How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

Yesterday we showed you these unique guest book prints and why they’re a fun twist to a traditional guest book. A guest book alternative serves as a fun ice-breaker for guests and becomes a charming keepsake for you. Today we’re sharing another guest book idea: the photo guest book. We’ll tell you how easy it is to make a Polaroid guest book in three easy steps. Find out what you need, get inspired with Real Wedding examples, and see how easy it is to do. Enjoy!

Photo Guest Book Idea

For starters, here’s how a photo guest book works: instead of just a signature, guests snap a photo of themselves using an instant photo camera (or photo booth) and then place their photos inside a book. They can even scribble in a message or their signature along with the photo. After the wedding, you’ll have a complete photo guest book with candid photographs and sweet signatures from guests!

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

via in bloom event design

Polaroid Guest Book


Polaroid guest book


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. An Instant Camera + Film + Batteries


You’ll need an instant camera, like a Polaroid or Instax, which comes in these insanely cute colors:



Of course, there’s classic black or white, too:

by instax

These cameras print out instant photos in a breeze.

Film + Batteries

You’ll need a ton of film and double-a batteries, too — wouldn’t want to run out before the night is over. You can get an entire kit here.

Photo Mounting Stickers / Squares

To make it easy for guests to put photos right into the book, have these photo mounting squares at the ready. Just peel and stick!

2. A Guest Book Table with Instructions


You’ll want a simple table that’s reserved just for the photo guest book, camera(s), film, markers, and stickers. Make sure it’s in a location that is well lit, offers a backdrop or some scenery (for guests to stand in front of), and is well lit. Don’t forget some fun photo props, like these from Liddabits Design Shop.

by liddabits design shop

by liddabits design shop

by liddabits design shop

Yay Photo Prop - Bride and Groom

by liddabits design shop


One of the biggest problems with guest books is guests either miss the table completely (if it’s not well-positioned in a high traffic area, like the entrance or near the bar) or they don’t understand what to do. Be sure to include a sign that instructs guests to sign the guest book by snapping a photo, signing their names and sticking the photo in the book with their message.

A sign like this will do:

Photo Booth Take a Photo Sign | via How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

by just for keeps

3. A Photo Guest Book

Finally, you’ll want to use a photo guest book that’s designed for placing photos inside. These photo books from Claire Magnolia are excellent examples. They lay flat, hold photos, and are also perfect for hand-written messages (since it uses highly absorbent artistic paper). It won’t smudge (especially if you use these) and it is designed to hold dimensional items.

Plus, they’re absolutely stunning — and, of course, they’re handmade, too!

photo booth guest book with personalized name and date | How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

by claire magnolia

How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

by claire magnolia

Wedding Photo Guest Book | How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

by claire magnolia

Polaroid Guest Book

by claire magnolia

How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book

by claire magnolia

You can see other sizes and styles in the shop, too.

Will you be making a Polaroid guest book for your wedding?


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