Debate: Diamond or Alternative Engagement Ring?

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Today we’re talking about diamond vs. alternative engagement rings. A diamond ring is the traditional choice, but is it the only option? No. When planning a handcrafted wedding, every single detail comes down to what you like best. Today we’re sharing a few alternative engagement ring ideas to inspire you to think outside the box. Read on to see four different styles of alternative engagement rings PLUS, vote in our great debate! Diamond or alternative?

Watch Olivia + Joseph’s Magical Rustic Ranch Wedding Film

WOW! This weekend we’re bringing you Olivia and Joseph’s magical rustic ranch wedding film. You’re sure to love it. Their wedding this past summer has some great handmade details like chalkboard signs, shotgun boutineers, handmade jams for wedding favors, and lots more. But before you watch it, let’s hear from their videographer, Wilson at Baby Blue Film. Wilson tells us, “Watch this hummingbird inspired love story filmed on a private ranch in Arbuckle, CA. Olivia and Joseph celebrated their wedding day with a genuinely sweet country vibe and tons of backyard charm. This delightful couple stayed true to themselves and kicked off their epic day with a fun filled celebration including handmade decor, miniature horses, a barbecue menu, homemade pepper jam, friends and family, a yellow moon, and a raging bonfire.

These Drink Koozies Just Upgraded Wedding Favors

Drink koozies for weddings, bachelorette parties, and more! Stick with us: we’ll show you where the best finds really are. Subscribe for the latest.

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray |

by sip hip hooray

When you think of drink koozies (aka can coolers), the first adjective that comes to mind probably isn’t the word beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. But the latest koozies on the market for use as bridal shower favors or wedding favors are exactly that! The brilliant typography, bold pops of color, charming one-liners and personalized details on these can coolers from Sip Hip Hooray have forever changed my mind. Guests will actually use these koozies again — proudly! — on patios, at the beach, on the front porch, poolside, and of course, at your wedding reception. And while many people associate drink koozies for use with beer or cider, you’ll be happy to know they’re functional on any can or bottle (including lemonade, iced tea, and your favorite soda pop). Unlike other wedding favors, these drink koozies also serve an important function: to keep drinks cold.

Take a look at these surprisingly beautiful can coolers and be sure to grab a few extra when you order. We don’t think there will be any leftovers! Cheers!

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray |

by sip hip hooray

This is the Coolest Beer Bar for Weddings

Spotted: the coolest wedding beer bar ever. Instead of worrying about a bartender, guests can serve themselves from kegs hidden behind. This is the easiest way to serve brews at your wedding — especially perfect for outdoor rustic, woodland, or mountain weddings. Don’t forget the custom cups — they totally tie the whole thing together. Oh, and you’ll definitely want these for the wedding party.

Beer Bar for Weddings

Beer Bar for Weddings | Photo by Time Bandit Photography

8 Adorably Geeky Harry Potter Cake Toppers

Welcome! Here you’ll find the best Harry Potter cake toppers, practically sent straight from Hogwarts. Muggles, wands, owls, always, mischief managed, and more. We have fun here at Emmaline Bride — subscribe now so you stay in the loop!

Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper |

by artifice producciones

Attention Harry Potter fans: if you’re still waiting for the green light by your significant other to plan an entire Harry Potter themed wedding, we have good news! You can always sneak a little HP love into your wedding by way of the cake topper. Today we’re sharing Harry Potter wedding cake toppers we know your groom or bride will totally approve of. Plus, a cake topper is one of those wedding decor items you’ll actually be holding on to for years to come — so that’s money well-spent, we say! Especially for lifelong fans. Anyway, onto the list — accio!

Where to Buy Caramel Apple Favors for Weddings

Where to Buy Caramel Apple Favors for Weddings

via evermine

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline wedding advice question! Bride-to-be Karen wants to buy caramel apple favors for her wedding but she’s not sure where to go. She writes,

“I’m planning a late fall wedding and we’re deciding on wedding favors. We want to give caramel apples as favors to guests. I originally wanted to make them ourselves, but I’m not sure how difficult it will be and I am not sure where to buy them. Do you have any ideas on where to get apples in bulk or where to buy caramel apple favors for weddings? Thanks!”

Illustrated Save the Date Portrait

Illustrated Save the Date | by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

by wide eyes paper co.

Spotted: the cutest illustrated save the date we’ve ever seen! These cards are handmade, hand-painted, and delightfully designed with love by the folks of Wide Eyes Paper Co. There are few save the dates that could be works of art; this portrait is definitely frame-worthy. Each save the date portrait is painted in your image and will become a keepsake for your home. It’s today’s handmade-a-day find! Take a look…

“Steal the Ring” Bridal Shower Game

Spotted: a fun and totally easy bridal shower game called Steal the Ring! How it works is pretty self-explanatory, so guests will definitely love to play. On a table, place a bowl full of rings (something like this, or these) for guests to take. Include a sign that reads, “Take a ring – do not say ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’. Steal rings from those that do!” You can mix up this game to include the bride’s name, the wedding date, the groom’s name, or something similar. It’s a lot of fun! The guest with the most rings at the end of the shower gets a prize. It’s funny how often you realize you’re about to say the bride’s name, or groom’s name, or the word wedding while at the shower. It’s actually a tough game to play!

Steal the Ring Bridal Shower Game