5 Incredible Sequin Wedding Dresses

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[T]here are few things that capture my attention like the words sequin wedding dresses can. And it’s not just because I happen to love all things sequinned (because I do). I’m more in awe over how designer Truvelle effortlessly pairs the two together in a most elegant way. Some sequins I’ve seen can be loud or overwhelming, but these sequin wedding dresses are soft and feminine. They’re more like tiny shimmering diamonds capturing the light as you walk down the aisle; as you smile during the reception toasts; as you make your first steps onto the dance floor as newlyweds. Can’t you just picture it? I can.

And where sequins end, other details emerge — like the open back with bow sash, or the v-neck bodice; and let’s not forget about that flowy chiffon fabric. It’s all just so stunning and I just can’t wait to share these wedding dresses with you today.

Sequin Wedding Dresses

Which of these dresses is your favorite? This first one is my favorite. The back! The sash! The sequins! I am enamored with it all.

1. Rose Gold Sequins with V-Neck

Stunning sequin wedding dress with v-neck and open back | sequin wedding dresses | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/sequin-wedding-dresses/

2. Silver Sequins with V-Neck + Black Sash

by truvelle

This silver sequin wedding dress has a v neck and open back with black sash.  It's stunning! | sequin wedding dresses | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/sequin-wedding-dresses/

by truvelle

Giveaway: Win a Paper Flower Backdrop!

[H]ave you seen the paper flower backdrops, centerpieces, and decor over at PaperFlora yet? If not, you should — there’s so much prettiness in bloom!

paper flowers left

by paperflora

Paper Flowers for Wedding Decor, Centerpieces & More

One of our favorite new trends — well, it’s been trending for awhile, but it’s still on point this season — is paper flowers as decor throughout your space. We’ve seen paper flowers along the aisle, as ceremony backdrops, at the head table, as centerpieces for receptions, adorning a cake, and more. Paper flowers are in — and they aren’t going anywhere for a long time to come.

by paperflora

7 Stunning Bridal Hair Combs You’ll Love

Pssst. There’s a giveaway inside!

[H]appy Monday, love! What’s your favorite bridal hair accessory? A veil? A headband? Maybe a vintage-inspired bridal cap, or even a fascinator like this? Today we’re talking about one of my favorite hair accessories: the hair comb. Bridal hair combs are exceptionally versatile pieces which can be worn with any hairstyle. You can skip a veil altogether and wear a hair comb as a focal piece, slipped into a hair bun, top knot, or a hair down hairstyle. A bridal hair comb can also be attached to your veil and worn during the ceremony as a statement piece; afterward, wear just the comb during the reception.

Since we’re crazy about the bridal hair combs over at Lottie-Da Designs, we’re sharing seven of our favorites to inspire your search for the perfect comb. And, to make this Monday even sweeter, we’re giving one away to a lucky bride! So, go grab your favorite coffee mug, fill it up (make my coffee a double!) and get ready to be inspired… and, maybe even win one of these! Good luck!

P.S. Need a discount so you can get yours right away? No problem –> just enter Emmaline15 at checkout for 15% off any item for a limited time!

Bridal Hair Combs

These handpicked bridal hair combs have pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and more. Some are available in gold, while others are in silver; however, many are available in both options so be sure to ask if you have a preference. Read on to see the ones we’ve found and scroll to the bottom for the giveaway details.

1. Juliet Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/bridal-hair-combs/

by lottie da designs

2. Zahra Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/bridal-hair-combs/

by lottie da designs

3. Sasha Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/bridal-hair-combs/

by lottie da designs

3 Reasons Why Soap Favors *Always* Work

[H]ave you been trying to pick a perfect wedding favor (or bridal shower favor)? One of our go-to ideas is soap. And as simple as it sounds, soap ALWAYS works as a delightful favor for guests. But why, you ask? Here are three reasons why wedding soap favors always work…

3 Reasons Why Soap Favors Always Work

1. Soap favors are functional.

Soap favors are functional — guests will actually use them. People buy soap; people use soap. You’re essentially giving guests something they already want and use.

2. Soap smells nice — plus, it’s compact.

Choosing from dozens of scents is a great way to add your personal taste. Whether you choose a bar of soap or a smaller sample size, it’s easy (and economical) to package for gift-giving.

3. It’s an affordable choice.

Whether you pick full soap bars or smaller samples, soap is a more affordable choice. Plus, you know it’s going to be used, so your favor will be money well spent.

♡ | ♡ | ♡

When we found the lovely soaps over at Four Sisters Farm Soap Co., we couldn’t wait to share them with you. The only thing better than soap favors is handmade soap favors, and that’s what they specialize in. From charcoal soap bars for groomsmen to lavender grace for bridal shower favors. Here, take a look!

Why Soap Favors Work | http://emmalinebride.com/favors/soap-favors/

by four sisters farm soap co.

by four sisters farm soap co.

40 Best Handmade Wedding Bands

[A]re you looking for the perfect wedding band to accompany your engagement ring? Look no further! Emma here and recently I was chatting with a friend about wedding bands. We talked about what style looked best, how much one should spend, where to buy it, and when to start looking for the perfect ring. And I realized that you always read about engagement rings, but wedding bands — not so much! And yet, your wedding band is an integral part of your wedding day and is a symbol of your lifetime commitment. So, today, we’re sharing forty of the best to inspire your search for the perfect ring. But, I’m curious… which of these is your favorite? Mine is a tie between #21 and #33, although I love them all!

Handmade Wedding Bands

1. Diamond Arc Twig Band

diamond arc wedding band | handmade wedding bands | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/handmade-wedding-bands/
by kristin coffin

2. Bark Texture

bark texture ring | handmade wedding bands | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/handmade-wedding-bands/
by andrea bonelli

3. Leaf Twig Band

twig wedding band | handmade wedding bands | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/handmade-wedding-bands/
by kristin coffin

4. Heart Ring

These bands come together to form a heart.

wedding rings that create a heart | handmade wedding bands | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/handmade-wedding-bands/

by cadi jewelry

5. Mobius Ring

mobius ring | handmade wedding bands | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/handmade-wedding-bands/
by lily emme jewelry

Ribbon Wands with Bells → Ceremony Toss Alternative

[A]fter the ceremony, guests like to toss something at the newlyweds as they make their grand exit. We’ve shared some of our favorite ceremony tossing ideas in the past, but happens when your venue says you can’t toss anything? Some venues are doing so, since rice and petals require too much cleanup afterward. So, we recommend these ribbon wands with bells instead. We love them because they’re colorful (and custom to coordinate with your palette), they are lovely noisemakers, which makes them festive; and they’re mess-free! You can’t get much better than that! Check out a few of our favorite ribbon wands below, all handpicked from the lovely Kate Kate NYC, ribbon wand extraordinaire!

Ribbon Wands with Bells

by kate kate nyc

ribbon wands with bells

by kate kate nyc

orange pink ribbon wands with bells

by kate kate nyc

This next one is my favorite…

What is a Cake Pull? — Plus, a Giveaway!

[H]ave you heard of a cake pull ceremony? Want to incorporate it into your wedding or shower? We’ll tell you about this fun tradition! Plus, we’re giving away a set of cake pulls to one lucky reader from Cake Pulls by Dahlia. Find out more below…

What is a cake pull?

First of all, a cake pull or ribbon pulling ceremony is a tradition dating back to Victorian times. The bride would hide charms attached to ribbons inside her wedding cake and each of her friends would pull a ribbon to reveal their future (i.e. good luck, romance, fortune, etc.) Today, cake pulling is still popular in the South and are a fun way to incorporate your bridesmaids, flower girls, and friends. And the cake pulling now typically takes place at the shower instead of the wedding.

If you love the idea of cake pulls but don’t want to mess up you’re cake, bakers are now opting to put the pulls under the cake underneath parchment paper to protect the design (and to make it food-safe).

Where can you find cake pulls?

There’s an awesome shop that makes handmade cake pulls called Cake Pulls by Dahlia. Dahlia is a cake pull expert and offers over 60 charms and colors, along with custom messages on each charm so your bridesmaids can see what their charm represents. Each message is placed in an envelope, which can be decorated with an embellishment on the front.

Here are some examples: