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32 Cute Bridesmaid Bags That Are Useful

by Emma Arendoski

Want bridesmaid bags that are useful for bridal party attendants? We’ll show you the latest collection everyone will love! But first, you are on the list, right? ;)

bridesmaid bags that are useful

If you’re looking for bridesmaid bags that are memorable, stylish, and functional, look no further than these useful bridesmaid bags for wedding day gifts.

Many brides make a teeny mistake when picking out bridesmaid tote bags, and it’s super-easy to fall into this trap. It goes like this: you find the cutest totes you can, as cheap as possible, and you skip personalization in lieu of “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” on the front of the bag.

Sure, it looks nice and all, but if you’re going for functionality, it won’t be your best bet.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

If yours are labeled with titles vs. names, they won’t be bridesmaid bags that are useful after the wedding. Most people won’t really tote around a bag or carry an obvious ‘Bridesmaid’ bag afterward.

In addition, those cheap totes come with a price: the titles are typically made with a vinyl sticker that easily transfers or rubs off, so the quality isn’t quite there. You want bridesmaid bags that are useful, not the kind of totes that have temporary designs on the front. That’s no fun for anyone!

So, here’s the thing: look for quality. Focus on functionality. Instead of titles, look for bridesmaid bags that look like purses, weekend bags, or makeup bags that won’t break the bank and look cute — with free personalization included.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we found ’em!

by genna blackburn

We found a stylish new collection of custom bridesmaid tote bags, makeup bags, weekender bags, toiletry bags, and more. These are bridesmaid bags that look like purses; they are the kind of carry-all totes she’ll actually use all year long.

You can choose a design that suits her unique style, add personalization to her bag for free, and choose from a variety of shapes and styles — and budgets! — from around $30. If you like, add bridesmaid bag stuffers or fillers like these to add a few more gifts; or, give them as-is because they’re cute + functional enough! :)

Bridesmaid bags that look like purses make great “be my bridesmaid” proposal gifts, too, as she can use them throughout your wedding planning to bring on dress-trying on adventures, to your bachelorette party weekend shenanigans, to use on the wedding day for her essentials, and so much more.

Let’s take a look!

Where To Buy Bridesmaid Bags

customized wine glasses

There are seven new custom bridesmaid bags available at Minted here and we’re loving the options! From the new Snap Tote to the Casual Clutch, there is a style here for every bridal party attendant — and will fit in with your budget nicely.

Don’t worry about paying more for personalization — it’s included, FREE! We’ll tell you a little bit about each type of bag, along with the price, right here. Bonus: they’re designed by independent artists + support independent businesses when you buy.

Tote Bag, $30


This bag is made with 100% durable cotton, has buttery-soft cotton leather straps, a brushed copper snap front closure, and free personalization on a custom foil-pressed leather tag. Many fonts available. You may expect these to cost more, but at $30 each these bridesmaid bags won’t break the bank.

Here are some of our favorite styles.

by carrie moradi

Check out that custom name tag up close:

Love wildflowers? This is a popular choice for bridal party gifts and it’s no surprise why! This is so bright + vibrant!

by alethea and ruth

For your favorite book-lovin’ friend (or for a book themed wedding), these custom bridesmaid bags are adorable!

by three sugars creative

Palms are always in style!

by dominique vari

This next bag is my top pick: it is called Market Fresh and it has the most brilliant spring and summer floral blooms. This is just a pick-me-up kind of bag, isn’t it? :)

by susan moyal

Love a green look? Go for “Sketched Willow”, this stunning pattern.

by katharine watson

Who doesn’t love a cool cacti-inspired tote? This is perfect for your Cacti / Southwestern themed wedding.

by lissabeth anglin

There are many more styles here.

Extra-Large Bridesmaid Bags, $78

Want your bridal party to carry more things Just upgrade to the “Carry-All Slouch Tote” in the same great construction in a larger size.

You can choose some of the designs shown above, in addition to additional favorites of ours outlined below. This first bag is a great classic black-and-white floral pattern.

by karla jodoin

This next bag is named Abstract View and showcases pops of soft, mellow colors.

by monika drachal

This stylish blue criss-cross pattern goes with everything!

by roopali

Greet every morning with this ‘Great Day’ bag:

by pippa shaw


Bridesmaid Pouch Set, $38

These charming pouch sets come in a set of 2 bags, personalized, in your choice of pattern. These small bags are terrific for travel or for adding to her purse to hold essentials, close-at-hand. Here are just a few favorites.

by bethania lima

A pair of bridesmaid bags with wildflower pattern, like these:

by alethea and ruth

Here’s that green pattern again, so cute in a smaller size, as well!

by katharine wilson

Or this navy blue and white pattern of Lined Florals. Stylish!

by beth schneider

For spring weddings, this style is bright and cheery with a palette of soft watercolors.

by amy hall

And last but not least, this style called Streetwise.

by oma n. ramkhelawan

Bridesmaid Clutch Bags, $28

For under $30 each, this is another great example of bridesmaid bags that look like purses — and won’t break your budget. Some brides love the look of clutches so much, they’re opting for bridesmaids to carry bags instead of bouquets down the aisle. How fun is that?!

bridesmaid bags that are useful

by erin deegan

Or this next bold print with rich colors and a funky pattern:

by amina taylor

Beach wedding? Opt for these stylish ikat stripe bridesmaid bags with a blue, gray, and white color palette.

bridesmaid bags that are useful

by amina taylor

Or Pastel Beach, another popular patern.

bridesmaid bags that are useful

by stephanie c. martinez

This modern style is called Dreamland and is the finishing touch to any outfit.

bridesmaid bags that are useful

by iveta angelova

Bridesmaid Duffle Bag, $82

For bridesmaid bags that are useful for fun outings, weekends, and trips, choose the bridesmaid bags in a duffle size. These are larger with 30″ leather straps, zippered interior pocket, 2 exterior pockets, and it fits in the overhead bin of all major airlines. Amazing for travel. Made from 100% premium heavyweight cotton canvas.

bridesmaid bags that are useful

by deborah velasquez

I love this style that goes with everything:

by carolyn nicks

Feeling bold? Choose Playgound for a fun blend of modern abstract shapes and rich colors.

by carolyn nicks

Floral patterns are always a great choice!

by amy hall

Bridesmaid Weekender Bag, $118

Need even more space? These fun and useful bridesmaid bags are made from a premium heavyweight cotton canvas and even have a trolley sleeve to secure your bag to your suitcase. It is fully lined, features interior pockets for passport, wallet, and valuables; plus, it has a genuine leather trim.

by iveta angelova

Go outdoors with these green bridesmaid weekender bags:

by luz alliata

And this cool City inspired design for bridesmaid weekender bags:

by snow and ivy

Loving’ these stylish black-and-white bridesmaid weekender bags:

by michelle taylor

Bridesmaid Makep Bags, $34

Want to give bridesmaid makeup bags to your girls? Great idea! These makeup bags, aka dopp kits, are a perfect choice. You can choose from a variety of patterns and styles, like these fan-favorites.

by amy hall

by bethania lima

by bethania lima

If you’d like to add gifties inside the bags, browse these bag stuffers for ideas + inspiration.

Where to Buy Bridesmaid Bags That Are Useful

To see more bridesmaid bags that won’t break the bank, bridesmaid bags that are useful, and all the fab styles shown here, visit the entire collection here. They’re all so cute — and most of all, useful.

WHERE TO BUY Bridesmaid Bags: Shop here!

Happy Planning!


What do you think of these options? Do you prefer bridesmaid bags that are useful like these, and if so, which size do you like best? Tell us in the comment box below!

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