7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid

Hello, loves! Happy Thursday! If you love mason jars – particularly as mason jars with handles for drinking glasses – you won’t want to miss this post. As sweet as these little jars can be, there are a few mason jar mistakes you’ll want to avoid at your wedding. To help, we’ve compiled a list of seven mason jar mistakes to avoid as you plan your perfect day. Read on to find out more…

7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid (by Emmaline Bride) #wedding

7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Not ordering in bulk.

If you’re not ordering in bulk, you’re throwing money out the window! Mason jars are one of the easiest things to order in bulk, thanks to places that ship online straight to your door. My favorite place to buy ‘em is from Amazon, which offers several sizes straight to your doorstep. You don’t even need to leave your home. What could be easier? Oh – and, since we’re asked by brides-to-be quite often, you can find mason jars with handles here. They’re pretty inexpensive, too!

Mistake #2: No decorative touch.

A mason jar looks so much prettier with a decorative touch! Wrap in twine and lace or add a tag. You can turn a mason jar centerpiece (with flowers) into a nighttime lantern by removing the flowers and adding an LED battery. Or, if you want to use the jars as an escort card + drinking glass in one, just add a tag with a name and table assignment.

Mistake #3: Ordering the wrong size jar.

If you’re offering mason jars as drinking glasses, one HUGE mistake is to order the wrong size. Too small, and guests will have to refill constantly. Too big and, well, guests will be pretty toasted. Find the happy middle with pint sized mason jars. As a guide, use quart size for vases, pint for drinks, and jelly jars (4 oz.) for favors. Here’s an example of a quart sized jar-turned-vase for reference…

quart sized mason jar vase

by joblake

Mistake #4: Forgetting a sign.

Most guests aren’t obsessively reading wedding blogs for months leading up to the big day, so the whole mason jar craze might not phase them. Make it obvious that the mason jars are used as drinking glasses by adding a simple sign, inviting guests to take one, fill with a drink, and enjoy. And, most of all, take home. Otherwise, you’ll have 100+ mason jars left over at the end of the night. If you are offering homemade jam or honey in jars as favors, you’ll also want to add a sign telling guests to ‘take one home’.

This mason jar sign by CharlieShake is one fun solution!

mason jar sign

Mistake #5: Too far from bar.

Akin to #3, placing your mason jars near the bar is another way to encourage guests to use them as such. The best way to do so is to use glass drink dispensers (stacking dispensers will save you room!) labeled with a beverage and placed alongside your lovely mason jars.

Mistake #6: No straws for apprehensive sippers.

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t like drinking out of an awkward mason jar with its awkward glass ridges. Go one step further to delight your guests AND add a decorative touch with straws. Striped straws or polka dotted straws are just a few ways to up the fun factor. You can also turn yours into a tumbler with a lid and a re-usable straws, like this super fun tumbler spotted at Unuseless Goods.

mason jar tumbler

this funny guy in the corner cracks me up ^

Mistake #7: Forgetting additional glassware.

Your great uncle or grandfather might prefer scotch on the rocks, sans mason jar. Be sure to have some additional glassware at your bar just in case. ;)

*TIP: Have special Mr. and Mrs. mason jar glasses for the two of you! These are by Poppy and Pearl Co..



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  • superann

    I got mine on clearance at Dollar General. And I lucked up and found some at a yard sale.

    • Meghan

      I tried Dollar General but had no luck :(

  • Sarah Marie

    Or just skip this tired bored cheap trend all together, if you absolutely must have some, use them to hold flowers or silverware or something

    • Meghan

      Just curious, what don’t you like about them? I’m planning my wedding and considering them but I was wondering why you advise against them. Do you just think they’re being overused?

      • amanda

        if you want them and it’s going to make you happy then get them! Don’t let other people opinions influence you, go for it girl, its your special day! I would love a wedding that had these on display!

  • Mel

    A great place to buy them is uline.com they have different sizes and a generic version if you want something smooth, they’re cheaper than most on Amazon.

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    These plastic ones are perfect! http://amzn.to/1gPpglt

  • Victoria

    Don’t forget for kids/Toddlers you may want to think of diffrent cups….Broken glass is never good.

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Good tip, Victoria!

  • Christina

    Where do you get the black chalkboard looking ovals on the glass to write the names on the glasses?

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Danielle! You can buy them here: http://amzn.to/11ppHLG

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Louise! No, I don’t think it’s too large for a vase, especially if you plan on adding a large floral arrangement to it. Great idea for the pinks for candles!

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    They should! That is a cute idea, Laura!

  • http://www.discountfoldingchairsandtables.com/ Star Lyn

    This all makes sense! Good reminders…thanks for posting this!

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      You’re welcome, Star! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Curlisue

    Love this! I’m curious what the smallest size would be comfortable, I work with the elderly and think this would be adorable, but we don’t drink in large glasses.

    Can someone also share why you put plastic under the cover…is it necessary?

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/charlieshake Rebecca M.

    Hi Emma!
    I’m Rebecca from over at CharlieShake. I love that you have featured our simple but fun mason jar sign. It’s pictured there at my wedding and it worked out wonderfully. We also drilled holes in the lids and then spray painted them for all of the kids at the party. (And for the bride and groom :) didn’t want any spills on the outfits) The kids loved them and it sure helped keep some of them clean.

    Love the blog! I hope to have more things up on our shop soon. Keep checkin’ it out.


  • Kristine

    While jars can be found cheap online, the shipping charges attached to them is not always worth it.
    I recently ordered mason jars as favors and decorations for my wedding. It ended up much cheaper to order them online through a store with free site to store shipping (we used wal-mart) and pick them up down the street. Added bonus there of easily being able to return any cases of unneeded jars or picking up a few more (they do keep a few cases in stock) last minute.

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride


      True, the shipping charges can add up particularly if the jars you want are available locally in-store. Sometimes, though, the store may not offer a specialty size, which is when shipping is especially helpful. Site-to-store is a great suggestion, too, which as you mentioned can save money and offer a larger selection. Thanks for stopping by!


  • janet

    i had a BBQ last summer and had the mason jars prefilled with various drinks. i had a co worker drill straw sized holes in the lids….covered the jar opening with plastic wrap before putting on the lids…whalah! Grown up juice box….just poke the straw through the plastic wrap.

  • http://www.AntiquityBridal.com Jackie

    You can get regular mason jars (handle-less) for far cheaper at walmart. $7.99/12 for Kerr Brand, and $6.49/12 for Walmart Brand. Work just as well as Ball ;)

  • Melissa

    I’m thinking of using small mason jars for guests as their favors and their place card. They’ll fill their own jar with candy from the candy bar. Do you think they’ll remember to take it with them?
    If not, I was thinking of having them at the table and then have a note about filling them before they leave. What size do you think would be best for the candy buffet?
    Your blog is wonderful!

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride


      That sounds like such a fun idea! I think having them at the tables with a note to tell them how to use the jars (+ to take them home) will ensure your jars will be enjoyed and taken home. Great idea!

      All my best,

      Emmaline Bride

  • Michelle R

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tips… One of my favorites posts yet… I def will keep these all in mind.

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Thanks, Michelle! Glad you liked the post.

  • http://www.wholeblossoms.com Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co

    Thanks for sharing this. I have always wanted to have some displayed on my wedding. They are simply so cute!

  • http://lover.ly Anna (Lover.ly)

    I love the mason jar trend! I know they’ve been a long time country favorite, but the rise of rustic weddings and such has really given the mason jar a new life.

    • Meghan

      I think so too! I know this comment is from 2 years ago but I still love the trend.

  • http://[email protected] Merlyn Perez

    Great tips, thank you! I have one more to add which I recently learned while completing a holiday project with mason jars:
    Beware; although mason jars are made of sturdy molded glass, they are nonetheless still glass and can break. I sent one in the mail and thought I had used sufficient padding but apparently it wasn’t enough! So my jar and all of its contents arrived in pieces. When transporting your jars don’t forget to pack them properly to avoid an oops moment like mine!

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Great tip, Merlyn! Thank you so much for sharing!