Lace Bridal Headpiece as a Chic Veil Alternative

Looking for a veil alternative? This lace bridal headpiece is one elegant find! Want more inspiration? Be sure to subscribe!

Are you a bride who wants to skip the veil? Then we’ve found a gorgeous veil alternative for you! We spotted this gorgeous lace bridal headpiece over at SIBO Designs and Sheila has outdone herself with this one. It’s designed to flow perfectly with the shape of your head and the little loops on the sides attach easily to your hair with bobby pins. This headpiece is handmade with Swarovski pearl beads, seed beads, and rhinestones. My favorite part? The sumptuous silk organza petals! This makes an exceptional veil alternative for the bride who wants to wear her hair down and incorporate elegance into her look.

Lace Bridal Headpiece

lace bridal headpiece

by sibo designs

by sibo designs

You can see more photos of this style (and other chic accessories) at SIBO Designs.

photos: SIBO Designs


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3 Tips for a Better Sweetheart Table

One of my favorite modern reception trends is a sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is an alternative to the traditional head table, where your entire wedding party sits together. If your wedding party is too large or your reception space doesn’t allow for a head table, a sweetheart table may be right for you. It’s also a great option if you want to just, you know, sit with your new spouse and enjoy one-on-one conversation during dinner. It’s quite romantic.

sweetheart table loveseat
photo: onelove photography via style me pretty

In this post, we’ve rounded up three tips to inspire you. And we want to know: are you going to have a sweetheart table or head table?

Sweetheart Table Tips

Every sweetheart table should have these three things:

1) A comfy set of chairs — or better yet, a loveseat

loveseat sweetheart table
photo: kristen joy photography via wedding chicks

2) Cozy pillows

sweetheart table with pillows
photo: katie lopez photography via style me pretty

And those are sequined and lovely, but we also think a more personalized option is a good fit. Like these handmade pillows we spotted over at LaRae Boutique:

by larae boutique

Besides, they’ll look adorable at home in your room after the big day — and you know we love dual-purpose decor!

3) A stunning backdrop

Guests are going to be taking a lot of photos of the happy couple. Make sure your backdrop looks great!

stunning paper flower backdrop sweetheart table
photo: onelove photography via ruffled

Or this:

sweetheart table with backdrop

photo: kristyn hogan, event design: cedarwood weddings via style me pretty

What If I Want Both?!

If you want a sweetheart table AND a head table, you’re in luck: we found this happy medium with a little bit of both.

sweetheart table head table combination
photo: steve steinhardt

Tell us: are you having a sweetheart table? Why or why not?


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These Flower Vase Favors are Brilliant — Here’s Why

When we received this question from bride-to-be, Amy, we couldn’t wait to share what we found with you! Here’s her question, submitted to us on the Ask Emmaline inbox:

Hi Emmaline! I am looking for wedding favors that can also add to our decorations. I was thinking of giving flowers since we’re having a bohemian rustic wedding and we’ll be using wildflowers throughout. Do you have any advice on how to give flowers as favors? What container to use, how big they should be, etc.? Thanks!

We love the idea of giving flowers as favors, Amy! It’s a thoughtful gift guests can actually use, which is our favorite kind of favor! When giving flower favors, be sure to provide a small glass or bottle. A tag is also appropriate, so guests know they’re favors and should be taken home. They should also be kept fresh before placing on tables — and when it comes to the flowers you pick, anything goes! On our quest for the perfect flower favors, these flower vase favors from JoBlake came to mind. We love ‘em because they are essentially THREE wedding details in one: they’re 1) favors, 2) place cards, and 3) decorations. Talk about a time (and money) -saver! Individually, they’re lovely decor pieces; in a group, they’re visually stunning! Plus, they can be used for your wedding reception or bridal shower. Take a look:

Flower Vase Favors

flower vase favors
by joblake

We love these because they’re handmade + chock full of love. Joanna, the designer, even made these for her own wedding. TIP: She said her mother-in-law stored her flowers in the fridge and put them out in the vases the day of the wedding to keep them fresh.

place card escort card
by joblake

flower vase favors with tag

by joblake

by joblake

flower vase favors in jars

by joblake

Lovely! You can find out more about these favors and take a closer look in the shop.

– – –

Thanks for your question, Amy, and we hope this helped to answer your questions. If you’re a bride-to-be (or a bridesmaid, MOH, mom of the bride, etc.) and need advice, we’re here to help! Just submit your question here.


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