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16 (Creative!) Wedding Hoop Art Ideas

April 23, 2014 | 2 Comments

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Brides: what do you think about wedding hoop art? Embroidery hoops are a vintage-y inspired find, but they’re making waves in more modern weddings these days. With adorable monogramming, stitching, and whimsical artful touches, wedding hoop art is becoming quite a popular decor item (and gift ideas) for handmade-loving couples. We love the trend and today we’re sharing some of our favorite (read: most creative) wedding hoop ideas. Once we started our search for hoop art finds, we couldn’t help but share a plethora of them. So, without further adieu, let’s begin, shall we?

Wedding Hoop Art

1. Embroidered Chair Signs

bride groom chair signs wedding hoop art

mama bleu designs

2. Mr and Mrs Photo Props

mr and mrs wedding sign embroidered wedding hoop art

hoopsy daisies

3. Embroidered Place Cards

embroidery place card wedding hoop art

mama bleu designs

4. Custom Embroidered Art

custom name embroidery hoop wedding hoop art

the merriweather council

5. Embroidered Table Number

wedding embroidered table number wedding hoop art

the merriweather council

6. Bride and Groom Portrait

embroidery hoop bride groom wedding hoop art

home sweet hoop

7. Anniversary Date Embroidery Hoop

anniversary date embroidery hoop


8. State Love Hoop Art

state love wedding hoop art


9. Just Say Yes Proposal Hoop Art

wedding proposal just say yes wedding hoop art

ines rocio

10. Happy Bunting Hoop Art

happy bunting embroidery wedding hoop art

jenniver allevato

11. Hoop Art with Flowers

 wedding hoop art with flowers


12. Tree Ring

custom tree ring embroidered wedding hoop art

miniature rhino

13. Arrows and Heart

arrows and heart  wedding hoop art

blue without you

14. Monogram Hoop Art

monogram wedding hoop art

blue without you

15. Embroidered Hoop Art with Monograms

embroidery wedding hoop art

mama bleu designs

16. Love Across the States

hand embroidered state outline wedding hoop art


So, what do you think about wedding hoop art? Will you be displaying any at your wedding? Which of these is your favorite? Share your feedback below… we’d love to hear from you!



  • http://www.bellenza.com/wedding-ideas/ Bellenza

    Love the chair signs and place cards! :)

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Glad you liked them, Bellenza!

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