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What to Wear Instead of a Veil – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question! Bride-to-be, Michele, asks:

“Help! I’ve tried on a few wedding veils in a store but I didn’t like how they looked. I don’t think a veil is my style and I just don’t see myself wearing a veil at my wedding. Does a bride have to wear a veil? Or is there something else I can wear as an alternative?”

Fantastic question! For starters, you asked if the bride has to wear a veil. Remember that it’s your wedding: there are no rules. A bride doesn’t have to do anything or wear anything that she doesn’t want to, so a veil is definitely not a requirement.

Now, before we show you some wedding hair accessory options, if you try on a veil in store make sure you also…

1.) try on a veil while wearing your dress (or a similar style)
2.) try on the veil with a hairstyle you plan to wear the day-of
3.) try on several veil styles

The third one — trying on several veil styles — is especially important because one style can look better on some people than others. Your face shape, hairstyle, dress, and personal style are all factors when it comes to picking the perfect veil — or veil alternative. Also, trying on many different veil styles to see which one you like best is also a great rule of thumb. For example, a bandeau veil — like this one, shown below from Serephine — is a unique veil style that differs greatly from a traditional, classic look.


This Thumbprint Guest Book is Totally Brilliant

This thumbprint guest book is one of the coolest ideas we’ve ever seen! Find out why we love it + join the list for exclusive free content to subscribers only!

Thumbprint Guest Book is Totally Brilliant | by Flutterbye Prints |

by flutterbye prints

Hey, loves! Have you seen the thumbprint guest book poster at Flutterbye Prints yet? This poster is a true modern work of art! Instead of a classic guest book, which is flipped through and signed in true book form, this guest book alternative is placed on an easel for guests to sign, then framed and displayed as artwork in your home. The process is so easy and the print is made from your ACTUAL thumbprints. How cool! It is today’s handmade-a-day pick. Take a look…

8 Creative Flower Girl Basket Ideas

Flower girl basket ideas and alternatives ahead! Get inspired + don’t miss what’s next.

8 Creative Flower Girl Basket Ideas |

by twentyeight12

Have you picked out a flower girl basket for your ceremony yet? If your venue allows the traditional tossing of petals, you will need a vessel to hold them all. (If your venue prohibits it, here are some alternatives.) What kind of basket should you choose? That’s entirely up to you! When I wrote my book, The Inspired Wedding, I shared tons of ways you can tie your decor into your wedding theme. When it comes to ceremony, flower girl baskets can take on many different looks. For instance, a birch bark container with an added handle can become a flower girl basket for a more rustic or woodland wedding. Other vessels such as pails, purses, wood boxes, planters, and jewelry boxes can work in a pinch. If it ties into your wedding theme and can hold a small amount of petals, it counts as a flower girl basket. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite themed flower girl basket ideas to help you decide. See them all below and find out two key tips to remember when picking out a basket. Enjoy!

4 Reasons to Use a Poster Guest Book

We’re talking about a fun idea today: the poster guest book! Find out why we love it below. P.S. Did you subscribe yet?

Poster Guest Book

by the red key shop

While a classic guest book has been the guest book staple for years, it is not your only option! Meet the poster guest book, a fresh alternative to the traditional flip-through guest book. In this post, you’ll discover four reasons to use a poster guest book, get inspired by The Red Key Shop‘s guest book collection, and realize why you need one of your very own. (P.S. There’s a free printable hidden in this post!) Enjoy!

“Wearing My Hair Down for the Wedding, But… ?” – Ask Emmaline

Bride-to-be Liz wrote to us with a new Ask Emmaline question about hairstyles for her wedding. She asks…

[su_quote cite=”Liz”]Dear Emmaline, I am getting married in a few months and don’t know what to wear in my hair. I’m not crazy about veils but I know I want to wear my hair down and curled (it’s pretty long). I’m worried without a veil it won’t look elegant enough for my wedding day. Do you have any advice on what I can do to make it look more formal?[/su_quote]

lace and crystal hair piece

by sibo designs

Wedding Advice Coasters

Spotted: a unique way for guests to leave their mark! Introducing wedding advice coasters, one of our favorite new guest book alternatives to date. Crafted by Paper Street Press, these clever coasters are a unique place for guests to leave their tips and well-wishes for the happy couple.

personalized wedding coasterswedding advice coasters

Wedding Advice Coasters

These custom coasters make an excellent icebreaker at your wedding. They measure 4″ x 4″ and are made with ultra-thick matte card stock. A fine point Sharpie marker is recommended for use. Text and colors are fully customizable. Find out more here.


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Faux Flower Bouquets: Yay or Nay?

What do you think about faux flower bouquets? Would you carry fake blooms instead of fresh flowers down the aisle? The emerging trend of fake flower bouquets has become increasingly more popular among brides — and for good reason. Read on to find out why and get inspired with faux flower bouquets for your big day…

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

Faux Flower Bouquets

Unlike fresh flowers, faux bouquets will never wilt; they last forever. Your bouquet becomes a lasting heirloom instead of a temporary purchase. If you’re allergic to fresh flowers, a bouquet alternative won’t make your nose run or your eyes itch. And, any type of bloom is in season for silk blooms year-round!

1. Brooch Bouquet

A brooch bouquet is constructed with antique brooches and wire to form a ‘bouquet’. This is my favorite bouquet alternative style; where was it when I tied the knot? By The Ritzy Rose.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

2. Button Bouquet

The button bouquet is another brilliant idea and similar to the brooch bouquet. Instead of brooches, buttons are used. This bouquet is by Lillybuds and I simply adore it.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: letters4lilly)

by lillybuds

3. Sola Wooden Flowers

Wooden sola flowers are perfect for rustic weddings. By LA Farm Girl Mercantile.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: la farm girl mercantile)

by la farmgirl mercantile

4. Sheet Music Bouquet

Turn your favorite sheet music into a bouquet! By Surroundings.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Sheet Music Bouquet (bouquet: surroundings online, photo by ashley rose)

by surroundings, photo by ashley rose

5. Vintage Fabric Bouquet

I love the touches of lace and vintage fabrics used in this fab flower arrangement. There are so many varieties available, too. By Innstyches.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: innstyches)

by innstyches

6. Peony Bouquet

Love peonies year-round? These cupped peonies are some of the prettiest silks I’ve ever seen. By Jasmine Burgess Crafts.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Pink Silk Peony Bouquet (bouquet: jasmine burgess crafts)

by jasmine burgess crafts

7. Rosette Flower Bouquet

Something blue… and faux, too! By The Sunflower Stand.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the sunflower stand)

by the sunflower stand

8. Fabric Flower Bouquet

Your bridesmaids can carry faux flower bouquets, too! Check out this pretty style by Autumn and Grace Bridal.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: autumn and grace bridal)

by autumn and grace bridal

9. Felt Flower Bouquet

Felt takes on a fresh new look as a wildflower bouquet. By Handmade Colectibles.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: handmade colectibles)

by handmade colectibles

It’s your turn! Do you like faux flower bouquets? Yay or Nay? What will you carry on your wedding day?


Ring Pillow Alternatives: 3 New Finds

Good morning, beautiful! Grab your coffee or tea and get ready to kickstart your day with Emmaline Bride! Today we’re sharing three unique ring pillow alternatives for your wedding ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional ring pillow – in fact, we love traditional ring pillows – but sometimes your ceremony requires a specific thematic touch. These ring pillow alternatives showcase three different wedding themes: modern, vintage, and rustic. Read on to find out more…

Ring Pillow Alternatives

Ring Pillow Alternatives #1: The Dish

First, we have this lovely hand-painted ring bearer dish. A ring bearer dish is one of our favorite ring pillow alternatives because it can hold your jewelry even after the wedding day. This ring pillow alternative is our pick for a modern wedding theme. This beautiful dish is handmade by Magic Brushes Workshop.

Ring Pillow Alternatives: Ring Bearer Dish (by Magic Brushes Workshop)

by magic brushes workshop

Ring Pillow Alternatives #2: The Book

Next up is another wonderful alternative: the ring bearer book. This vintage book – perfectly fitting for a vintage wedding – is wrapped with twine for holding your rings. By Duryea Place Designs.

Ring Pillow Alternatives: Ring Pillow Book (by Duryea Place Designs)

by duryea place designs

Ring Pillow Alternatives #3: The Box

And, last but not least is the ring bearer box. This box is beautifully carved and includes moss onto which you can place your rings. This ring bearer box is perfect for a rustic wedding. By White Tulip Boutique.

Ring Pillow Alternatives: Ring Box (by White Tulip Boutique)

by white tulip boutique

To see more from Featured Artisans like those shown above, shop now!

Well, loves, that’s it for now… have a great start to your day! Be sure to check back here later today for more wedding inspiration coming right up!

Happy Planning!


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7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid (+ FREE Printable!)

True or false: the guest book is an important detail of your reception. True! You will treasure a guest book (or guest book alternative) after the wedding to remember who shared in your special day. (Read more about why you need one). With so many fun + unique new guest book alternatives, today’s guest book is anything but boring… and today we’re making sure your guest book goes off without a hitch! Find out about seven guest book mistakes to avoid to ensure guests stop by your guest book (or alternative), sign in, and leave a memorable note for you to enjoy for years to come. We’ll also give you some tips on where to find delightful handmade wedding guest books, guest book alternatives, and guest book supplies for your wedding. PLUS, we’re offering a FREE printable guest book sign for you to print. Enjoy!

P.S. Isn’t this guest book gorgeous? We love it! By In Or Out Media.

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride (guest book: in or out media) #handmade #wedding

by in or out media

Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid

Guest Book Mistakes #1: The Hidden Book

Guests can’t sign it if they can’t find it! Make sure your guest book is placed on its own table with a clearly labeled sign. (Pssst… We’re offering a FREE printable sign at the bottom of this post!)

It is also helpful to place the guest book near your reception entrance to ensure guests find it right away. Draw attention to your table with decor, like a pretty garland in your wedding’s color palette. These two garlands are handmade by The Kraft Room and are customizable.

yellow and gray heart garland

by the kraft room

the kraft room garland

by the kraft room

Guest Book Mistakes #2: The Not-Enough-Pens (or Wrong Pens!) Situation

Whether you have a guest book or guest book alternative, make sure there are PLENTY of pens and that they are the proper style pen for your particular guest book. For instance, if guests are signing on a traditional guest book, make sure the pen won’t bleed through onto the next page. (Try these.) You’ll also want enough pens so they don’t run out of ink quickly. And, you’ll want a pen that works on your style book (like these for dark paper or these for writing on wood). Test your selected pen before the big day.

no bleed pens for guest book

Guest Book Mistakes #3: The Confusing Guest Book Alternative

If you’re using a unique guest book alternative – like a guest book sketch, the one-word challenge, or monogram, for instance – make sure you provide instructions for guests on how to sign it (and where) to eliminate confusion for guests. If you have a clear-cut direction, guests will be more likely to sign.

We love this rustic tree slice guest book alternative spotted at PNZ Designs, which guests can sign around the monogram in the center. (Photo: Melania Marta Photography)

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride (guest book: pnz designs, photo: melania marta photography)

by pnz designs

… and this unique guest book illustration…

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book: devin hunt illustration)

by devin hunt illustration

And, this unique guest book alternative board for guests to sign, by Bosheree.

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book: bosheree)

by bosheree

Guest Book Mistakes #4: The Low-Light Location

Make sure your guest book is located in a well-lit location in a high-traffic area, like near the entrance (or the bar). If needed, add your own mason jar lanterns to place on the table. Buy mason jars (we love ’em in blue!), place a battery-operated tea light inside each one, and place on your guest book table.

Make DIY Lanterns to Add Light!

where to buy blue mason jars

+ add…

battery operated tea lights

It’s easy!

Guest Book Mistakes #5: The Non-Stocked Station

Keep your guest book area organized + well-stocked! This is especially for guest book alternatives, which require additional supplies. If you’re using a guest book thumbprint tree, for instance (as shown below), make sure it is placed on an easel. Also, ensure there are plenty of thumbprint ink pads and wipes (+ small trash can to dispose of) for guests to use to remove the ink.

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book: the ink lab, photo: diana daley photography)

fingerprint guest book by the ink lab, photo by diana daley photography

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book: the ink lab, photo: diana daley photography)

fingerprint guest book by the ink lab, photo by diana daley photography

If you’re asking guests to sign cards to leave their well wishes, make sure you have plenty of cards (and a few extras for mistakes). We love these cards spotted at The Kraft Room in TONS of gorgeous colors to tie into your decor!

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book cards: the kraft room)

by the kraft room

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book cards: the kraft room)

by the kraft room

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book cards: the kraft room)

by the kraft room

Guest Book Mistakes #6: The Never-Reading-Again Situation

Make sure your guest book is enjoyed for years to come- not stashed away in a box in the attic. If guests are signing a traditional guest book, place it on a bookshelf in your home that is easily seen so you can flip through it at anytime. If you’re interested in a guest book alternative that does double-duty as home decor, check out this unique framed 3D guest book alternative by Suzy Shoppe.

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book 3d hearts: suzy shoppe)

by suzy shoppe

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book 3d hearts: suzy shoppe)

by suzy shoppe

Or, a framed guest book art which also can be displayed in your home.

fingerprint guest book art

by flutterbye prints

Now you have no excuse! Your guest “book” will be enjoyed for years to come.

Guest Book Mistakes #7: The Leave-Without-Signing Situation

Don’t let guests leave without signing! To prevent this from happening, make it fun + easy for guests! One of my favorite guest book ideas is to use mad lib cards placed at each guest’s seat. Guests fill in the blanks – with nouns, verbs, or pronouns – to complete a sweet, light-hearted and often hilarious story for the couple. Cards are then placed in a designated box. Since each card is already placed at guests’ seats, they’ll be more likely to fill ’em out and place in the designated box before dancing even begins!

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book mad lib cards: cami's paperie)

by cami’s paperie

7 Guest Book Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride - Tips for your Guest Book! (guest book mad lib cards: cami's paperie)

by cami’s paperie

– – –

FREE Printable!

We’ve created a simple guest book sign for you to print + use for FREE! It can be printed onto 5″ x 7″ card stock and framed. It has gray text, which can be printed onto any color card stock you choose… but we recommend white or ivory so it is clearly visible.

How to Download

o To download, click on the image below (or click here) and select, “Download… direct download“. Save to your computer. (File is a PDF, which can be opened in Adobe.) Open file. Print.

Personal use only.

free printable guest book sign

– – –

And there you have it: seven guest book mistakes to avoid! If you’d add any to the list, share below… or ask any questions you have about guest books + I’ll be happy to answer ’em for you! Also… if you’re new to the blog, you can find out more about Emmaline Bride here.


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