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    20 Dress Sash Styles Your Bridal Shop Won’t Carry

    April 18, 2012  3 Comments

    You found the perfect wedding dress… now it’s time to make it your own! A dress sash – tied around the waist – can embellish any gown with your own distinct personal style. Today, we’re bringing you twenty dress sash styles you can’t find at a bridal shop: these are all handmade with two hands by the lovely SparkleSM! If you crave individuality, have a discerning taste, or want a custom dress sash made just for you, look no further! Read on to see which dress sash styles made the cut, why we love ‘em, and find out which dress sash was given the Emmaline Bride Top Pick approval. Enjoy!

    20 Dress Sash Styles

    1. Rosemary

    Soft satin ribbon + tons of sparkle caught our eye on this dress sash! We love how the rhinestones surround the ribbon so it doesn’t get lost in the same shade of your wedding dress.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    2. Bridgit

    This strikingly beautiful dress sash features diamond cut rhinestones for a unique look.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    3. Lilah

    This dress sash features repeating bright white satin bows with rhinestones and crystals. Perfect for the bride and works well for a bridesmaid or flower girl sash, too.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    4. Cole

    Four rows of sparkle, anyone? This sparkly dress sash features rhinestones and a 4″ chartreuse flower embellishment.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    5. Shoshanna

    This sash combines both diamond and round cut rhinestones to create a diamond-shaped dress sash centerpiece.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    6. Willa

    Looking for something blue? The Willa has you covered with blue lucite stones across a satin ribbon in your choice of color.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    7. Leighton

    The Leighton is another “something blue” sash can be worn down the aisle, paired with bridesmaid dresses, or worn as a reception dress embellishment.

    handmade wedding sash

    8. Mattie

    If you love classic pearls, this is the wedding sash for you! Crystals, iridescent beads, and a side burst of pearls combine to form this elegant aisle-ready dress sash.

    handmade wedding sash

    9. Mckenna

    This bauble-filled sash features a smoky quartz/purple color crafted with lucite stone. Wear on your wedding day – and beyond! – with a favorite little black dress.

    handmade wedding sash

    10. Felicity

    Felicity is similar to Cole (#4 above) but features a poppy pink + yellow flower piece in lieu of chartreuse. If you like the rhinestones on either of these sashes but prefer another color, just ask!

    handmade wedding dress sash

    11. Scarlet

    For a true stunner, check out the Scarlet sash: it’s a mix between modern with a vintage feel, and features rhinestones completely around the dress. Plus, the elegant focal piece is “draped” ever so slightly to make a statement.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    12. Yardley

    The Yardley sash reminds us of Rosemary (#1 above) but with two rows of rhinestones + satin ribbon instead of one.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    13. Gracelyn

    This dress sash features lucite stones in clear and black with emerald, marquise, round, and square shapes and black seed beads provide an elegant trim. You’ll get plenty of use with this dress sash on the big day – and beyond!

    handmade wedding dress sash

    14. Cadence

    This dress sash is reminiscent of 1920’s charm! Sophisticated rounds of crystals makes this one stand-out statement piece.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    15. Maia

    Rhinestones with “braiding” makes Maia a must for 2012.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    16. Violet

    If your gown already has enough sparkle, opt for a sparkly-free dress sash instead like the Violet. The colorful satin ribbon and soft organza flower tie in pretty layers of purple + pink just in time for summer wedding season.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    17. Corinne

    For the bride who wants sparkle and a little pop of color, the Corinne is perfect! Rhinestones on this sash are pieced together in a diamond-shape pattern with a lovely yellow flower for embellishment.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    18. Kendell

    Simple, sweet, and elegant are three words to describe the Kendell, which features rows of pearl beads and crystals.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    19. Savannah

    Savannah features a black satin ribbon and a white 4.75″ fabric flower with rhinestone stamens and a larger rhinestone centerpiece.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    20. Emilie

    Finally, last but not least, the Emilie – our EB staff top pick! – features a rhinestone studded scroll pattern with beading, a silky satin ribbon weaved throughout, and a large rhinestone jeweled brooch. The brooch is detachable, which makes this our favorite! Wear the sash with the brooch for your wedding; turn it into a pin or hair accessory as a keepsake after the big day.

    handmade wedding dress sash

    * * *

    All dress sashes above by Stephanie of SparkleSM, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace! Stephanie currently offers 120 handmade wedding dress sashes… view the full collection here.

    We want to know: which dress sash is your favorite?

    Happy Planning!



    • https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreasuredMemoryLane?ref=si_shop Sue

      Love the sashes!! Great ideas to add special touch.

    • http://melissadunstan.com Melissa Dunstan

      Love these sashes! What a great way to add a special touch to any wedding dress :)

    • http://www.raynamcginnisphotography.com Rayna McGinnis

      What a cute way to personalize your wedding dress! :-)

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