Classic Wedding Invitations with Calligraphy Style

We’re continuing the Classic Weddings Week with this handmade-a-day find! If you’re looking for traditional style wedding invitations that have pretty calligraphy, a color palette that complements everything, and are custom-made just for you, look no further! This beautiful invitation by Mospens Studio fits the bill perfectly. It features stylish letterpress printing, a calligraphy inspired font, pearl white card stock, and pearl white matte finish envelopes as the finishing touch. These invitations are printed in the USA, custom-made for your big day. Take a look!

Black and White Wedding Invitations

This invitation is called Miss Nickels and is an original design by Mospens Studio. Take a look:


by mospens studio

Check out that letterpress detail! It’s stunning:

letterpress detail

by mospens studio

TIP: This invitation allows custom colors, so feel free to pick complementing shades of your palette if you prefer! Check out the entire color palette of colors available right here.

– – –

Isn’t it lovely? We think so! If you love this black and white color palette, you’ll find tons of inspiration here.

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These Rose Bouquets Are Easily a Favorite for Weddings

We’re continuing Classic Wedding Theme Week at Emmaline Bride! Did you have a chance to follow along yet?

Have you considered using roses for your bridal bouquet or centerpiece arrangements? Roses are one of the most popular flower choices for traditional weddings for a few unique reasons.

Here are three key reasons why roses are easily a favorite for weddings:

1. Roses are always in season
2. Roses are beautiful on their own (and they also complement other flowers extremely well)
3. Roses are available in many different colors

Roses can also be more affordable than other harder-to-find flowers. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile! We love them solo and paired with other blooms. To show you what we mean, we’ve gathered up ten of our favorite handpicked rose bouquets to inspire you. I am currently obsessing over #3, since I’ve never seen anything like it. I also love #7 since blush pink is my favorite color. Which one do you love?

Rose Bouquets Weddings

1. This pale pink and lavender bouquet of roses

pale pink and lavender rose bouquet - photo: A Bryan Photography | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: a bryan photography via elizabeth anne designs

2. This incredible white rose bouquet

white rose wedding bouquet - photo: kjrsten madsen photography | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: kjrsten madsen photography via style me pretty

3. This composite rose bouquet

This bouquet is also known as a “glamelia”.

incredible rose bouquet - photo: leigh skaggs, floral designer: leslie hartig | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: leigh skaggs, floral designer: leslie hartig via fab you bliss

4. This light pink rose bouquet

*This is a DIY bouquet! Learn how to make this right here.

rose wedding bouquet - diy | rose bouquets weddings via
via project wedding

5. This bouquet in shades of purple

purple rose bouquet - photo: marissa rodriguez | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: marissa rodriguez

6. This white rose and blue hydrangea bouquet

white rose and blue hydrangea wedding bouquet - photo: tonya beavers photography, floral design: dottie b florist | rose bouquets weddings via

floral: dottie b florist, photo: tonya beaver photography

7. This blush pink rose bouquet with peonies

pink rose bouquet with peonies - photo: jodi miller, floral design: julie's floral design | rose bouquets weddings via

floral design: julies floral design, photo: jodi miller via style me pretty

8. This bouquet with stunning pops of green

white rose bouquet with greenery - photo: jpp studios | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: jpp studios via style me pretty

9. This pale peach rose bouquet

pale peach rose bouquet - photo: mariel hannah | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: mariel hannah via elizabeth anne designs

10. These sunflowers and roses paired together so beautifully

sunflower and roses bouquet - photo: ashton howard | rose bouquets weddings via

photo: ashton howard

Tell us: which of these bouquets are your favorite?


P.S. Need more flower inspiration? Click here!

Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress – Ask Emmaline

Hi, loves! To kick off this beautiful morning, we’re answering a question from our Ask Emmaline inbox. Kristie wants to know about a specific wedding gown style known as a fit and flare wedding dress. She asks,

“I’m looking for a silk strapless gown that I can wear for my traditional (but slightly modern) wedding. I saw one in a magazine awhile ago and I can’t remember where it was from. It had a sweetheart neckline and a flared out skirt but it was also somewhat fitted. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!”

Great question, Kristie! It drives me crazy when I find something I love in a magazine or on a blog and I can’t find out where it is from. Hopefully we can help you narrow it down with the details you provided. Here’s our best attempt (and we’ve even selected it as our #HANDMADEADAY pick)!

Silk Strapless Gown with Fit-and-Flare Skirt

This duchess silk wedding gown comes to mind as one possibility (from Jillian Fellers). It is honestly one of my favorites this year and it is ultra romantic. It is handmade in silk duchess satin and silk faille. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and a silk duchess satin bodice, complete with a bustier-inspired look. The bodice meets a voluminous silk faille skirt for a fit and flare wedding dress we absolutely adore (and what I think you probably saw on a similar dress, as mentioned). This dress reminds me of a ball gown, but with a more modern feel. I love the single layer tulle overlay that gives it an ultra soft look. Take a peek at the beautiful photos below to get an idea of this style.

Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress with Sweetheart Neckline | by Jillian Fellers |
by jillian fellers

Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress with Sweetheart Neckline | by Jillian Fellers |
by jillian fellers

by jillian fellers

And while it looks lovely on its own, I absolutely love the ribbon belt accessory added to it (also from here).

Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress with Sweetheart Neckline | by Jillian Fellers |
by jillian fellers

Beautiful photos by Alexandria Hinders.


We hope this gives you some inspiration, Kristie! You can find out more at Jillian Fellers.

What do you think of this fit-and-flare wedding dress?


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How to Make a Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings

One of the biggest misconceptions of a classic wedding is that everything has to be traditional. That’s not the case! It’s true that the details you select should convey a similar tone and feel of your overall theme, but you’re never stuck to old-fashioned ideas when it comes to classic styling.

For instance, a traditional guest book is a popular choice for this theme. However, a guest book alternative such as a date jar guest book is another fun way to get your guests to interact and leave their favorite date ideas (here are 50 Fun Date Ideas to get you started!) Today we’re showing you what you need to make this unique guest book alternative and we’ll answer the following: what a date jar is, how it works, and how easy it is to flawlessly set yours up. Enjoy!

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by crafts ga laura

Guest Book with Date Ideas

First, what is a date jar guest book?

What Is It?

A date jar guest book is a unique guest book alternative where guests write down date night ideas for the newlyweds. Since taking your new spouse on dates shouldn’t go out the window after getting married, fun and creative date ideas are always a great way to keep the romance alive.

How Does It Work?

Guests write down a favorite date idea (place to go, thing to do, hot spot to check out in town) and then sign their name along with it, so you know who wrote it. They then put their date idea into the vessel you’ve selected (typically a jar).

What Do You Need to Set It Up?

For a date jar guest book, you’ll need the following:

1. A vessel to hold the date ideas

– a jar

This is called a date jar, but mason jars are not the only way to store the date ideas. In fact, a mason jar is best suited for a rustic wedding. If you’re choosing a jar, make sure it’s large enough (like this huge jar we spotted).

Other options include:

– a large hurricane or glass vase
– a wooden box
– a drop box, like this:

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by red heart creations

– a glass cookie jar with lid (bonus: you can use it again after the wedding!)

2. An object for guests to write their date ideas and name on

Some options include:

– wood hearts, like these

Wood hearts are especially perfect in a drop box with your engagement photo:

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by cf original

– wood popsicle sticks (this size which makes it easy to write on)

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

date jar guest book sign by lille invitations

– paper guest book cards, like these:

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by wuy favors

– simple paper tags like these work well, too

PRO TIP: For the object you select, make sure it’s large enough for guests to write their date idea and their name, but small enough for all of them to fit inside the vessel you select.

– markers

You’ll also definitely want a pack of these markers. They have an ultra fine-point tip, they are permanent, and they won’t smudge (they dry instantly). I swear by them for all of my projects!

3. A sign

A sign will instruct guests what to do. Plus, a sign will make your guest book area stand out, which means more people will stop by to sign it.

Here is a date jar sign perfect for a traditional / classic wedding:

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by sunny notes

This is a great option for a rustic wedding:

How to Make a Beautiful Date Jar Guest Book for Weddings |

by the paper walrus