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    Pretty Pink Ruffles

    March 5, 2011  4 Comments

    I am a bit of a girly-girl (in case you couldn’t tell…) and there is something about pink ruffles that gets me every time. So, you can imagine my sheer excitement when I spotted Lilly Pie Accessories, a shop filled with romantic ruffles, lots of pink (+ other colors), and fun, ready-to-wear accessories. These hand-picked accessories will look great on your wedding day and beyond – but don’t forget to gift to your bridesmaids (and flower girl, too). Every girl could use a little ruffle in her life. :) This first necklace is my favorite and features pink, gray and white chiffon flowers:

    pink gray white chiffon flower necklace

    pink ruffle necklace with gray and white

    pink ruffly headband

    pink ruffle headband



    simple ruffle headband for babies girls or adults

    chiffon flower headband with lace tulle

    flower headband with tulle


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    • http://www.summerhousephoto.com TRINITY WALKER

      I ordered one from her last week ( without seeing it here) and was so happy to see her featured. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and product!!!

    • http://www.lillypieaccessories.blogspot.com laura

      Checking out my traffic and I saw a bunch of visits from you. THANK YOU for featuring me and my designs. What a super fun surprise. :) I’m flattered because your blog is just about as cute as it gets. Thanks thanks thanks!

    • http://www.fabulouslywed.com tami @fabulouslywed

      Ruffly goodness, for sure! I LOVE IT!

    • http://www.twoweddingbelles.com Jessica

      L O V E !

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