Ankle Strap

These stylish block style wedding heels are comfortable and fashionable. They are handmade with soft padded insoles and leather-wrapped block heels, available in two heights: either 8 cm (3.15 inches) or 5 cm (1.96 inches). This is a great option for a bride who wants block heels but perhaps a shorter heel height. Shoes are called Evridiki.

These are durable, comfortable wedding heels for brides who love an added dose of sparkle: the straps feature sparkling jewels. See them here.

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2. Beaded Ivory Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Treat yourself to comfortable shoes for wedding day wear made with Greek genuine leather, a trim of pearls, shimmering silver beads, and ivory color. Gorgeous! See them here. Style Ianthi.


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see them here

3. Pointed Toe White Heels

Your feet will feel relaxed in these pointed wedding heels named Chloris from here. If I was picking out my bridal shoes today, THIS PAIR would be it! You’ll be happy wearing a pair of wedding shoes that are comfortable, yet totally on-trend with the season’s latest styles including the point on the toe, the open back, and the elegant jewels. Love this pair!


available here

available here

4. Pointed Ivory Heels

Ooh, these are so glamorous! This pair of shoes will make you confident as you walk down the aisle, as the full-back and closed pointy toe will stay secure on your feet. You’ll also feel stylish, with an elegant point, pretty ivory color, and shorter block heel. These are low heel wedding shoes that are comfortable — and totally chic. Available here. Named Neda.

get them here

get them here

5. Flats with Ankle Strap

Sometimes the only shoes that are comfortable to some brides are those with no heel especially if you’re not used to wearing one regularly. For brides who love a comfortable bridal flat, these Midea shoes are perfect. They are shown in pink and are also available in ivory, nude, or light blue by request. Just ask! These are handmade bridal flats featuring leather and silver pearl chain. I love the ankle strap for a secure fit. See these shoes here.

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6. Pearl Shoes

These pearl shoes are exquisite! They are a closed toe shoe with ankle strap for a snug but comfortable fit. Shoes are made with leather and pearl rhinestones. Named Erkina and available here.

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7. Stylish and Comfortable Wedding Flats

Looking for a show-stopping shoe that is a flat and super comfy? We found it! The Telesto features delicate white embroidered trim with pearls and silver rhinestones. Available here in white:

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Also available in ivory here:

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8. Closed Toe Bridal Shoes in Blue

Want something blue and comfortable shoes, too? You’ve got it! These cute shoes are made with jeweled ankle straps that tie in a bow around your ankle, have a closed-toe design, and are made with leather to be wedding shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for dancing the night away. See them here. Named Polyxo.

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9. Closed Toe Elegant Bridal Heels

If you’re looking for a pair of elegant shoes that are white, have a closed toe, a little bling, and a block heel, we just found the perfect wedding shoes that are comfortable for you! Named Ferousa. Get your beautiful pair of shoes here.

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10. Rounded Ballet Flats

These white ballet flats look like the ultimate in comfort and luxury! They’re embellished with crystal silver chain. Named Keroessa. Get them here.

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11. Open Toe Block Heels

If comfortable shoes mean open-toe for you, check out these stylish boho-inspired block heels. They feature a crystal fringe inspired design above the ankle. I love this pair! Named Galini. Find them here.

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12. Wedding Sneakers

And for the ultimate in wedding shoes that are comfortable, have you considered wedding sneakers? These glitter sneakers are an adorable way to be comfortable all day at your wedding! Available in sparkly white, gold, pink, or silver. Available here.

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Aren’t these so beautiful? I love all of the shoes in Christina’s collection. You can browse her handmade shoes here. PinkyPromiseAccessories is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride.

Click here to shop!

Happy Planning!


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