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Giveaway: Win a Canvas Heart Tote Bag!

Every bride needs a tote bag for carrying her essentials! That’s why we’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies of Walkin On Air on this brand new giveaway. One lucky Emmaline Bride reader will win a canvas heart tote bag, perfect for her wedding day essentials! After the big day, use it on the beach, running errands, at the library, as a carry-on, or shopping. It’s a cute bag that can be used again for years to come! Enter below for your chance to win and good luck!

heart love tote bag

by walkin on air

7 Non White Wedding Dresses That Look Incredibly Gorgeous

Hi, lovelies! Holy smokes, our Ask Emmaline inbox is filled to the brim! We promise to get to all of your responses soon. Let’s take care of this one from Michelle, shall we? She asks…

“I’ve been seeing non white wedding dresses in light grey or blush pink and I love them! I know it’s “tradition” for the bride to wear white, but would it be weird if I choose something else? Also, do you have any suggestions for non-white wedding dresses? Thanks!”Michelle

Non White Wedding Dresses

Michelle, you couldn’t have asked at a better time! Not only are non white wedding dresses perfectly acceptable, they’re very much trending right now. Light grey, soft blue, and blush pink are just a few of the ethereal colors that brides are choosing today, making them stand out just as much as a beautiful white gown would. When it comes down to it — in ANY aspect of your wedding, not just your gown — you should choose what YOU want. Don’t fall in line with doing what everyone else does just because that’s the norm. Do what makes you happy! That’s what is most important. And furthermore, your wedding dress whether white or ivory or pink or blue should reflect your individual style… and you should feel beautiful wearing it.

To prove that non white wedding dresses are just as perfect and appropriate for the bride, we’ve rounded up seven gorgeous gowns from Carousel Fashion. They have beautiful wedding gowns in many colors and styles to choose from from blush pink tulle ballgowns to traditional white dresses. You’ll love the collection found here. Read on to see our handpicked favorites and tell us: what do you think of non white wedding dresses?

Stunning non white wedding dresses by Carousel Fashion

by carousel fashion

5 Perfect Boutonnieres for Fall Weddings

If you haven’t ordered boutonnieres for your fall wedding, you’re in luck! We’ve found five which your groomsmen will love to wear. These boutonnieres are special: they’re handcrafted without the use of fresh flowers, so you don’t have to keep them cool (or worry about them wilting). They’ll look perfect for photos all day and all night — plus, they’ll last forever. We spotted these boutonnieres over at The Sunny Bee and I was instantly smitten with the pine cone bout shown below. I think it is my #1 top pick for fall boutonnieres ever. Quite a tall order, no? Take a look and you’ll see why!

Boutonnieres – Fall Weddings

1. Woodland Pine Cone Boutonniere

woodland pine cone boutonniere by The Sunny Bee | boutonnieres fall weddings

by the sunny bee

Hand Stamped Jewelry for the Bride (+ Giveaway!)

Hi, lovelies, Emma here! I’m an avid admirer of Junghwa for awhile now, ever since I first saw Amy’s shop on Etsy. And while this necklace is one of my all-time favorite pieces, I adore her new hand stamped bridal jewelry including personalized tag necklaces, monogrammed rings, custom date necklaces, and more. Check out a few favorite pieces below PLUS enter for a chance to win one of these in our latest giveaway! Good luck!

Hand Stamped Bridal Jewelry

petite initial tags | hand stamped bridal jewelry | by junghwa |

by junghwa

9 Amazing Gifts for Bridesmaids Who Travel

Do you have a bridesmaid who either travels for work, for adventure, or is simply always on-the-go? Most likely at least one of your bridesmaids fits into a category above. So, to help you pick a perfect gift for your favorite adventurous bridesmaid we’ve rounded up some lovely handmade finds! Pick a few of your favorite gifts below and package them together in a tote (like this cute one), which also makes a handy carry-on and doubles as a convenient tote for getting-ready essentials the morning of the wedding.

Which of these travel-inspired gifts is your favorite?

Gifts for Bridesmaids Who Travel

1. These makeup brush rolls are a must

They’ll keep your makeup brushes protected and all-in-one place. By Forshee Designs.

by forshee designs

Photo Frames for Parents of the Bride – #HANDMADEADAY

It’s Monday — let’s be proactive and cross a to-do off of your (seemingly never-ending) wedding list! We’re tackling gifts for parents of the bride today with this new #HANDMADEADAY find. These photo frames are perfect gifts because they’re sentimental and handmade. They can be personalized with your wording, your wedding date — even customized to include a beautiful image of your wedding gown style! Gift a photo frame to your mom and dad on your wedding day; after the wedding, have a special wedding day photo printed and inserted in the frame. By Prince Whitaker. (P.S. The price is so amazing, too!)

Photo Frames for Parents of the Bride

These photo frames have cute wording like, “Always your little girl”, along with a heart carved out for the photo to be inserted.

Cute photo frames for parents of the bride! | by Prince Whitaker |

photo frame: prince whitaker

“Cake Topper with Dog — Or, Am I Being Weird?” – Ask Emmaline

When we received the latest Ask Emmaline question from Breanna, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. She writes,

My fiance and I have a dog named Sadie who has been a big part of our history. We adopted her just a few months after we began dating and it has been now five plus years together. Sadie lives with us both and we all hike, go for walks, etc. together and consider her a part of the family. We don’t have any kids yet so we pretty much treat Sadie like our “kid”. I was telling a bridesmaid about how we plan to have Sadie at the wedding as the “ring bearer” and I even want to include her as part of our wedding cake topper. My bridesmaid thought I was absolutely nuts. Am I being weird? Or is having a cake topper with us and our dog something I should reconsider? Thanks in advance for your help!”Breanna

P.S. This is the cutest ↓

dog sitting while bride and groom get married
photo: skye blu photography via style me pretty