Finally… Comfy (+ Cute!) Foldable Ballerina Flats
for the Bride & Bridesmaids

folded ballerina flats

What’s one surefire way to ruin a party? Achy feet from wearing formal shoes for too many hours! When you’re wearing high heels on your wedding day, your feet will most likely start to hurt well before dancing even begins. But we don’t want you (or your bridesmaids) to sit out and miss the fun. What to do? Give these ballerina flats a try! Talaria Flats has seamlessly blended functionality and fashion into one amazing foldable flat, ready to go for dancing, traveling, commuting, or running errands around town. This is one bridesmaid gift they’ll be sure to love and re-use long after the wedding is over. Read on to find out more…

5 Perfect Tips for Engagements on Valentine’s Day

valentines day proposal ideas - pin image

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means: proposals! But how should you ask? Where should you put the ring? What are you forgetting to do? We’ll tell you five key proposal tips for engagements on Valentine’s Day so it goes off without a hitch…

Smiles + Laughs in Downtown Kansas City: Engagement Session

Downtown Kansas City Engagement Session | | photo: SNAP Photography - Kansas City Missouri Wedding Photographer

Today we’re bringing you Katy and Drew’s engagement session captured in downtown Kansas City, Missouri! Their Kansas City engagement session is full smiles and laughter. Tricia from SNAP Photography tells us, “This beautiful couple was inspired by downtown Kansas City. Katy has great style and I wanted to show the city as she loves it. Union Station, The Nelson Art Museum, and Loose Park are Kansas City landmarks that were a perfect for their engagement photos!”

40 Alternative Wedding Bouquets (PHOTOS)

bride with bridesamaids holding alternative bouquets by valleyflowerdesign

bouquets by valley flower design

If a real flower bouquet isn’t your thing and you want something different, or you’re not crazy about the idea of paying for flowers that will wilt, then you’ll love what we have planned for you today! You don’t have to be a bride on a budget or planning a non-traditional wedding to crave the beauty and versatility of alternative wedding bouquets. After all, an alternative bouquet lasts forever, never wilts, and will look beautiful as decor on your desk for years to come. Today we’re sharing forty hand-picked flowers just for you including vibrant full-bloom peonies, vintage brooch bouquets, rich crepe paper flowers (they look so real!), paper flowers made from book pages, and more! Let the inspiration begin!

How to Decorate with Burlap and Lace

how to decorate weddings with burlap and lace

by ling’s wedding

Hi, loves! Today we’re fielding a new Ask Emmaline question from Jen who wants to know about decorating her wedding with burlap and lace — a popular combination. She asks a question we know other brides are probably wondering, too! ↓

Hi Emmaline! My wedding is rustic and shabby chic. I want to use burlap and lace as decor but I’m not sure where to start. Do I buy a roll from the store and make everything myself? What do you recommend? I am trying mostly DIY projects and need advice. Thank you!


Hi, Jen! Great question. Burlap is a tricky material to work with, even though everywhere you look you see perfectly executed runners, wraps, favors, bouquets, and more. While you certainly can give burlap a solid go with a roll from a craft store (I’ve grabbed some from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon online for a little savings), I generally don’t recommend it unless you’ve worked with it before. Here’s why: burlap is a tough, strong-smelling fabric that sheds everywhere. And while I love it, your best bet is to use imitation burlap (especially on tables because the smell really is that strong!) OR buy your supplies from a pro burlap designer (who uses both real and faux burlap). For accents like table runners with lace, for example, getting one pre-made is the best route because the designer has worked with it before and will have a custom table runner made to fit your specifications (and table sizes)…

7 Ways to Thank Guests at Your Wedding

thanks yall

by zcreate design

Hi, loves! Emma here. When you really think about it, your guests play a huge role in the outcome of your big day. The cake, flowers, colors, themes, ceremony, reception — all of it — are designed with your celebration in mind. Without any guests, where’s the celebration? Family and friends being present to share in your joy is what it’s all about and this article was inspired by a recent Ask Emmaline question that rolled in from bride-to-be, Kelsey. She asks,

Dear Emmaline, I have many guests flying in from out of state to attend my wedding and I want to do something special for them to say thank you. Do you have any ideas?


Great question, Kelsey! Saying thank you is so much more than just a few words. To really show guests how much you appreciate them taking time off of work, traveling, paying for accommodations, getting a sitter, bringing a gift, etc. etc., you can do it all through your actions at your wedding. With a few tips, you can make guests feel welcomed and appreciated from the beginning of the ceremony through the late-night snack and last dance of the reception. A thank you card sent after the wedding is essential, but it isn’t the only way to show your appreciation. Here’s how it’s done…

GIVEAWAY: 10 Romantically Vintage Wedding Ideas
(+ Win Invitations!)

vintage wedding invitations

by wildheart paper

Are you planning a vintage wedding? Vintage weddings are one of my favorite themes, as they convey a classic and elegant tone. And a vintage wedding is alsoone that never goes out of style! To give you a glimpse of this style, we’re sharing a few of our favorite vintage accessories and ideas in today’s post, along with a chance to win FREE vintage wedding invitations from WildHeart Paper! It’s so easy to feel inspired with these unique vintage touches: here are ten to get you started!

How to: “Love Is Sweet” Wedding Favors

love is sweet candy bars

by sweet paper shop

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share this Love Is Sweet wedding favor inspiration to get your creativity going! While this theme is especially perfect this month, it honestly works any time of year and in any season. After all, candies and cookies and chocolate are all welcome anytime, right? ;) So break out the conversation hearts and get ready to be inspired with some seriously sweet ideas…

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