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American Flag Bottle Opener for Groomsmen

It’s July 1st and there’s no better way to celebrate this 4th of July week than with this American flag bottle opener by Bottle Breacher! This bottle opener makes a great groomsmen gift because it’s handmade, functional, and it is a unique gift… he won’t have anything quite like it. They’re even handcrafted by military veterans! It is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find and you can find out more below…

American Flag Bottle Opener

These American Flag bottle openers are one of the newest products over at Bottle Breacher. As with all Bottle Breachers, these bottle openers are professionally powder coated, not spray painted, so it will last for years to come. Plus, in case you were wondering… they are made from dummy ammunition, making them completely safe.

American Flag Bottle Opener for Groomsmen

by bottle breacher

by bottle breacher

American Flag Bottle Opener for Groomsmen

by bottle breacher

So cool. You can check out more about these unique bottle openers in their shop.

There’s more coming up next! Make sure you’re on the list.


12 Cute Flower Girl Basket Alternatives (+ Giveaway!)

Before the bride makes her grand entrance, the flower girl traditionally tosses petals along the aisle. But what if you want something different? Or what if your venue doesn’t allow petals to be tossed? That’s where we come in! Today we’re sharing flower girl basket alternatives we know you’ll love. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Alternative Journals to give away one of these flower girl basket alternatives to one lucky reader! What is the giveaway prize, you ask? Read on to find out!

Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

1. Wand

A flower girl star wand is something every flower girl would love to carry! By Jennifer Raichman.

flower girl star wand

handmade by jennifer raichman

Want a more rustic vibe? Opt for this grapevine heart wand instead! Handmade by Michele’s Cottage.

heart wand by micheles cottage

handmade by michele’s cottage

Planning a vintage wedding? This Victorian inspired wand features silk hydrangea petals and comes with a matching headband. By Kate Kate NYC.

victorian flower girl wand with matching headband

by kate kate nyc

2. Sign

A sign tells guests the bride is on her way. One example? This “Here Comes the Bride” sign: always a cute touch! By Rustic Blend.

here comes the bride sign by rustic blend

Another example of a sign is one that is personalized for the groom, like this one (shown below by Starry Night Signs):

here comes your bride sign by starry night signs

One of my favorites is this “Here Comes the Love of Your Life” by Just for Keeps:

Here comes the love of your life sign by Just for Keeps

3. Banner

Another type of sign is a banner, which is one terrific option when you have two flower girls. Each can hold a side and walk down the aisle together. This banner is handmade by Little Zebra’s Boutique.

time to tie the knot banner

by little zebra’s boutique

4. Tambourine

A lace or floral tambourine is a fun way for the flower girl to announce the bride’s arrival! Plus, she’ll love to play with it even after the ceremony. By Alternative Journals.

lace flower girl tambourine

by alternative journals

Cute Portrait Style Wedding Invites

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Lucy Loves Paper goes ahead and designs these cute portrait invites! And they shoot right up to the list of favorites, with the matching wall art soaring to the top of my own wish list. (What do you think — top knot or no top knot? I know… definitely, top knot.) Now, we’ve seen illustrated wedding invitations and the like before, but these are different: they’re actually easy to see and read (sometimes, illustrated invites become so detailed that the text gets hidden or overrun by flowers and it becomes harder and harder to read). These are pretty — and to-the-point — and in a neutral color palette to coordinate with many different themes. Read on to see how Lucy’s portrait wedding invites are clearly the next big thing…

Portrait Wedding Invites

First, let’s take a peek at the invites. On this suite, you’ll find “together with their families” and a handdrawn portrait of the couple. A hair accessory, hairstyle, facial hair, or glasses are just a few of the personal touches you can add. Underneath the portrait are the names, hand-lettered, along with the date, time, and location of your wedding.

Portrait Wedding Invites

On this second example, the RSVP card is shown with a simple “yes” changed to something more fun — “wouldn’t miss it for the world”. And, “no” sounds less, well, negative, with the gently worded, “celebrating from afar”. Love it.

Portrait Wedding Invites

Then we have the save the dates, essential for the couple who already has an invitation picked out (but wants an ultra-personal, quirky save the date).

Portrait Wedding Invites, Save the Dates, and Wall Art

And, last but not least, the wall art! Whether you display it at your ceremony or use as a makeshift guest book (order in a larger size and have guests sign around the illustration), it makes an awesome keepsake. I want one just because.

Portrait Wedding Invites, Save the Dates, and Wall Art

If you had to pick just one, which would it be? Tell us what you think below!