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Should Wedding Bands Match? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Do wedding bands have to match? Should you buy wedding rings that are the same metal, color, shape, or style?

We have an Ask Emmaline question on the topic from Danielle who asks,

“Hi Emmaline Bride Team! We’re picking out couples’ wedding bands right now but I was wondering, do wedding bands have to match? Do bride and groom bands have to match each other in metal tone or style? Thanks for your help.”

should wedding bands match

by palefishny

Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

Hi Danielle! Great question. In decades past, wedding bands were sold as a set and matched one another as a sign of your partnership. But today? Not necessarily.

With so many traditional wedding bands and non-traditional wedding bands in the market, and the option to shop in-store or online, couples are finding themselves picking out exactly the kind of wedding band THEY want to wear, versus what their partner would wear, and vice versa.

• So… should wedding bands match? No! But they can… if you both like the same style. In other words, your wedding bands do NOT have to match each other.

NOTE: Your wedding band SHOULD match or coordinate well with your engagement ring if you plan to wear them together.

Do Wedding Rings Have to Match?

You can choose any kind of wedding band that you like best. After all, you’re the one wearing it every day, so you should really choose the type and style of wedding band that you love, rather than what will match your spouse’s.

When Andrew and I picked out our bands, we thought the same thing: should wedding bands match? We decided to pick the kind of ring we liked vs. worrying about whether they matched.

I chose a white gold band, and he chose a white gold band, but with a thicker and wider band style.

In theory, they sort of match, but the styles themselves are completely our own.

Now that you know if wedding bands have to match, let’s talk about a couple of other questions you may be wondering on the topic.

First, if you want matching wedding bands, you’re probably wondering where to shop. Let’s discuss it!

Where Can I Buy Matching Wedding Bands?

If you’re wondering where to buy matching wedding bands, we found a few great places to do so. Sometimes, you can save money by buying a matching wedding band set. Other times, it costs the same or less to purchase wedding bands individually. So, of course, you’ll want to pick the style first and then go from there.

Here are some of our favorite places to shop couple’s wedding bands that match.


PaleFishNY: This shop offers beautiful matching couples bands. This is one of my favorite sets: his and hers wedding band set with hammered for him and a patterned style for her.

should wedding bands match

by palefishny

should wedding bands match

by palefishny


Gemini: This store is a great place to buy matching wedding bands for couples. This particular style is one of my favorites and has positive reviews:

by gemini


MiniqueJewelry offers amazing his and hers matching wedding rings and bands. I LOVE this example:

do wedding bands have to match

by minique jewelry


VeeaienDesigns: This Etsy seller offers so many incredible designs, with this skeleton pinky ring couples bands as my top pick. Great for couples who are planning a Halloween-themed wedding or like a more gothic wedding day style.

should wedding rings match

by veeaiendesigns


Kermele: Get Celtic inspired wedding bands for couples here.

should wedding bands match

by kermele


BanaDesigns: Couples rings with a cuff-link style and cool engraving is the name of the game at this cool shop on Etsy. I love this style:

should wedding bands match

by banadesigns


Angelo Paul Jewelry offers a stunning collection of handmade wedding bands for couples.

do wedding rings have to match

by angelo paul jewelry


AandLEngraving offers a beautiful collection of matching couples rings and engraving on the inside, too.

by a and l engraving


IdaJewelryDesign: A perfectly matching set of couple’s rings for his or hers and engraved on the inside for an extra-special touch.

should wedding bands match

by ida jewelry design


Thaliadiamond: This mobius gold wedding bands set is just one of the unique handmade wedding rings in this shop on Etsy.

should wedding bands match

by thaliadiamond

Now that you have some examples, what do you think: should wedding bands match? Do couples have to pick matching wedding rings? Tell us in the comment box below!

Where to Buy Wedding Bands Online

For more wedding bands online, including where to buy matching wedding bands (if that’s your thing), click here to shop an incredible collection.

Happy Planning!


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