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25 Thoughtful Wedding Thank You Gifts by Recipient

by Emma Arendoski

This blog post on wedding thank you gifts is sponsored by Minted.

Are you looking for gifts to express your thanks for helpers at your wedding? You’ve heard of giving gifts to your parents, the wedding party, ushers, the flower girl, and your ring bearer, but what about the other helpers in your wedding ceremony or reception? Today we’ll show you some unique, heartfelt gifts you can give as wedding thank you gifts by recipient. From officiant to musicians, ushers to wedding coordinators, we’ve got you covered so you don’t miss a chance to express your gratitude.

Why does the couple give thank you gifts to wedding helpers? That’s easy: the people who support and assist in your wedding make it come to life! Without officiants, attendants, ushers, and more, your wedding wouldn’t be quite as memorable. :) Saying thank you with a gift will make him or her feel special.

To help, we’ve curated this list of gifts from Minted: all designed by independent artists! We love promoting the work of artists and we’re thrilled that Minted offers such a beautiful community of artists to share their work in these beautiful thank you gifts.

Let’s get started!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Wedding Thank You Gifts

Who do you give gifts to? We’re outlining the gifts by the recipient below. Let’s begin with wedding thank you gifts for parents and grandparents.

Parents and Grandparents

Parents and grandparents love photos turned into art! If you’d like to say thank you for wedding help from your parents, or just in appreciation for raising you and being there for you through it all, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy these custom artwork pieces.

Heart Snapshot

This photo art is my favorite. A few years ago, I realized I snapped so many photos of our kids and didn’t get a chance to print them out. I wanted to add some around the home and when I spotted this unique heart-shaped art piece, I had to have it! It is displayed in our dining room and I walk past it daily, catching glimpses of our kids with our favorite baby and toddler photos. What I love about this art, too, is how easy it is to create (speaking from experience here): simply choose your frame color, size, and finish (if you’d like foil as an accent); then, simply upload your photos and drag and drop them into place. It’s easy to reposition the images or swap them out. You can even preview it before you add to cart.

If you’re giving these as wedding thank you gifts, rest-assured they arrive well-packaged safely, ready to wrap and give as a gift.

wedding thank you gifts

House Portrait

Home is where the heart is! You can turn your parents or grandparents home into thoughtful wedding thank you gifts: submit a photo and receive a custom artwork featuring their home. This makes a great gift to remind them your heart is always at home, even though you’re beginning your new family together.

wedding thank you gifts

wedding thank you gifts

customized wine glasses

wedding thank you gifts

You can also give thank you gifts after the wedding: once your professional wedding pictures are available, choose your favorites to create custom art for your parents or grandparents.

wedding thank you gifts

Photo Frame

A wedding-day photo inside a wood, leather, brass, copper, etc. makes a beautiful gift. A favorite picture of you with your parents on your wedding day — or a favorite throwback picture! — always makes a nice gift. Here are a few of our favorite frames (more available here):


Flower Girl + Ring Bearer

Giving wedding thank you gifts to your flower girl and ring bearer are a nice way to show them your appreciation. It isn’t easy walking down the aisle, especially when you are very young and you have to wear a dress or suit and everyone is staring at you! :) Here are some gift suggestions.

Your flower girl would love a custom backpack with her name on it! Check out this darling butterfly design by Paper Raven Co.:

via here

Every little girl would love a sweet ballerina art print in her bedroom! When she sees it, she’ll think back to when she had a special role in your wedding as your flower girl. By Grae.

via here

If you’d like her name as a part of custom art, check out these options.

A custom pillow with her name: another fun gift idea! You can even get a pillow for the flower girl and one for the ring bearer and set them at their seats at the reception. They’ll love how special it is!

by oscar and emma

by cass loh

There are many designs available here.

Reading chairs make sweet gifts for your youngest attendants and will enhance their reading routine! Personalized chairs look great in their rooms and are available in many patterns and styles.

by morgan ramberg

by raven erebus

by raven erebus

With the holidays approaching, kids-sized aprons and oven mitts with personalization make cute gifts for making cookies and desserts! Your flower girl or ring bearer’s parents will appreciate the sweet kitchen attire they can use all season long. I love the holiday themed aprons and mitt sets, on my own wish-list for my kids this season!

via here


An easy, thoughtful way to say thank you to your groomsmen is with a fine leather-wrapped flask. Whiskey glass shown for scale and not included; however, you can add a whiskey glass like one of these, if you’d like, or a bottle of their favorite beverage.

Also available in navy:

In addition, brass bottle openers or cocktail shakers make nice thank you gifts for groomsmen and fathers.

via here

via here

Dopp kits to hold shaving gear, beard care, or toiletries will make a functional gift for him. Shop designs in all kinds of colors and styles here.


by deborah valasquez

by iveta angelova


Jewelry makes a lovely gift for bridesmaids: include a favorite pair of earrings or necklace and place it inside a leather jewelry roll for a perfect gift combination. A jewelry roll keeps your jewelry securely stored when traveling or at home; it rolls up easily and makes a great place to hold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Available here in blush pink or gray.

Another idea: dip-dyed clutch purses, totes, and candles. These are stylish and can be personalized with a leather label on the front. Many colors are available from here.

Carry all totes are a beautiful choice! Here are a few artfully-inspired bags, personalized with her name.

by pippa shaw

by creo study

by karla jodoin

Or this wildflower scatter print — my personal favorite!

by alethea and ruth

A dopp kit — aka toiletry or makeup bag — can be personalized and filled with other gifts. Her favorite mascara, a gift card to her favorite place / coffee shop / store, jewelry — anything! Browse styles here.

by alethea and ruth


A gift for your usher or ushers — special people you appoint to help guests find their seats at your ceremony — could be simple, yet functional. One gift suggestion that shows your appreciation is a leather key chain and it costs less than $10. This is a beautifully made piece available here.

wedding thank you gifts

It is also available in light grey or blush.

Officiant + Musician + Reader Gifts

It is not a requirement to give a gift to your officiant, musician, or readers. For officiants and musicians who are professionals, the fee they charge is typically all you need to provide. If an officiant, musician, or reader is a close family member or a friend, or if they went above and beyond, thank you gifts for wedding helpers are nice gestures and needn’t be extravagant to be special. After all, they are happy to be a part of your ceremony.

If you wish to give a wedding thank you gift, simple is best. A candle, for instance, is always appreciated. Browse candles here.

wedding thank you gifts

wedding thank you gifts

wedding thank you gifts

You can get a stylish candle inside a dip-dyed tote, like this:

wedding thank you gifts

via here

Personalized stationery is a welcome gift for anyone. I esepcially like this scalloped style by Lori Wemple:

wedding thank you gifts

via here

Or this style for him by Ink and Letter:

wedding thank you gifts

via here

To turn these into wedding thank you gifts in an instant, add a thank you card and place inside a gift bag with tissue paper inside it. Easy!

Bride or Groom

If you’re participating in a wedding day gift exchange, we shared some gifts to the bride and for the groom. One of our favorites that makes a great gift for your soon-to-be spouse is custom vow art.

You can turn your vows (or, if you prefer, song lyrics or a favorite quote) into high-quality artwork.

via here

Your favorite photo and a sweet message make a thoughtful present. This is one of my favorites: “I’ll never forget the moment I realized I loved you”. Short, sweet, incredibly sentimental. Include a favorite photo of you two together: an engagement snapshot, favorite photo from dating, when you first met, etc. This photo design is by Phrosne Ras.

via here

Wedding Thank You Gifts Need Cards

The best way to make thank you gifts for wedding helpers, parents, and attendants even better is with a heartfelt card. You can get custom thank you cards and write a nice message inside: they’ll love the gesture and appreciate the extra thought you’ve put into the gift presentation.

design by anastasia makarova

by pixel + hank

Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors present an opportunity to give personalized wedding thank you gifts to your guests. Include a simple favor tag with your names that say, “Thank you so much” or “Thank you for being a part of our day”. You can browse thank you tags here to match your décor.

by joanna griffin

by alethea and ruth

In addition to favors, if you’re giving wedding welcome bags to your guests you can add tags with custom locations on it. Welcome to Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia… the possibilities are endless, since this is all customized just for you!

by erika firm

Other ways to express wedding day thank yous: include a line with your sincere thanks to guests in your ceremony programs, on your dinner menus, or on your welcome sign. These are all ways to make your guests feel warmly welcomed to your festivities and show your appreciation for their attendance.

We hope these wedding thank you gifts have inspired you! You can do one-stop shopping for these thoughtful wedding gift ideas at Minted here or click on a link above for a specific gift listing.

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment box below, along with any questions you may have on the wedding thank you gift-giving rules. :) We’re here to help!

Where to Buy Wedding Thank You Gifts

If you want to buy wedding thank you gifts by recipient, like these shown in today’s article, shop here!

Happy Planning!


This is a post in collaboration with Minted.

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