Mason Jar Save the Date Card

Happy Monday, loves! We are so excited to kick off a brand new week of wedding inspiration with you. Did you have a nice weekend? We sure did, but talk about a fast few days! At least it’s finally March, which means spring isn’t too far away so we can finally start enjoying fresh flowers and sitting out in the backyard sipping on lemonade. You know, the spring and summer dreams that make even the harshest winters (like ours, this year) so worth it. Speaking of mason jars and flowers and pretty things, we spotted this floral mason jar save the date card and just had to share it with you. It’s from Lucy Loves Paper, new Featured Artist in The Marketplace. You’ll be seeing more from her in the future, so keep an eye out. Today, we’re sharing this save the date which is available in two mason jar styles: chalkboard or mint. And, as Lucy puts it herself, it’ll make your guests, “want to frame it and hang it for decor.” We couldn’t agree more. Go on, take a peek!

Mason Jar Save the Date

We are serious about all things chalkboard, but we love both of these! Which one do you like better?

mason jar save the date

mint mason jar save the date

mason jar save the date with flowers

You can find out more about this save the date card here.

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Easy Bridesmaid Gift They’ll Really Love

Psst. What’s an easy bridesmaid gift they’ll really love? Easy: jewelry. What’s even easier? A locket. In this post, we’ll tell you why & dazzle you with gorgeous locket picks from The Blooming Thread. You’re subscribed, right? We wouldn’t want you to miss posts like these in the future.

Hi, loves + happy weekend! We received an email recently from a bride who was stuck when it came to what to give to her bridesmaids. She felt inundated with so many choices and ideas out there and she just wanted to find an easy bridesmaid gift she knew, for a fact, they would love. Our answer? A locket. A piece of jewelry is always a girl’s best friend and a locket can hold a special photo, which adds an extra special touch.

Easy Bridesmaid Gift: Handmade Locket

personalized lockets for your bridesmaids via Easy Bridesmaid Gift They'll Really Love via
lockets for bridesmaids

enameled gold locket with flowers via Easy Bridesmaid Gift They'll Really Love via

You can find all of these (and more!) at The Blooming Thread.


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Blush Wedding Dress Sash from Floral Jewellery

We’ve been seeing a lot of blush wedding finds lately, but this dress sash is one of our favorites! We spotted it over at Floral Jewellery where Vaida is crafting up floral pretties like this one. And while I used to not be one for a dress sash (I always thought it took away from the gown), it’s finds like these that have really changed my mind! Take a look, it’s stunning!

Blush Wedding Dress Sash

blush wedding dress sashblush wedding dress sashblush wedding dress sash

You can see more sashes like this one at Floral Jewellery.


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