The Most Adorable Couple Cake Toppers for Weddings

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Are you looking for a wedding cake topper unlike anything your guests have ever seen? Do you want a topper to enjoy on your wedding day and beyond as decoration? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll love these couple cake toppers we spotted over at The Roomba! Read on for more…

7 Inspiring Wood Centerpieces for Weddings

Are you looking for beautiful wood centerpieces for weddings? Look no further! We’ve found a handful of wood slices, wood boxes, and more to share. But first, make sure you’re on the list!

Are you planning a rustic wedding and need a beautiful centerpiece idea? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded-up seven beautiful wood centerpieces for weddings to inspire your bridal shower or wedding reception decor. Whether you like a rustic wood slice with a vase of flowers or a reclaimed barn wood planter box with a flowering bouquet, you’ll find it all right here. Which one is your favorite?

Wood Centerpieces for Weddings

1. Engraved rustic wood centerpieces

These are extra-cute with personalization. By Bragging Bags.

barn wood rustic box centerpiece with engraved letters by braggingsbags

by bragging bags

Jesse + Grant’s “Elopecation”: A Small Colorado Wedding


Jesse and Grant’s small Colorado wedding was perfect for them! They took part in a new wedding trend called “elopecation” where a couple elopes and has a vacation immediately following. This beautiful couple was married this summer among Colorado’s breathtaking mountains. Being an adventurous couple and looking to plan a small private wedding, they sought the help of planner Stephanie from TWO Colorado. Stephanie tells us, “Jesse and Grant are an active couple, so road-tripping from St. Louis to Southern Colorado for their elopement was a natural choice for them. They grabbed their four closest friends and headed west for a week of kayaking, hiking in the Great Sand Dunes National Park, eating great local food, and getting married, of course! TWO Colorado was a perfect choice for them with their out of the way locations in the hills of the San Juan Mountains enabling them to have a private ceremony in the beautiful outdoors.”

Printable Wedding Programs — Handmade-a-Day

printable hot pink wedding programs

paper peach

Are you looking for wedding programs for your ceremony? You’ll love these printable wedding programs handmade by Paper Peach. They are elegant, thoroughly detailed, and printable, so you can have them for your wedding (even if you’re ordering close to the last minute). If you prefer, programs can be printed for you and delivered right to your doorstep. It doesn’t get much easier than that! We’ve selected these chic printable wedding programs as today’s handmade-a-day wedding pick!

14 Rustic Table Number Ideas for Weddings

We’re sharing gorgeous rustic table number ideas in this post! Get inspired for your upcoming with these fantastic finds. P.S. Are you on the list yet?

elegant rustic table numbers

by sweet carolina collective

Hi, loves! Happy Friday! If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you’ll want to check out these table number ideas to pull your centerpieces together. From moss to wood to burlap hang tags, we’ve found a little bit of everything in a variety of textures you’re sure to love. Let us know which table number is your favorite!

Shot Glasses Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Will Love

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by my sister’s boutique

Hi, loves! Emma here. The other day I stumbled upon these bridesmaids shot glasses over at My Sister’s Boutique and had to share them with you. Seriously, I’ve never seen such adorably painted shot glasses before. These are hand-painted with amazing attention to detail. I looked further and found groomsmen shot glasses, too. Now your entire wedding party can open these as a wedding day gift and toast to your celebration! I’m crazy about this idea. We love these shot glasses so much, we’ve hand-picked them as today’s handmade-a-day wedding find. You have to take a look!

30+ Groom Duties That Will Really Help the Bride

Groom: this groom duties post is for you! Be sure you subscribe and stay in the loop, too!

Dear Groom, Heyyyy handsome, it’s me, your Bride. I know I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, pouring over wedding books and Pinterest and reading endless wedding blogs for even *more* ideas. I’m just really excited to marry you. And I realized something: there are a ton of groom duties you could do that would *really* help me out. So, I’ve put them all into a list. Some of these are really simple, while others are a little more elaborate. You don’t have to do them all… but a few here and there would really make me feel less stressed. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and for helping me with these wedding plans. You’re awesome. But you already knew that. On to the list…

Oh and, you know, kiss me like this.

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