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What to Do After Getting Engaged

October 24, 2014 Leave a Comment

You’re engaged. Congrats! I’m so excited for you as if I know you personally. As in, every time one of our readers tells us they’re newly engaged and they just had an unbelievable proposal, I get excited for their wedding as if it was my best friend’s. Or even my own.

Have I told you how much we love this stuff?

Anyways, if you’re reading this you are probably newly engaged with a gorgeous ring on your finger and newly manicured nails and you’re wondering what the heck to do next. You’re like me, because after I got engaged I wondered the very same thing. What am I supposed to be doing? I don’t know what I’m doing. Am I missing something? Am I making a mistake early on? Oh no, was I supposed to do this instead? Does this sound like you? Relax. The first thing you’re supposed to do after getting engaged? E N J O Y I T.

Let the joy settle in. Don’t be so quick to post on Facebook. Call your loved ones first. Your closest, nearest and dearest to your heart. Celebrate with your fiance. Get used to that feeling of a ring on your previously naked ring finger. Feels good, doesn’t it?

And once the confetti is on the floor and those champagne glasses are empty and your Facebook status moves from In a Relationship to Engaged and you’ve smiled so hard that it hurts to laugh, you’re ready to do what’s next. So, get to it, bride-to-be: you + me + our team at Emmaline Bride are going to have so. much. fun. planning your wedding with you.

I just know it.

– – –

This list will help you, whether you’re basking in the newly-engaged-ness…

i said yes engagement photo

hilary briscoe photography

… or getting right down to business…

best engagement picture ever

bella lux

… there’s a little something here for everyone. :) Enjoy.

What to Do After Getting Engaged

1. Get to know us.

Find out why we’re the wedding planning blog you’ll want to follow. We are different because we are here to help. If you email us with a question, we’ll write you back. If you need advice, we’ll solve it. Think of us as your wedding BFFs, like your bridesmaids but without having to bore them with all the tiny details. Because, after all, we live for this stuff.

2. Subscribe.

Subscribing to as many blogs as you’d like will give you the opportunity to have inspiration straight to your inbox. Every day. This will save you time. Plus, it’s totally free. You can subscribe to ours here.

3. Get Inspo in Print.

One of the greatest gifts ever was when my husband’s aunt subscribed me for wedding magazines once she found out we were getting married. They came to my doorstep every month and it was so much fun getting the newest copies right to my door. This one is a favorite, oh and this one, too. Plus, a subscription is WAY cheaper than newsstand prices.

4. Get a notebook.

It can be super small and inexpensive. Take it with you and jot down things you think of, either brands you see or dresses you like or places and vendors that people mention.

5. Grab one of these cute tees.

Wifey. In Gold. We love!

wifey tee


6. Start Your Online Wedding Registry.

I know it seems early, but if you start an online registry you can add items to it as you find them online. We love Amazon’s online registry because they not only have everything all in one place, but you can download their toolbar and add items you find from other sites to your registry (like the Marketplace). Check it out here.

On a personal note, I also recommend you sign up for Amazon Prime and add it to your budget. You get free two-day shipping on nearly everything. I have it and love it. It’s so helpful for those craft projects you’re working on or when you want to buy mason jars in bulk or anything. It saves you time from running to the craft store and, hey, we could all use a little more time, no? It’s also great for shipping bulky items to you RIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP, like this gigantic life size Jenga. I wouldn’t normally even know where to find one of these, let alone want to lug it to my car.

7. Snap some photos.

Do you want engagement photos? If so, it’s never too early to book your photographer and get a date scheduled to snap some photos.

engagement photo rustic

photo: justin battenfield | see more here

Furthermore, you’ll want to explore 20 Best Engagement Photo Ideas to inspire you. Then, you’ll want to find a photographer for your engagement photos with whom you can work with and hopefully also book for your wedding. You’ll have beautiful engagement photos at the ready for when you send save the date cards.

8. Pick a wedding theme.

Planning a wedding is SO MUCH EASIER when you pick a wedding theme right off the bat. Explore seven gorgeous themes here + check out our master list. And this will help you plan a wedding unlike anyone else’s.

9. Set a budget.

Determine your budget right from the get-go. Here are tips to help. And don’t forget these budget items that often go overlooked.

10. Check out some venues.

Explore wedding venues in your area. Check on availability. Decide on when and where you’d like to get married. Once you find it, check dates, pick one, and put down that deposit.

11. Send Save the Dates.

Once your engagement photos are ready, use them in your save the date designs. Here are some ideas to get you started.

12. Get Social.

Find your favorite wedding blogs and sites and companies on Facebook. Follow them. Follow us. Go on Pinterest and search for wedding ideas, pinning them to one of your boards so you can reference it later. Go on Instagram. Follow bridal gown designers you love, handmade artists, wedding planners. Follow wedding blogs. Snap your own photos to look back on later. Get on Twitter. See what’s trending in weddings. Follow people you’d like to keep up with. It’ll be so helpful later on.

We hope this list helped! Please do let us know how we can help you as you plan, and stay in touch. We’d love to join you on this wonderful adventure together!


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Stunning Wedding Dress with Lace Sleeves + Open Back

October 24, 2014 2 Comments

Have you found the perfect wedding dress yet? If not, don’t feel overwhelmed or hurried. I didn’t believe it when people told me that I would know when I found the right dress, but it was actually true. And you’ll eventually find it, promise. The one that stays with you in the back of your mind is usually the one; then you have to try it on just to be sure.

So, speaking of wedding dresses, you have got to have a glimpse of this new beauty from Chaviano Couture. Talented designer Annette Thurmon has been one of my favorites since I stumbled upon her boutique. I’m an even bigger fan since discovering this stunning wedding dress with lace sleeves and an open back. I’ve been dying to share it with you.

wedding dress lace sleeves open back

wedding dress lace sleeves open back

I love this wedding dress because it’s sophisticated. Elegant. It covers your arms in the fall and winter months so you don’t freeze, yet it shows off your figure just right. It’s the loveliest wedding dress with sleeves I’ve seen yet and I’ve seen many especially with this being one of the hottest trends. Lace sleeves and an open back is a gorgeous combination.

Dress: Chivano Couture | Photos: Lauren Kinsey

So, tell us: have you found your wedding dress yet? If so, tell us what it looks like! Still looking? Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to help!

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Courting by Piano >> Photo of the Day

October 23, 2014 Leave a Comment

We love this romantic photo of a groom courting his bride by playing the piano. What’s he playing? What’s she thinking? The photo’s classic details and timeless action is beautiful. Pamela and Jason were married at The Grand View Inn in New Hampshire. Wesley Maggs and Marthy Duffy from Boro Creative Visions Photography photographed the wedding and this romantic photo!

courting by piano, groom courting the bride by playing the piano on their wedding day

Courting by Piano

Want to see the whole wedding? Check it out! Need to find your wedding photographer? Visit our vendor guide to find the very best wedding professionals.


Beach Wedding: Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaids

October 23, 2014 Leave a Comment

Are you dreaming of digging your toes in the sand and marrying on the beach? A beach wedding has all sorts of fun details, from a gorgeous color palette that’s either soft and subdued or bold with a punch of color. Beach weddings also have these and some of the most unique details, like this. When I saw these beach wedding jewelry ideas at Lillyput Lane Design Co. I knew they’d be just the finishing touch for your big day. After all, a stunning bracelet or necklace with a splash of color and a beach-inspired charm really ties this themed gift together. I’m sure your bridesmaids will love them.

How about this coral? I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

coral beach wedding jewelry ideas

… and check out the back!

back of coral bracelet via beach wedding jewelry ideas

You can even get it with beads on the sides to really POP with color.

coral bracelet with beads via beach wedding jewelry ideas

Can I tell you a secret? I was never that into starfish necklaces until I started seeing these by Lillyput Lane. I just love the way she has a knack for designing these pieces.

beach wedding necklace via beach wedding jewelry ideas

The personalized pendant ties it all together. Instead of a mass produced gift, your bridesmaids know theirs was made just for them.

♥ | ♥ | ♥

And I’ve gotta have this bracelet. I love things with monograms and this is the perfect beach-y gold and blue combination.

beach wedding starfish bracelet via Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaidscoral beach wedding jewelry via Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaidsdainty sand dollar bracelet via Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaids

Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas

To see more beach jewelry pieces like these, head on over to Lillyput Lane Design Co., Featured Artist in the Marketplace. You’ll find lots of other beautiful beach wedding jewelry ideas over there, too! Start shopping now!

Are you planning a beach wedding? We’d love to hear about it from you.

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The Perfect Boho Bridesmaids Dresses (+ Where to Buy)

October 23, 2014 1 Comment

Hi, there. Happy Thursday! I like to visit fashion blogs and Pinterest boards, getting the scoop for the latest + greatest fashion trends. But it drives me nuts when I see a gorgeous outfit pieced together with one specific item I want and it doesn’t mention where to get it. And then I Google it and I can’t find the item, or I do but it is SOLD OUT. Bummer. I know it happens: I’ve seen some Real Weddings with amazing bridesmaids dresses but sometimes you can’t find the original designer or bridesmaids picked them out themselves it’s nearly impossible to contact them to find out where they were from. Articles can suggest similar pieces all they want, but are they ever really close enough? Never! At least I don’t think so.

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I found the perfect boho bridesmaids dresses that I knew you would love, along with a link to buy them + tons of color options + an affordable price. If you are looking for ruffly, flowy, mismatched boho bridesmaids dresses and you want your bridesmaids to love you for a) being reasonable in price, b) letting them pick a favorite color, and c) narrowing this down today, then I’ve done my job. I just love these dresses and think you will, too.

Here’s the wedding where I spotted them (photo by Veronica Varos) and here are the dresses:

Boho Bridesmaids Dresses

boho bridesmaids dresses

Here’s the link to the dress. It’s technically called a slip, and it may be considered a bit short to some, but we think they look great as is or paired with an underlay skirt, jacket or long cardi, boots, or tights… the possibilities are endless. After all, a boho themed wedding is all about no rules. Free spirited. Laid-back. And you can make it anything you want it to be.

Plus, if you order them all right now you can get Free Shipping Over $100 at FreePeople.com.

I’m thinking about the red one for myself to pair with tights and boots for fall + winter… what do you think? Do you like these?

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Colorful Wedding Paper Lanterns >> Photo of the Day

October 22, 2014 2 Comments

And they said, “We must have colorful wedding paper lanterns for our wedding!” We’re digging these bright paper lanterns hanging from the rafters at this wedding reception. If you really want to make your wedding pop, then these might be for you…

colorful wedding paper lanterns at the reception over your tables

Photo by Tanja Lippert Photography.

Colorful Wedding Paper Lanterns

Want these lanterns? BUY THEM!


12 Proposals Caught on Camera That’ll Melt Your Heart

October 22, 2014 9 Comments

Emma here and I think last weekend was the B I G G E S T weekend ever for engagements. At least, that’s how it seemed on my own personal Facebook. One of me + Andrew’s best friends, Kat, got engaged to our other best friend, Jeff, so that’s pretty much going to be the wedding of the century. (Congrats, you guys!) Another friend, Katrina, got engaged during the week; a friend Joe proposed to his girlfriend, Katelyn, whom I’ve known since the 2nd grade. And then a best friend, Natalie, got engaged to her boyfriend on Saturday. IT IS CRAZY! Not to mention, three of my other really close friends all popped the question this year alone. So, bring it on, 2015: it’s going to be the most amazing wedding-filled year in the history of ever.

And now with all of the adorable “we’re engaged” photos swirling around on Facebook and Instagram (like this adorable one via Bethany Marie Co.

engaged instagram via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

… I can’t stop thinking about proposals and popping the question and how amazing it is when you get proposals caught on camera. You might have seen surprise proposals before, where the groom-to-be asks a friend or photographer to hide in the woods, behind the cider mill barn, or a stone’s throw away — basically make themselves hidden — so he can ask his girlfriend to be his forever and capture that incredible, emotion-packed moment on film. And when he gets down on one knee + she puts her hands over her mouth in surprise + those tears start falling + she says yes, the camera is going click click click to capture it all. Forever.

12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

kallima photography

Whether it’s a total surprise…

ring hanging from christmas tree surprise proposal

q avenue photo via ruffled

… or you’ve been waiting for it for what seems like forever

finally engagement photo to announce engagement
sarah marie photos

… it’s a beautiful moment to capture on film.

♥ | ♥ | ♥

In honor of all the love going around, we wanted to share some of our hand-picked favorite proposals caught on camera to totally melt you. I just flipped through these photos again and, I have to say, I got a little choked up. See for yourself!

12 Proposals Caught on Camera

1. In The Rain

surprise proposal in the rain via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

kennedy events

2. On a Bridge

secret proposal via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

sarah becker photo

3. On the Beach

beach proposal caught on camera via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

photo: jaclyn l photography

4. In the Park

secret proposals caught on camera via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

katelyn james

5. In Public

proposals caught on camera


6. In a Park

12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

via munaluchi bridal, photo: olujr

7. At a Christmas Tree Farm

christmas tree proposal via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart width=

via michael james photo studio

8. Following a Styled Shoot (+ A Total Surprise to Her!)

southern weddings, photo: rachel moore photo

9. On a Rooftop

rooftop via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

glen allsop

10. On the Beach

beach via 12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart


11. Fall Proposal

surprise proposals caught on camera park

joe elario

12. The Great Outdoors

12 Proposals Caught on Camera That'll Melt Your Heart

weddingbells, photo: jon mark photo

UPDATED! To Add More Adorableness

13. At the Cottage

maria maria photography

14. On the Dock

surprise proposal on the dock

fox and his anchor

We ♥ our reader submitted proposals (#13 and #14 above)!

And, now that you’ve seen these proposals caught on camera, we want to direct you to a new section we created so you can learn more about Emmaline Bride and why we do what we do. Read more about us here. If you’re newly engaged, you’ll definitely want to give it a solid read.


What’s your proposal story?

We’d love to hear about it! Tell us with a comment!

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Gold Pebble Wedding Jewelry

October 22, 2014 Leave a Comment

Hi, loves! Emma here. Do you love unique, totally-handmade jewelry? Do you crave gold in particular, made with nature-inspired pieces in mind? Then you’ve come to the right place! We spotted this beautiful gold pebble jewelry collection at Andrea Bonelli Jewelry and we’re pretty obsessed with its pieces. To be honest, the gold pebble wedding band shown below in #1 is one of the prettiest rings I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen many beautiful handmade rings. Take a peek at the diamond eternity band, followed by a wedding band that can be paired with your engagement ring, as well as a matching necklace and pair of chic gold pebble studs below…

Gold Pebble Wedding Jewelry

1. Diamond Eternity Band

Up first, the diamond eternity band!

gold pebble ring

2. Gold Pebble Wedding Band

gold pebble ring
gold pebble ring

3. Gold Pebble Necklace

gold pebble necklace

gold pebble necklace

gold pebble necklace

gold pebble necklace

4. Gold Pebble Earrings

gold pebble earrings

gold pebble earrings

These pieces are handmade with love from Nevada, a made-in-the-USA kind of handcrafted feel you can’t get everywhere! Plus, Andrea herself is amazing to work with, so you’re in good hands. Take a peek at more of her work at AndreaBonelli.com. Plus, a little birdie told us you can score free shipping in her shop until November 30th with special code ETSYFREESHIP (Etsy shop only) or on her website with code freeship10 :)


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