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Which Wedding Details to Skip? – Real Bride Advice

We checked in with Real Bride Newlywed, Vicki, for some candid wedding advice for our readers. We wanted to know which wedding details to skip, based on what she did for her own wedding. (Cause, you know, hindsight is always 20/20!) Vicki offers up her advice to our readers PLUS she gives insight on which projects were easiest to tackle herself. Enjoy!

p.s. Here’s the beautiful bride and her groom on her wedding day!


Take it away, Vicki!

Which Wedding Details to Skip?

Vicki: “This answer is totally dependent on the bride. Personally, I skipped having fresh flowers because that takes a huge chunk out of a budget. Our centerpieces and boutonnieres were all dried flowers (and guitar picks for the groomsmen) and the bridesmaids carried clutches they can reuse instead of flowers.”

Here’s a photo of the clutches and the boutonniere from Vicki’s wedding:

bride and bridesmaids with clutches

Vicki: “If you are a bride on a budget, I would advise you to decide what details are most important to you. For example, ours were photography, and foot & alcohol. We cut flowers completely out of the budget (saving a couple thousand dollars in the process!) because I didn’t feel like I needed them. My advice: figure out what is important and what is not in the beginning; it makes it much easier in the long run!”

What were the easiest details to DIY? What were the most challenging?

Vicki: “Our entire wedding was DIY. We were paying for the wedding mostly ourselves, so DIY elements were extremely helpful in keeping with the budget. Our DIY projects also allowed us to have our personalities show! The easiest DIY was the centerpieces (blue mason jars tied with twine with dried baby’s breath and lavender).”

shown here:


“We also had burlap runners that I cut from a roll paired with two tea lights from IKEA. The most challenging was the invites—I’m sure everyone has struggled with formatting and printing issues with irregular documents! With the help of my husband, I figured it out, but it was good I had extra paper!”

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Great advice, Vicki! Thanks for sharing with our readers! You can see Vicki’s Real Wedding here.

So, loves: what’s a wedding detail you might do without? Share below in the comments section!


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How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

We received this heartfelt Ask Emmaline question from Cassie, who is getting married this summer. Her grandfather passed away and she wants to honor him on her special day. She writes,

My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I’d love to include a mention to him in some way at my wedding. What’s an appropriate way to do so?

First of all, we are sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. To help you honor him at your wedding, we’ve gathered seven of our most cherished suggestions.

How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

1. Put your loved one’s photo inside a locket.

When Abby’s father passed away, she placed his photo inside a locket. On her wedding day, she wrapped the locket around her bouquet so he could be with her as she walked down the aisle.

photo charm of bride's dad in locket wrapped around bouquet - via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

photo: meagan nicole photography

2. Sew a piece of fabric from their clothing into your gown.

Abby also took an old blue shirt of her father’s, cut out a heart, and had it sewn into her gown. Since it was blue, it also served as “something blue” for her ceremony.

bride's father's shirt sewn in heart on her gown via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

photo: meagan nicole photography

3. Play their favorite song.

Did he or she have a favorite song or band? Add it to your playlist for dinner (slow song) or reception (dance music) in honor of them.

4. Create a photo table.

Display photos in picture frames on a table at your reception. Include a decorative sign, like this:

credits: left – prairie lane boutique, right – nathan westerfield via southern weddings

If you prefer, hang photos across a wood frame using twine and miniature clothespins. Or, turn wood logs into a makeshift stand with a rustic vibe.

photo credits – left: jo photo online, right rachel peters

5. Mention loved ones who have passed in your ceremony program.

In a section of your program, include a mention underneath ‘In Loving Memory’ with name(s) listed.

6. Light a candle.

At your ceremony, light a special candle in honor of loved ones who have passed.

candle via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding


7. Save a seat.

Tie a ribbon on a chair, place a ‘reserved’ sign, or put a framed photograph of a loved one who passed away to save them a seat.

framed photo on chair at ceremony via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

apertura photo

Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean they aren’t there to celebrate with you in spirit. And remember, this is a happy occasion! Smile and remember that they wouldn’t want you to be sad; they would want you to celebrate and enjoy your special day.


Need wedding advice? Just Ask Emmaline! We’re always here to help. ♥

Do you have any suggestions to add?

We’d love to read your suggestions. Let us know how you plan to honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding. You can add a comment below.

Wedding Registry Online or In Store? – Ask Emmaline

We’ve received an Ask Emmaline question from bride-to-be, Ashlee about her wedding registry. She asks,

“I’ve heard a lot about online wedding registries. A friend of mine is using a certain online retailer as her exclusive wedding shower registry, but I’m not sure if my friends and family would be comfortable with online-only purchases. Do you have any advice on whether a wedding registry online or in store is better?”

Wedding Registry Online or In Store? - Ask Emmaline via

Wedding Registry Online or In Store?

Great question! When Andrew & I got married a few years back, Amazon was just starting to perfect its wedding registry service, and, to be honest, we weren’t really sure how it worked. Or comfortable completing a wedding registry online. However, online wedding registries have become a popular solution for some couples, particularly for off-the-cuff items like power tools to furniture to hobby or special interest items. But should you register for your wedding online?

Well, not exclusively.

If you want the freedom of registering for anything online and you like the ease and popularity of in store registries, we recommend the following: do a wedding registry online AND in store. Who says it has to be one OR the other? And here’s why.

Why Registering Online AND In Store Makes Perfect Sense

1. Gift givers tend to prefer seeing the purchase in person.

Have you ever ordered an item online only to be disappointed in person? You see, your Aunt or Grandmother doesn’t want to send you something before they can see it for themselves.

2. Not everyone is tech-savvy.

People are most comfortable with what they know. Since a traditional in store wedding registry has been the trend for so many years, it is going to be a tough sell to get everyone to figure out how to order online, and some people just aren’t comfortable shopping online.

3. People like options.

Some people won’t mind buying a gift online; others will love that they can go to a store and pick out something they know you’ll love. Give the people what they want–options! Plus, I’ve heard that it’s best to register for your wedding in at least two places, for variety (and convenience’s sake, depending on how close a store is located to a shopper).

4. Most stores do both anyway!

Most in-store registries are now available online, too, so you have the flexibility of registering online in your pajamas and guests can still either shop online for an item OR go in store to see it in person. Ah, the internet: it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Where should you register in store?

Even though many purchases occur online today, brick and mortar stores are — and will continue to be! — a popular choice for shoppers. For instance, places like Bed Bath & Beyond (+ those 20% off coupons! Love them), Target (who doesn’t love Target?), Crate & Barrel, and Macys are a few places that seem to be popular among engaged couples. Another favorite? Kohls (where if you’re not shopping using a Kohls charge and getting Kohls cash and flashing a 30% off coupon, you’re just doing it wrong).

These all offer many benefits of registry, along with ease of registering online or in person.

Where should you register online?

If you’re going to have one in-store registry and one online registry, you may not know where to begin for the online wedding registry. We have seen so many registries popping up in the last decade, but we’ve tried a bunch and Amazon is still our favorite. Here’s why:

Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon‘s wedding registry is awesome! You get a 10% completion gift off most products on Amazon for a savings of up to $100. Plus, it’s universal: you can add items from OTHER WEBSITES with the universal button (so, shop your heart out– anywhere!) Plus, many people now utilize Amazon Prime, which means even last-minute shoppers can get your gift in time in only two days, guaranteed, for FREE.

It’s free and easy to get started, just click here or on the image below:

We’re affiliates of Amazon, but this in no way effects our recommendation. We just love ‘em anyway — we even shop Amazon ourselves!

I hope it helps and be sure to see these common wedding registry mistakes for more details. You should also check out how to register for your wedding for helpful tips & tricks.

So, tell us:

Are you registering online or in store and why?

Share your thoughts / questions / comments below!