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4 Reasons to Use a Poster Guest Book

While a bound guest book has been the guest book staple for years, it is not your only option! Meet the Poster Guest Book, a fresh alternative to the traditional flip-through book. In this post, you’ll discover four reasons to use a poster guest book, get inspired by AmpersandInk Designs‘ poster guest book collection, and you’ll realize why you need one of your very own. (P.S. There’s a free printable hidden in this post!)

Wedding Poster Guest Book (by AmpersandInk Designs) via

Ring Pillow Alternatives: 3 New Finds – May 23rd

Good morning, beautiful! Grab your coffee or tea and get ready to kickstart your day with Emmaline Bride! Today we’re sharing three unique ring pillow alternatives for your wedding ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional ring pillow – in fact, we love traditional ring pillows – but sometimes your ceremony requires a specific thematic touch. These ring pillow alternatives showcase three different wedding themes: modern, vintage, and rustic. Read on to find out more…

Ring Pillow Alternatives

Ring Pillow Alternatives #1: The Dish

First, we have this lovely hand-painted ring bearer dish. A ring bearer dish is one of our favorite ring pillow alternatives because it can hold your jewelry even after the wedding day. This ring pillow alternative is our pick for a modern wedding theme. This beautiful dish is handmade by Magic Brushes Workshop.

Ring Pillow Alternatives: Ring Bearer Dish (by Magic Brushes Workshop)

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid (+ FREE Printable!)

True or false: the guest book is an important detail of your reception. True! You will treasure a guest book (or guest book alternative) after the wedding to remember who shared in your special day. (Read more about why you need one). With so many fun + unique new guest book alternatives, today’s guest book is anything but boring… and today we’re making sure your guest book goes off without a hitch! Find out about seven guest book mistakes to avoid to ensure guests stop by your guest book (or alternative), sign in, and leave a memorable note for you to enjoy for years to come. We’ll also give you some tips on where to find delightful handmade wedding guest books, guest book alternatives, and guest book supplies for your wedding. PLUS, we’re offering a FREE printable guest book sign for you to print. Enjoy!

P.S. Isn’t this guest book gorgeous? We love it! By In Or Out Media.

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride (guest book: in or out media) #handmade #wedding

Veil Alternatives: 12 Ways to Wear Them

Hello, lovelies! If you woke up to a ridiculous amount of snowfall this morning as I did (5-6 inches), I’m here to share some good news: spring is only twenty days away. Thank goodness. So, don’t lose hope + stay warm out there! (Here’s the most obnoxious solution I could find.) So, on to today’s subject at hand: have you decided what you’ll wear in your hair on your wedding day? Love the look of a veil but it’s not really your style? Prefer a no-fuss solution to a traditional flowing veil? Today’s post is for you: we’re talking about wedding veil alternatives and twelve beautiful ways to wear them. These clever veil alternatives are handmade with love by Melinda Rose Design and a few of these are honestly the most gorgeous alternatives I’ve ever seen! Read on to get inspired with twelve veil alternatives and be sure to scroll to the bottom for a link to even more loveliness. Enjoy!

Veil Alternatives - 12 Ways to Wear 'Em (via, veil alternative by Melinda Rose Design, photo by Atlas & Elia Photography) #handmade #wedding #veil

Veil Alternatives: #1 – Flower Hair Pins

Wedding veils are a beautiful choice for the bride-to-be, but what if you’re not a veil-loving bride? Or, suppose you prefer a veil for the ceremony and want something simple for the reception? Today’s post is for you! We’re showcasing the first in our series of handmade veil alternatives with today’s post honing in on flower hair pins. These sweet handmade pins feature luxurious fabric material and a simple bobby pin, which means you can incorporate it into any hairstyle. To inspire you, we’ve gathered up some of our favorites from the gorgeous collection by Nia Person. Red on to find out more…

veil alternatives: #1 flower hair pins (by nia person via emmaline bride) #handmade #wedding #hair

Wedding Cake Alternative – Pavlova!

Looking for a twist on traditional wedding cake? This wedding cake alternative – double chocolate raspberry pavlova – looks positively delicious. Pavlova is a dessert with a meringue base or shell and is filled with whipped cream and fruit. We spotted this yummy wedding cake alternative at What Katie Ate (via Pinterest) where you can read a full pavlova how-to instruction. This looks too good to skimp on size, so be sure to make plenty (+ save some for us)!

wedding cake alternative - pavlova

Ring Bearer Block

Want an alternative to the traditional ring pillow? Check out the ring bearer block, which offers six sides of customization. I spotted this ring bearer block over at Jennifer Raichman and love how each is handmade and customized for each couple. This particular ring pillow alternative measures 2.5″ x 2.5″ in size and is decoupaged with your name and wedding date. It is made of solid maple wood and painted (this first one in chartreuse really pops). It also includes a silk ribbon to which the rings are attached. This ring bearer block will look perfect in your love nest after the big day and is easy for little hands to carry down the aisle.

Ring Bearer Block