Floating Balloon Canopy

Happy Sunday! You’ve probably seen a balloon canopy before (prom, birthday parties, etc.) but we can promise you’ve never seen a floating balloon canopy! This amazing, gravity-defying floating balloon canopy from The Guardian (photo credit: David Levene) (via Pinterest) is honestly one of the coolest outdoor wedding ideas we’ve seen yet!

photo credit: the guardian/david levene

The balloons are “invisible” because they’ve been attached to the ground using fishing line. Pretty cool, huh? I can imagine SO many possibilities for this canopy idea. While on the balloon search, we also spotted this balloon ampersand worth the mention:

photo credit: connor and david

This balloon ampersand is by Connor and David; check out this fun video to see how it was done!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Check back here bright + early Monday morning for another week full of handmade wedding inspiration.

Happy Planning!


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