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    Ruffles, Chiffon & More: Inspired by Marie Antoinette

    March 3, 2011  6 Comments

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    We love Sunshine & Carousels, one of the cutest handmade accessory shops on Etsy. So, when we found out about the new Spring 2011 collection, we couldn’t wait to see it! The new collection entitled ‘Modern Marie’ was inspired by the costumes in Sofia Coppola’s movie “Marie Antoinette” and features girly details, pops of color, sequins, bows, and antique brass. We especially love the floral headbands for bridesmaids and halo headbands with chiffon flowers and sequins. Plus, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Erin, the shop owner, and she is a total sweetheart! (Working with someone who is sweet is always way more fun.) So, grab a coffee and get ready to kick off your morning with these lovely hand-picked items…

    something blue floral headband

    floral antique brass necklace

    heart locket with antique brass chain and blue beads

    white chiffon headband with hot pink sequins

    sequin headbands with chiffon floral rosettes

    halo headband with rosettes

    floral halo headbands

    floral print bow headband

    bow necklace with pink beads inspired by marie antoinette

    bridal halo headband with white chiffon flowers

    eye glasses necklace

    blue chiffon flower headband with rhinestone center

    Craving more? Check out Sunshine & Carousels, featured artisan in our marketplace!

    More coming right up! ♥



    • http://www.pagesofourlifephotography.com Beth @ pages of our life

      Thank you for sharing this!!! I found you on Pinterest through someone else’s pin. ; )

      • EmmalineBride

        Hi Beth,

        I love Pinterest! What’s your username so we can add you?

        Thanks for the comment!


    • Amber W.

      The rose beads on that necklace are cute and vintage. I usually don’t like items like that, but in this case it works!

    • http://www.lunaandchloeweddings.com Kristi

      Okay, I am over the moon about these!! And Marie Antoinette I am just enamored with ;-))) Loved Sofia Coppola’s version ;-)))


    • http://www.enchanteddreamweddings.com/blog Naomi

      You had me at Marie Antoinette she is one of my style icons! Love them!

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