DIY Terra Cotta Pots

Hi, lovelies! We hope you’re having an amazing, relaxing 4th of July weekend. Yesterday we showed you a pretty blue-and-white DIY striped skirt and we’re continuing the crafting craze with these DIY terra cotta pots. These pretty little pots are perfect for bridal shower or wedding centerpieces, parties, or summer BBQs. These pots are easy-to-DIY and you can use any color fabric of your choosing, which means it will complement your party theme perfectly. Use prints and patterns (shown) for a touch of whimsy!

diy terra cotta pots
diy terra cotta pots

Spotted here. Images by Ashley Ann Photography which was another fantastic version of the original DIY by Christine Chitnis. Get the full DIY scoop here. Lovely work! ♥

Just fill with potting soil, some fabulous flowers, and enjoy. I am definitely making these!

Happy Crafting


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