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Library Card Catalog Guest Book

August 29, 2012  Leave a Comment

If you’re planning a book themed wedding, this is the guest book alternative for you! We spotted this unique card catalog guest book at Cut the Cake Designs – and we love it! This vintage library card catalog drawer will remind you of simpler times (when you had to do a little work before finding the book). It’s a small size, which means it can fit in easily on nearly any display table at your wedding. Guests take a card, fill out a handwritten note, and ‘file’ it away for viewing later. If you request addresses on the cards, sending thank you notes will be a breeze – and you’ll always have addresses for holidays and birthdays after the big day. Read on for more…

card catalog guest book

Library Card Catalog Guest Book

Card catalog guest book has twelve dividers with room for over two hundred addresses and two hundred lank inserts. It measures 16 3/4″ long, 2″ high, and 5 3/4″ wide. The drawer fits 3.5 x 5 cards easily. This is a limited edition product: only a few of these card catalog drawers remain!

card catalog guest book

card catalog guest book

As mentioned, this is a limited edition… head over to Cut the Cake Designs to snag yours before they’re gone!

Happy Planning!


Cut the Cake Designs is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.


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