How to Wear a Flower Crown
(Without Feeling ‘Over the Top’)

Hi, lovelies! Emma here and if you’re a shy bride, I get it. I am pretty outgoing, but when it comes to accessories I’m as bashful as can be. A bold accessory to me feels like, here I am with my (insert accessory here). It feels like I’m trying too hard. That’s why you’ll probably never catch me wearing a big red hat. Or an insanely gorgeous — and giant — bib necklace. Or a bold shade of red lipstick à la Taylor Swift. I love all of these things — but on me? Not so much. Let people who can wear a long t-shirt dress go ahead and rock it, then. I’m fine over here with my tee shirt dress paired with leggings, thank you very much. ;) I just finally hopped aboard the whole ankle booties trend this past winter. And that took me way too long.

But what if you’re a shy bride who still wants to do some serious accessorizing for her wedding? For instance, if I was planning a bohemian wedding, you can bet I’d want to wear one of these. But I don’t know if I could pull it off.

left: ella gajewska, right: alice halliday

So, when I was browsing Jenna Leslye Designs over the weekend, I couldn’t wait to share her unique half-flower hair crowns. These hair crowns are totally delightful — without feeling over the top. Now, I could definitely rock one of these…

How to Wear a Flower Crown

How to Wear a Hair Crown for Wedding

by jenna leslye designs

It’s all the fun and floral and hippie-ness without feeling like you have a giant basket of flowers on your head. It just works.

How to Wear a Hair Crown in Pink Peony

by jenna leslye designs

And for a pop of color…

How to Wear a Hair Crown - Half Flower Hair Crown in Yellow

by jenna leslye designs

Or this, for the fall:

How to Wear a Hair Crown - Autumn Inspired Hair Flower Crown

by jenna leslye designs

And, if you really want a floral look without the crown, try these hair bobbies instead:

How to Wear a Hair Crown - Hair Floral Bobbies Instead of a Crown

by jenna leslye designs

Moral of the story? Don’t skip out on accessories you love just because you’re bashful. Find an accessory that features an element you love — in a size you can live with. :)

So, what are you wearing in your hair? Also, do you find yourself shy about accessories like me? Comment below!


Beach Wedding Dress Sash with Coral Motif

Beach brides: are you looking for a beach wedding dress sash to complete your look? You’ll adore this dress sash from All for Love! It features a coral inspired motif made of embroidered bullion, seed beads, bugle beads, and rhinestones, all set on tulle backing. The dress sash features a ribbon tie in the back to make a bow. What a stunning piece! It’s the handmade wedding find of the day:

Beach Wedding Dress Sash Belt

Beach Wedding Dress Sash | Sash Belt for Beach Bride

dress sash | handmade by all for love by Gina

Coral Motif Beach Wedding Dress Sash | Sash Belt for Beach Bride

dress sash | handmade by all for love by Gina

Get details on this Beach Inspired Dress Sash

You can find out more about this sash (and see others like it) at All for Love, who also designed this incredible beach veil.


9 Cute Flower Girl Gift Ideas — (Giveaway!)

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Hi, lovelies! Welcome back from the 4th of July Weekend. Today we’re talking about flower girl gifts. It is customary for the bride to give a gift to her flower girl. If you are wondering what it should be, we’re here to help! Before we begin, don’t let the gift-giving overwhelm you; the flower girl’s gift should be a small token of your appreciation. For example, a piece of jewelry, a jewelry box, or a personalized purse are just a few ideas she’ll love to have as a keepsake. To illustrate these flower girl gift ideas, we’ve rounded up nine handmade finds we know she’ll adore. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Corinna Maggy Designs to give away one of these gift ideas to one lucky bride-to-be. One less thing on your to-do list, we say! Enjoy!

Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

We begin with this pretty hair crown we spotted over at KimArt. This is an ideal hair crown for a bohemian or garden wedding.

1. This pretty hair crown

Flower Girl Headband | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl headband | by kimart, photo: 3 cats hoto

Flower Girl Headband | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl headband | by kimart

2. Or this sparkly tiara

flower girl tiara | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl tiara | handmade by like the stars

3. This cute + custom stuffed animal

Flower Girl Stuffed Bunny Toy / Gift | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

stuffed bunny | handmade by sew mice

4. This personalized purse

Flower Girl Purse | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized clutch purse | handmade by mama bleu designs

5. This flower girl necklace

thank you for being our flower girl necklace | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized flower girl necklace gift | by corinna maggy designs

6. This customized picture frame

Flower Girl Frame, Personalized | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized flower girl frame | handmade by prince whitaker

Rustic Wedding Ring Box

What is a ring box? A wedding ring box is an alternative to a ring pillow, which is used as a vessel for holding your wedding rings until the exchange of vows.

While a traditional ring pillow can be used, many couples are choosing alternatives as a fun thematic touch. This rustic wedding ring box — today’s handmade-a-day pick — is one example. The box is handmade by Red Heart Creations and can be re-used after the ceremony as a safe place for holding your rings (if you’re cleaning or painting) or as a jewelry box.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box

Wedding Ring Box Holder

This ring box is hand made and finished to give it a distressed, loved-in feel. It features your initials on the top and can be used as a ring pillow alternative, photo prop, or as a keepsake at home. This rustic wedding ring box measures 2 5/8″ x 2 11/16″.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box | Wedding Ring Box Holder

Rustic Wedding Ring Box | Round Ring Box

Rustic Wedding Ring Box for Ceremony

Want to buy a wedding ring box of your own? Visit Red Heart Creations to get your box custom made! I want one just because it’s so charming; I can already picture where I would place it at home!

Comment below about what type of ring pillow (or alternative) you’re planning to use for your ceremony. We’d love to hear all about it!


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