Be My Bridesmaid Scratch Off Cards

We are so excited to share these bridesmaid scratch off cards with you from new Featured Artist, Inklings Paperie! You’ll be seeing a lot of Lindsay’s work around these parts, especially when it comes to bridal shower paper goods. But first… we saw these scratch off cards newly added in The Marketplace and couldn’t resist sharing them. If you want to ask your girls to ‘Be My Bridesmaid’, this is one adorable way to do so.

Bridesmaid Scratch Off Cards

be my bridesmaid scratch off cards

And we haven’t forgotten about your groomsmen! Tell them to ‘Suit Up':

be my groomsmen scratch off cards

You can find more cards like these (and a ton of lovely paper goods) over at Inklings Paperie.

We have a Real Wedding coming up later today, so stay tuned! You can chat with us on Twitter, if you’d like, in the meantime!


Where to Find Converse Wedding Shoes? – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question! When Sheila saw a Real Wedding with the groom wearing some insanely awesome Chucks, she knew she had to surprise her groom with them. She asks,

My fiance is a laid-back guy and for our wedding we’re definitely going more casual on attire. He loves to wear his ‘Chucks’ (Converse shoes) everywhere he goes; they’re pretty much his signature look. For our wedding, I wanted him and the groomsmen to wear Converse wedding shoes, but I have no idea where to find custom ones that I saw on Pinterest. Help!

Great question! We worked with Sheila to find the exact pair she was looking for, but couldn’t find the original link. However, we do know of an amazing place to find Converse wedding shoes at an awesome price. Our Featured Artist, Blake of BStreetShoes, is that place and he offers tons of custom hand-painted Converse wedding shoes, along with Nike, Vans, and even TOMS wedding shoes. Here are some of the new Converse styles he recently added to his shop.

Converse Wedding Shoes

converse wedding shoes

converse wedding shoes

And how about these white ones for you? ;) Cute, am I right?

converse wedding shoes

just married white converse wedding shoes

Where to Buy Converse Wedding Shoes

You can order your shoes here, where you’ll find tons of wedding shoes and custom ideas.


Vintage Locket Ring for the Bride

Last week, we talked about different ways to honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding. And then, as luck would have it, we spotted this other amazing idea: a vintage locket ring. It’s vintage inspired (so it’s not antique, but it looks the part) and can be used in a multitude of ways. First, if you have a loved one’s photo you’d like to go inside–add it–and then wear the ring on your right hand or tie to a ribbon and wrap it around your bouquet. Then, you can wear it after the wedding as a keepsake.

Vintage Locket Ring

As an alternate idea, you can also use it as a thematic bridesmaid gift idea for a vintage wedding. You can even include a small photo of the two of you together for a personalized touch.

Take a look! This ring was spotted at the lovely Kaori Kaori.

vintage locket ring

gold vintage locket ring

Go + Get It!

Want to get yours? Go to Kaori Kaori to buy (and to see more pieces of lovely jewelry)!


Why a Wedding Video Booth is a Brilliant Idea

You’ve probably heard of a guest book, where guests sign their names along with a short celebratory message for you. But have you heard of a wedding video? A wedding video booth is where guests go to record a short video with words of wisdom, memories, a message about how fun the wedding was, or well wishes for the couple’s future. The result is a fun, interactive video you get to listen to and watch after the honeymoon (and anytime you want)! Signatures are great, but seeing a guest on film is priceless. I’ve been to a wedding with one of these and it was a really fun idea. It’s fun for guests to do, and even more amazing for the couple to watch at home after the big day.

Wedding Video Booth

Here is one example of a guest video booth, named a ‘Guest Box’ in this example. Basically, you just need to set up a small covered area that is preferably a small distance from music (so you can hear the messages clearly). You can use a photo booth setup for this and we recommend hiring someone to record messages for guests. This will ensure you won’t run into any problems (dead battery, operating issues, lighting, sound, etc.)

Wedding Video Booth
via buzzycraftery

Don’t forget to include a sign to let guests know what to do (i.e. give advice, make us laugh, etc.) You can make an inexpensive sign with a chalkboard, some chalk, and an easel, like this:

wedding video booth sign
photo: brooke courtney

Would you have a wedding video booth instead of a traditional guest book? Tell us why or why not!