Giveaway: Win a Handmade Wedding Bouquet!

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Are you looking for a perfect, forever-lasting handmade wedding bouquet? We’ve found a perfect one for you! And today is your lucky day because we’re giving one away courtesy of The Sunny Bee Boutique! Get the full scoop below, including some photos of this beautiful item. The winner will receive a bouquet similar to the one below, custom-made in her choice of colors. Eeeeeee! (Can you tell we’re excited?)

Handmade Wedding Bouquet

bouquet giveaway

rustic cream handmade wedding bouquet

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How to Properly Wear a Statement Necklace

Wondering how to wear a wedding dress with statement necklace? We’ll show you! But first, don’t forget to do this + follow this.

Hello, loves! Ok, so let’s chat: what do you think of statement necklaces? I love the look, but just between you and me, it took me awhile to get to the comfort level of wearing them. At first, it felt like, hey, what is this gigantic thing on my neck. And then I finally got to the point where I could piece together an outfit and work the heck out of it. Okay, maybe I didn’t, but I had enough confidence to feel like I was really pulling it off, and that’s all you really need, right? ;)

Today we’re talking about bridal statement necklaces and answering the burning question of what wedding dress looks best with one. If you’re dress shopping, keep in mind some jewelry that you really want to wear — it will help when you make your decision. We were inspired to write this by an Ask Emmaline question that came in to the inbox from reader, Ashleigh. She says…

“I want to wear a statement necklace for my wedding jewelry but I’ve never worn one before. How big is too big and what type of wedding dress looks best with one? Thanks in advance!”

Ashleigh, your question rings true to so many brides-to-be! When it comes to picking a wedding dress with a statement necklace, two styles you’ll want to consider are:

o strapless
o v-neck

*If you’re going with a v-neck wedding dress, we recommend one with small straps.

We’ve found that any other dress style besides strapless or v-neck tends to overwhelm your look. I love pairing a sweetheart neckline with a bib or statement necklace because it really fills in the empty space and ties the whole look together. Also, in response to your question on how big is too big, the answer is totally up to you. If you feel comfortable wearing it, go for it! There is no particular one-size-fits-all here. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up photos of a few Real Brides rocking their own statement necklaces, along with a few handpicked statement necklaces we think you’ll love. Enjoy!

Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace

statement necklace | photo: red white and green photography | via Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace necklace worn by bride with sweetheart strapless gown

photo: red white and green photography via style me pretty


photo: brooke courtney

bride with statement necklace strapless gown

photo: sarah sousa via style me pretty

statement necklace with vneck gown

photo: one tree photo

And some statement necklaces to inspire you…

left: lottie da designs | right: abigail grace bridal

left: lottie da designs | right: abigail grace bridal

left: lottie da designs | right: sukran kirtis jewelry

left + right: queen me jewelry llc

statement necklace | via Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace

by abigail grace bridal

And check this out: it’s a rhinestone bolero. We’ve never seen anything like this! Ah, so pretty.


by abigail grace bridal

by abigail grace bridal

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50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts for 2015

*Giveaway inside!

It’s here! It’s here! The ultimate (annual) groomsmen gift guide is right here! Check it out below + show some love to our handmade artisans featured below. Oh, and by the way, I just had to ask… are you subscribed yet?

We are so excited to share the fifty best unique groomsmen gifts for 2015! We love doing this round-up every year and this time we’ve included some new, incredibly unique finds. If you’re looking for gifts to say thanks to your groomsmen, you’ve found fifty of them to give you some ideas. So go get a huge cup of coffee, grab your groom, and get ready to dive in to the guide below because these wedding finds are pretty amazing. Oh, and P.S. there’s a giveaway in here, too, for the groom! Enjoy!

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

1. This passport wallet is perfect for the international traveler

passport wallet | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by mr lentz

2. These mason jar cap catchers are pretty neat

3. One of these latitude/longitude bracelets is great for the geo-caching fan

4. Speaking of, check out this geo-caching tool

5. This awesome forked style keychain bottle opener

snake bite bottle opener | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by snake bite co.

6. Pick out his favorite cigars and put them in one of these

7. A bobblehead that looks like him

groomsmen bobblehead | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by bobbleheads

8. One of these swanky engraved pocket watches

engraved pocketwatch | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by swanky badger design

9. This leather men’s toiletry kit

mens toiletry kit | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by mr lentz

10. One of these custom ammo boxes is neat for hunting buddies

11. Bearded outdoors-men? Get them some of this

12. Or some of this mustache wax to keep it on fleek

13. An engraved money clip

money clip | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by tracy tayan designs

14. This etched groomsmen flask is a cool keepsake

etched groomsmen flask | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by scissormill

15. These cool map cuff links

personalized cuff links | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via
by white truffle studio

(to see the full list, click here if you’re on the homepage)

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Giveaway: Win a Luxurious Robe for the Bride

Hey, loves! Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend that was. We celebrated Andrew’s 1st Birthday and it was amazing. We’re happy to kick off a brand new week with all of you! To start things off… when you hear Doie, what do you think of? I think of my Doie robe, honestly the softest and most delightful thing to wear while reading a book. Or sipping on coffee in the morning while it’s still dark outside. Or putting on my makeup for date night with the hubby. I love my robe. And I am so excited that one of you will win a Doie robe of your own as our latest wedding giveaway this week! The robes from Doie are made of modal jersey so they’re ultra soft and feature kimono-style sleeves for added style. There’s also a 100% silk trim with a pattern, which I adore. The robes also have a permanent exterior belt AND interior belt so you won’t, you know, disrobe unexpectedly (yikes!) during your getting ready photos. And, last but not least, it can be machine washed and laid flat to dry — and let me tell you, it comes out AMAZING every single time. You can also dry-clean it, if you prefer (but I don’t have time for that). :)

Anyway, check out some of these styles and enter for a chance to win your robe!

Win a Robe for the Bride

The lovely designer of Doie, Sara Kirsner, tells us more: “As a 12-time bridesmaid (yes, really!), I know a thing or two about bridesmaid gifts! Doie Lounge was born from the idea that these glamorous, super-soft robes make the perfect gift for a bride to give to her maids. These robes make beautiful and practical gifts for the bridal party, while infusing an often-ignored moment (getting ready the morning of), with elegant detail. The robes look amazing in the pre-wedding primping photos and are a gift that your best ladies will surely wear again and again.

Plus, we wanted to note that if you’re buying bridesmaids for your wedding party, bulk discounts apply: 15% off when buying 3 or more, 20% on 5 or more, 25% off with a purchase of 8 or more, and 30% off when buying 10+ robes.

robe for the bride | by doie | via

robe for the bride | by doie | via

robe for the bride | by doie | via

(click keep reading for the giveaway details)

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