Easy Bridesmaid Gift They’ll Really Love

Psst. What’s an easy bridesmaid gift they’ll really love? Easy: jewelry. What’s even easier? A locket. In this post, we’ll tell you why & dazzle you with gorgeous locket picks from The Blooming Thread. You’re subscribed, right? We wouldn’t want you to miss posts like these in the future.

Hi, loves + happy weekend! We received an email recently from a bride who was stuck when it came to what to give to her bridesmaids. She felt inundated with so many choices and ideas out there and she just wanted to find an easy bridesmaid gift she knew, for a fact, they would love. Our answer? A locket. A piece of jewelry is always a girl’s best friend and a locket can hold a special photo, which adds an extra special touch.

Easy Bridesmaid Gift: Handmade Locket

personalized lockets for your bridesmaids via Easy Bridesmaid Gift They'll Really Love via http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/easy-bridesmaid-gift/
lockets for bridesmaids

enameled gold locket with flowers via Easy Bridesmaid Gift They'll Really Love via http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/easy-bridesmaid-gift/

You can find all of these (and more!) at The Blooming Thread.


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Blush Wedding Dress Sash from Floral Jewellery

We’ve been seeing a lot of blush wedding finds lately, but this dress sash is one of our favorites! We spotted it over at Floral Jewellery where Vaida is crafting up floral pretties like this one. And while I used to not be one for a dress sash (I always thought it took away from the gown), it’s finds like these that have really changed my mind! Take a look, it’s stunning!

Blush Wedding Dress Sash

blush wedding dress sashblush wedding dress sashblush wedding dress sash

You can see more sashes like this one at Floral Jewellery.


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Bridal Headband With Veil or Without? – Ask Emmaline

Wondering what to wear instead of a veil? A bridal headband is one lovely option! Read on to find out more + be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

Are you considering a veil alternative for your big day? A bridal headband is one of our favorite choices, especially since it is extremely versatile. It can be worn with nearly any hairstyle and can be paired with a veil or without. You can even wear it with a veil for just the ceremony portion, and remove the veil for the reception. This question to our Ask Emmaline inbox couldn’t have come at a better time, since the lovely Blair Nadeau Millinery just released a beautiful new collection of bridal headbands, halo headbands, fascinators, and more for the discerning bride-to-be. Alicia asks,

I want to wear something other than a bridal veil, but I want it to be fancy enough. Also, am I supposed to wear a veil with a bridal crown or headband or is it better without?

Great question, Alicia! One of the wonderful things about a bridal headband or crown is that it can be worn with or without a veil. There’s no requirement — as the bride, you get to decide whether or not you wear a veil at all. It’s really up to your own personal preference. We think they look great with or without, and can really show off any hairstyle (whether up or down) nicely. To inspire you, here are a few handpicked (+ handmade!) bridal headbands we found that will fit the bill nicely. Some of these headbands can even be transitioned to a sash, which we love. Take a look…

Bridal Headband with Veil or Without

half crown gold

opal crystal headband

doris crystal headband with veil

antonia crystal lace bridal headband

carolyn lace headband

diana floral headband

amanda floral crown gatsby inspired

Aren’t they lovely? You can see even more from the collection here.

credits //

bridal headbands / crowns / any veils shown: blair nadeau millinery
photos: whitney heard photography


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