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Where to Buy a Hexagon Wedding Arch

by Emma Arendoski

The hexagon wedding arch is a trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon! Get in on the details of the latest and greatest ceremony backdrop this year. Read on for details on where to buy hexagon wedding arch (with flowers, with macrame, with draping, or by itself without anything) from the best places in the industry. Sign up for our FREE newsletter so you never miss a post!

A hexagon wedding arch is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after wedding decorations of the moment. To be honest, hexagon wedding everything is popular since geometric, modern, and minimalist weddings are in high demand.

hexagon wedding arch

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Typically made of wood, a hexagon arch can serve as your backdrop during the ceremony whether outdoors or inside. An arch with a hexagon shape is easy to decorate and accessorize, as its own natural look is already stylish as-is. A few extra touches, e.g. flowers, draping, greenery, or macrame, complete the look and can help personalize it to suit your individual style — and the theme of your wedding.

Off the bat, you may have a few questions about the hexagon wedding arch, including where to get one, where to rent one, and how to decorate it. We’re here to answer your most pressing questions with everything you need to know about this modern trend.

Hexagon Wedding Arch

The best place to get a hexagon wedding arch is online. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a hexagon wedding arch for rent in your local neighborhood or you know a friend who can offer hers up to you for your wedding, you’ll likely be looking to buy a hexagon arch Etsy made or from a handful of additional recommended resources.

Best Places to Get Hexagon Wedding Arches

Whenever we recommend a place to you, it is done with the utmost care, as though we’re recommending a shop or service to a close family member or friend. So, rest assured, these are places where we’d be willing to buy hexagon wedding arches or rent them online.

Hexagon Wedding Arch Rental

Can you / should you do a hexagon wedding arch rental vs. buying one? That depends on what you have available locally, how much they charge, and whether your event date is available to use the arch. Some shops on Etsy offer hexagon wedding arch rentals, but they are very dependent on your location. And the cost is still a minimum of around $100 to $150, without considering travel time to pick up the arch and return it and setting it up yourself.

Here are a few we found, just in case you happen to be looking to rent a hexagon wedding arch in these geographic areas.

Hartsy Designs offers hexagon wedding arch rental in Georgia with a three (3) day rental timeline. Certain dates are available; check the listing for information.

After a quick search in my local area, I determined that it is more worthwhile to buy hexagon arches vs. renting them, but your choice may be different if you know someone whom you can borrow it from, rent it from, or an event company that has one they can provide (set up, take down, and decorate) for a fee.

Now, if you’re looking for any wedding arch rental, try this blog post. It doesn’t offer hexagon shapes, but you might find another type that also suits your style.

Where to Buy Hexagon Wedding Arch

If you’re buying a hexagon arch for your wedding, you’re in luck: there are many beautiful options from which to choose. Most of all, the prices are reasonable, considering you don’t have to get hexagon wedding arch plans to make your own from scratch. :)

(P.S. If a hexagon wedding arch plan is your thing, great! Here’s a plan or this alternate plan to help you get started if you have the gusto to give it a try.)

If you’d like to buy hexagon wedding arches online, here are the best places to do it.

Wood and Wedding Supply

hexagon wedding arch

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If you need a hexagon wedding arch fast and with free shipping, you’re in luck. This beautiful wooden hexagon arch is available starting at $190. See the examples here.


One of the most stylish hexagon arches for weddings — with the most variety of stain finishes we’ve ever seen! — is from here with a price of $230.


You can get a stylish hexagonal arch like this from this shop with a price of $250 and free shipping. However, they do ship internationally and you may be responsible for duties or import fees, so just FYI. Shop here.

hexagon wedding arch

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Find a beautiful hexagon arch in a variety of finishes, made for you, from this shop just under the $400 mark. Highly-rated! Shop here.

hexagon wedding arch

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The shipping time on these hexagon wedding arches may take a bit longer, so plan ahead. But they sure look beautiful when they arrive, according to reviewers, and they’re affordably priced at $100 with free shipping. You can shop here.

hexagon wedding arch

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(Add some pampas grass to this!)


You can get an incredibly affordable hexagon arch in gold for your wedding from here for around $100.

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If you’re looking for where to buy hexagon wedding arch with macrame, we found a perfect combination for you from this shop. You can buy just the macrame decoration or the hexagon arch with macrame for a complete package for $342. See it here.

hexagon wedding arch

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Oh, you’re going to love the craftsmanship of this wooden hexagon wedding arch! It doesn’t come with the decorations as shown, but it gives you a great idea of what your arch will look like (and how you can add your own pizazz to it). You can shop here.

hexagon wedding arch

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And there you have it: where to get hexagon wedding arch backdrops for your ceremony. :) Read what’s up next in our series: we’ll tell you how to decorate an arch with drapery, macrame, flowers, dried botanicals, and greenery, in case you need inspiration.

Do you have any questions on renting vs. buying an arch? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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