• Natalie

    i really like how this engagement shoot is unpretended! really cool <3

  • Jess@DestinationInspirations

    There is nothing sweeter than seeing to people just being them – this looks like something they would do on a Sunday afternoon. Its true every day love.

  • http://www.kissmytulle.com Cris of Kiss My Tulle

    What I like best about this e-sess (besids the gorgeous photography!) is that the couple look like themselves. No dressing up in weird retro costumes, no random tea parties in the woods – just them, in normal clothes, in the city. Too cool.

  • http://www.lauralavender.com Laura

    Oh so gorgeous!!! Great photography :)

  • http://marriage.com Jasmine

    Lovely shots!

  • http://www.soundtracktoido.com Colleen @ Soundtrack To I Do

    Lovely shoot! Very personal and sweet. Love that first shot – too cute.