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What is a Cake Pull? — Plus, a Giveaway!

Have you heard of a cake pull ceremony? Want to incorporate it into your wedding or shower? We’ll tell you about this fun tradition! Plus, we’re giving away a set of cake pulls to one lucky reader from Cake Pulls by Dahlia. Find out more below…

What is a cake pull?

First of all, a cake pull or ribbon pulling ceremony is a tradition dating back to Victorian times. The bride would hide charms attached to ribbons inside her wedding cake and each of her friends would pull a ribbon to reveal their future (i.e. good luck, romance, fortune, etc.) Today, cake pulling is still popular in the South and are a fun way to incorporate your bridesmaids, flower girls, and friends. And the cake pulling now typically takes place at the shower instead of the wedding.

If you love the idea of cake pulls but don’t want to mess up you’re cake, bakers are now opting to put the pulls under the cake underneath parchment paper to protect the design (and to make it food-safe).

Where can you find cake pulls?

There’s an awesome shop that makes handmade cake pulls called Cake Pulls by Dahlia. Dahlia is a cake pull expert and offers over 60 charms and colors, along with custom messages on each charm so your bridesmaids can see what their charm represents. Each message is placed in an envelope, which can be decorated with an embellishment on the front.

Here are some examples:

Grand Exit Idea → Bride and Groom on Scooter

How will you make your grand exit at your wedding reception? You’ve heard of a limo, a town car, maybe even a horse-drawn carriage… but what about a scooter? This bride and groom did it — and we love the photo that was captured!

Bride and Groom on Scooter

Bride and Groom on Scooter | Photo: Ross Harvey

photo: ross harvey

Bride and Groom on Scooter | Photo: Ross Harvey

photo: ross harvey

spotted at love my dress

Have a fabulous weekend, loves. And be sure to check out some of our archived posts to keep you inspired, like ideas for the Bride, our favorite Bridesmaid ideas, and Decor, along with Real Wedding examples. That’ll keep you planning all weekend long. We’ll be back Monday morning to kick off another week full of handmade ideas, creative finds, handmade, giveaways, and more. Be there!


3 Tips for a Better Sweetheart Table

One of my favorite modern reception trends is a sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is an alternative to the traditional head table, where your entire wedding party sits together. If your wedding party is too large or your reception space doesn’t allow for a head table, a sweetheart table may be right for you. It’s also a great option if you want to just, you know, sit with your new spouse and enjoy one-on-one conversation during dinner. It’s quite romantic.

sweetheart table loveseat
photo: onelove photography via style me pretty

In this post, we’ve rounded up three tips to inspire you. And we want to know: are you going to have a sweetheart table or head table?

Sweetheart Table Tips

Every sweetheart table should have these three things:

1) A comfy set of chairs — or better yet, a loveseat

loveseat sweetheart table
photo: kristen joy photography via wedding chicks

2) Cozy pillows

sweetheart table with pillows
photo: katie lopez photography via style me pretty

And those are sequined and lovely, but we also think a more personalized option is a good fit. Like these handmade pillows we spotted over at LaRae Boutique:

by larae boutique

Besides, they’ll look adorable at home in your room after the big day — and you know we love dual-purpose decor!

3) A stunning backdrop

Guests are going to be taking a lot of photos of the happy couple. Make sure your backdrop looks great!

stunning paper flower backdrop sweetheart table
photo: onelove photography via ruffled

Or this:

sweetheart table with backdrop

photo: kristyn hogan, event design: cedarwood weddings via style me pretty

What If I Want Both?!

If you want a sweetheart table AND a head table, you’re in luck: we found this happy medium with a little bit of both.

sweetheart table head table combination
photo: steve steinhardt

Tell us: are you having a sweetheart table? Why or why not?


Fake Wedding Cakes That Actually Look Real

Are you wondering if fake wedding cakes can really look the part? In this post, you’ll find out and see if a fake cake is the right choice for you. Subscribe so you don’t miss future cake-inspired posts like this one!

Are you a bride who loves cake, but you loathe the idea of spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on a wedding cake? Do you have a specific vision in mind, but you think it would be too complicated or too expensive? Or perhaps you’re planning a summer wedding and you don’t want to worry about your cake standing the humid, hotter-than-hot temps outdoors. If you said yes to any of these, one of these fake wedding cakes might be the right choice for you.

fake wedding cakes | via

glam fete by bri

What are faux wedding cakes?

A fake wedding cake is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a display that is made entirely of Styrofoam and gumpaste, fabric, or fondant. It is designed to look like a real cake.

Can You Still Do a Cake Cutting?

Yes! Many fake wedding cakes are designed to have a ‘slice’ removed, so it looks more realistic. Or, we’ve seen some cakes that are three tiered, with the top being the only ‘real’ cake (the bottom two are dummies). You can have a small one-tiered cake made just for you and set it aside. It’s not exactly the same, but you get the idea.

Will Anyone Know the Difference?

Probably not. I mean, it’s not like anyone is going to actually go up and touch it. In fact, many guests totally miss the cake at the beginning of the reception anyway, and the cake cutting happens almost immediately (right before dinner). And many times, a couple will have a really gorgeous wedding cake, but it’s not big enough to feed everyone. That’s because there are sheet cakes in the kitchen, and your caterers will be serving cake to guests from the sheet cake anyway. So, who will know?

How Are They Used?

Fake wedding cakes (also known as faux cakes or dummy cakes) have been used for years in photo shoots, but couples are using them at their reception, too. These cakes will stand up through any weather, any amount of time, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it covered or away from bugs and direct sunlight.

Fake Wedding Cakes: 12 Realistic Examples

Now that you know more about what fake wedding cakes are, we can show you the pretties that we found! Now, not all fake wedding cakes are created equally, so if you’re going to pick one be careful. You’ll want to pick one that actually looks real so it wont look hokey or cheap. On our quest, we found some of the prettiest fake wedding cakes that ever existed! These look real… but they’re totally faux.

left, right: glam fete by bri

left: glam fete by bri | right: owlishnesses

left: glam fete by bri | right: sugar on top sugar art

left, right: sugar on top sugar art

left: glam fete by bri | right: sugar on top sugar art

left: sugar on top sugar art | right: glam fete by bri

Would you pick a fake wedding cake instead of a real one? Why or why not?


9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for custom made cake toppers, you’ve come to the right place! You may remember the insanely creative travel cake topper we told you about by The Rosemarry Toppers awhile back. Today, we’re here to share some more from their collection of adorable cake toppers with custom, personalized touches ranging from a couple taking a ‘selfie’ to surfing — there’s even a couple dressed like Stormtroopers. Scroll down to see all nine of our hand-picked finds that we know you’ll love as much as we do!

Custom Made Cake Toppers

1. The Selfie

cake topper selfie - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

2. The Skiing Couple

cake topper skiing couple - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

3. The Golden Gate Bridge

cake topper groom with bride on back golden gate bridge - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

4. The Storm Troopers

storm troopers cake topper - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

5. The Beach Wedding (+ Yorkie)

cake topper beach wedding yorkie - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

6. The High Five

high five cake topper - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

7. The Surfers

cake topper surfing bride and groom - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

8. The Baseball Lover

baseball lover cake topper - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via

9. UP inspired

up themed cake topper - 9 Adorable Custom Made Cake Toppers via


To buy any of these (or to see more), just click here.


P.S. Tell us: which one is your favorite?

5 Wedding Sparkler Tags for an Unforgettable Send-Off
(+ a HUGE Wedding Sparkler Giveaway!)

There’s a giveaway inside! We’re not trying to brag, but we’re pretty popular for our wedding giveaways. You’ll see why by subscribing.

Are you planning a wedding sparkler exit? If so, don’t miss this post! We’ve teamed up with our the folks of VIP Sparklers to offer a H U G E sparkler + sky lantern giveaway to one lucky reader! But first, what is one thing that every sparkler send-off needs? Tags, of course! Here are a few adorable wedding sparkler tags we spotted on Etsy that we know you’ll love…

Wedding Sparkler Tags

But first, what are wedding sparkler tags, you ask? They’re simply tags that are placed through a sparkler to add a personalized touch. You can add your wedding date, names, ‘Mr and Mrs’, a specific send-off time, or a custom message like, “Let Love Sparkle”. Here are a few handmade ones we know you’ll love.

1. These glittery gold wedding sparkler tags

let love sparkle


2. These gold tags with chevron detail

let the sparks fly gold sparkler tags


3. These ‘let love shine’ tags

let love shine

dixie and twine

4. These chalkboard inspired sparkler tags

chalkboard let love sparkle sparkler tags

just for keeps

5. This sparkler tag has a specific time on it

A specific time is super helpful for guests.

let love sparkle sparklers tags

the lovebird press

Don’t Forget One of These

Also, it’s worth noting: for ANY sparkler send-off, you need a container for guests to (safely) discard the used sparklers. We recommend this sparkler container from Red Heart Creations as one option. Just fill it with sand and you’re done!

sparklers container

red heart creations

GIVEAWAY: Win Wedding Sparklers + Sky Lanterns!

One lucky Emmaline Bride reader will win a prize pack valued at $200 from VIP Sparklers! It includes 144 pieces of 36 inch wedding sparklers, 36 heart-shaped sparklers, and 50 sky lanterns! It’s easy to enter… just fill in your name and email address below and click ‘BEGIN’ to enter.

o Enter between 2/19/15-2/26/15 (11:59pm EST). Winner announced on this post 2/26/15.
o Prize: 36 wedding sparklers, 36 heart-shaped sparklers, and 50 sky lanterns
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email or new winner will be selected
o Free shipping included to the United States
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $200 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Good Luck! Don’t forget to share the link below with your friends on Facebook. It’s good karma. ;)


Love-Filled Mad Libs Guest Book Idea

Mad lib guest books are popping up everywhere– and for good reason! Find out why we love this guest book alternative in today’s feature. Plus, would you subscribe already?! We’d hate for you to miss other inspiring finds like this and be out of the loop.

What do we love more than a traditional signed guest book? A mad libs guest book, that’s what! Hi loves, Emma here and can you believe it’s already Friday? This week was the fastest in record history, I think. Hibernating inside when it’s, oh, you know, -10 degrees in windchill (yes, really!) can turn days into nights in record time. On the news this morning, they actually said IT IS WARMER IN SIBERIA right now than it is in Metro Detroit at the moment. Anyways, at least my house is warm and filled to the brim with love this Valentine’s Day weekend with my two sweet Valentines: my hubby, Andrew, and my son, Baby Andrew (who just turned ten months). I asked him to be my Valentine and he replied with a toothy grin and a, “MAMA-MAMA BABBABABAA” which translates to “Mama, Bottle” in babyspeak. I take that as a yes, and I look forward to extra snuggles and warm blankets and a few episodes of Curious George.

But I digress. As you cozy up to your Valentine this weekend, feel free to drop in a few wedding planning questions, like, gee, honey, what do you think of a mad libs guest book? That would be romantic, yes?

Mad Libs Guest Book

Anyways, you know how a mad libs guest book works, right? Guests take a card and fill in the blanks with nouns, pronouns, or verbs (without reading it first). When you don’t read it ahead of time, the result is more comical; you’ll be able to tell which guests cheated and read ahead of time by how well it flows when you read it. ;) At the bottom, you’ll find a few lines where guests can write off-the-cuff and give advice, tell you their favorite part of the wedding, or give you some super awesome date ideas to keep the romance alive. It’s a cute way to get a little more personality on paper, instead of a simple signature.

These cards — named Love Libs — are from B is for Brown:

love libs for guest book

b is for brown

Guests fill out it out and place their completed card in a simple card box. You can even get a hinged box like this one, which is super affordable and handy for keeping cards after the big day.

There are other colors available, too. See them all at B is for Brown.