Jessica + Josh’s Cinematic Wedding Video

Jessica and Josh’s cinematic wedding video is a unique, compelling and visual collection of events occurring during their wedding day. Their cinematic wedding video begins near the premier Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey where Jessica and Josh were married. Jessica and Josh had the creative team from Feuza Inc. capture their wedding with both video and photography. We think you’ll enjoy learning about what exactly cinematic wedding video captures and checking out some of the highlights from their wedding photos. First off, let’s find out what Cinematic Video is from the owner of Feuza Inc., Feuza Reis.

Jessica and Josh Wedding Trailer from Feuza Reis on Vimeo.

Filmed by Maxwel Tomaz, Nino Gallego and David Lima, edited by David Lima.

Feuza tells us, “Cinematic Video is a modern twist to traditional videography in that the video is filmed focusing on the story of the day, as if your wedding was a movie where the two main characters are the bride and groom. Instead of getting a long boring video that you may just watch once in your lifetime, you will get a compelling love story video with highlights, easy and small enough to share on social media or on the web with family and friends. We use DSLR cameras which have an amazing sensor giving the cinema feel and provide a less obtrusive way to capture your wedding day. We decided to offer this kind of service because we saw our brides were not choosing video in fear of just getting a traditional video, with more emphasis on bright lights focused on them than the day’s magical events. Cinematic video is an unique way to tell your story with a modern, fun, and clean approach resulting in your own personal wedding day movie. We don’t see ourselves as videographers but as film makers. So, say good bye cheesy videos – and hello imagery in movement! Cherish your wedding day for many years to come online where all or only you can see.

“Now let me tell you about Jess and Josh. Jess is quirky, fun, and smart. Josh is generous, shy and smart and together they are adorable. I loved spending time with both of them and loved how they were so open about walking on the crowded boardwalk, heading over to the pinball museum as well as saying yes and having a let’s do it attitude. Jess and Josh’s wedding was a fun and amazing event down at the Jersey shore.”

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

cinematic wedding video

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If you’re interested in seeing more cinematic wedding videos, check out Feuza Inc.’s Vimeo page here. You can also view some more of Jessica and Josh’s photos captured by Feuza Inc. here.

You can contact the team at Feuza Inc. by checking out their business listing in the Emmaline Bride Bridal Book.

This video is courtesy of Feuza Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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