Baby’s Breath for Weddings: 8 Decor Ideas to Try

Hi, lovelies! We’ve talked about using baby’s breath for weddings in the past, but today we’re showcasing 8 different decor ideas to try. Baby’s breath has always been known in the floral world as a cheap filler, similarly to how carnations were viewed in the past. (Poor filler flowers!) But not anymore! It seems brides and grooms are taking to baby’s breath for weddings well – quite well, in fact. Couples are incorporating the frugal flowers into baby’s breath bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, decorative baby’s breath wreaths, centerpieces, aisle decor, and more. With so many baby’s breath inspiration popping up around every wedding corner around the world, it’s easy to fall in love with the little guys and jump onto the baby’s breath bandwagon. We hope you enjoy the round-up! onto the baby’s breath bandwagon.

First up… baby’s breath place cards in a suitcase!

baby's breath for weddings

Instead of placing those cards on an ordinary table, dress them up with a layer of baby’s breath underneath. Place inside a vintage luggage for added rustic charm. ( source )

For a chic and inexpensive aisle decor idea, try grouping baby’s breath bouquets tied to chairs along the aisle-way. ( source )

baby's breath for weddings

Decorate your ceremony or reception site with this elegant baby’s breath wreath. Stunning! ( source )

baby's breath for weddings

baby's breath for weddings

Baby’s breath + a mason jar wrapped in burlap and raffia = Perfection. ( source via here )

baby's breath for weddings

Number six is a perfect baby’s breath bridal bouquet wrapped in jute. Love, love, love. { source | photographed by mango studios }

Holy wow, table decor finds number seven and eight are incredible. It’s almost hard to believe it’s baby’s breath! ( sources: seven | eight )

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