Baby’s Breath Bouquet

At first thought, a baby’s breath bouquet sounds simple for the bride – maybe even too simple. But, as we mentioned in our post about wildflower bouquets, the simplest things tend to be the most beautiful! Sometimes a bride doesn’t want a huge bouquet of flowers, doesn’t have a favorite bloom in mind, or wants a no-fuss bouquet. When a bride asked Holly Chapple to design a perfect bouquet of baby’s breath, Holly got to work… and the results were stunning! This simple, shabby-chic bouquet looked beautiful and perfectly suited the bride’s style. After all, a bride knows what she wants. ;) The boutonniere designed was equally stunning. Great job, Holly!

baby's breath bouquet

baby's breath boutonniere

baby's breath bouquet

photography by madalina lesan // flowers by holly chapple


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  • girlywedding

    I’m all over this idea! I love it from head to toe.

  • Soundtrack To I Do

    So simple and beautiful! Love them.

  • Katie Smith

    In bouquets, not a fan of baby’s breath or carnations b/c they are sometimes associated with “cheap” bouquets.

    However, by themselves, they make stunning bouquets. A girl friend/client of mine is doing all baby’s breath bouquets for her wedding, it fits her perfectly. She’s having a “country chic” wedding and I think a baby’s breath bouquet works great for that.

    Here’s are a couple all carnation bouquet that I love! The texture is fantastic :)

  • Lauren Elise

    Baby’s breath bouquets are so beautiful. They’re kind of like a little secret that everyone needs to know about.

  • erin * sparkle & hay

    BEST baby’s breathe ever!!! i love every bit!

  • lizzie

    oh , do i love babys breath! it’s so beautiful and fresh!

  • Mel {The Oceanside Bride}

    This is what I’ve decided to use for my bouquet! I LOVE seeing other pics of it. Never even thought to use it for the boutonniere!

  • Katie Smith

    I love this! One of my best friends is doing this for her wedding :)

  • Emily

    I absolutely love the bouqet and the boutonniere! This is exactly the idea I have in my head for my wedding. Although my bridesmaid will carry baby’s breath and I will carry peonies.

  • Jen Rea

    I didn’t know baby’s breath could be so gorgeous. This is lovely!

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