Floating Balloon Canopy

Happy Sunday! You’ve probably seen a balloon canopy before (prom, birthday parties, etc.) but we can promise you’ve never seen a floating balloon canopy! This amazing, gravity-defying floating balloon canopy from The Guardian (photo credit: David Levene) (via Pinterest) is honestly one of the coolest outdoor wedding ideas we’ve seen yet!

photo credit: the guardian/david levene

The balloons are “invisible” because they’ve been attached to the ground using fishing line. Pretty cool, huh? I can imagine SO many possibilities for this canopy idea. While on the balloon search, we also spotted this balloon ampersand worth the mention:

photo credit: connor and david

This balloon ampersand is by Connor and David; check out this fun video to see how it was done!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Check back here bright + early Monday morning for another week full of handmade wedding inspiration.

Happy Planning!


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  • Julie Jenkins

    My daughter is getting married outisde in the Texas heat. She will be under the shade of an old tree but I’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to shade the guests. This might be it!
    If anyone has some creative ideas or ways to do this, or another way to shade the guests I would love your input.

    Ideas on the logistics of making this work???

  • bonniebarnett

    I feel silly asking you this, but can this be done easily? I am not quite sure how the ballons can support the material. Planning a backyard wedding and this would be perfect :)

    • EmmalineBride

      Hi Bonnie!

      I’ve never tried it myself, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you from experience; however, if you call a tenting company they may be able to help advise the proper support and stakes required to make it work.

      Good luck! Thanks for stopping by!

      Emmaline Bride

  • http://www.funnystickers.com.au/ wall decals

    So great ideas!!Love the white balloons!!Maybe it can be used in a wedding,especially the aisle!!!So great and surreal, I believe!!!

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/freshpastrystand Deva @ Fresh Pastry Stand

    Now I feel dumb that I couldn’t figure out how the balloons stayed in place! Guess it is too early in the morning for that ;)

  • http://www.simplybytamaranicole.blogspot.com Tamara

    What a great idea! LOVE this, may have to use it on a wedding:)