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Snuggle Up Sign for Wedding Blanket Favors

by Emma Arendoski

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Hello, loves! Feeling the chill of fall yet? I am, even though it started out slow and then Mother Nature was like, BAM, and I was turning up the heat and bringing in my mums from outside to keep ’em from icing over through the night. If you’re planning a wedding during chilly months and want to provide wedding blankets for guests, you may be wondering how to encourage guests to take a blanket and get cozy. The solution? A snuggle up sign!

A snuggle up sign, like the one we spotted today, is essential to encourage guests to take one and get cozy. As you probably guessed by now, wedding signage spells everything out for guests, such as how to sign a polaroid guest book to how to take unique wedding favor like these. A sign makes it obvious for guests to take a blanket and keep it (like these wedding pashminas in bulk for cheap) or put it back at the end of the night (like these in bulk, or guests can even take ’em to go). If you’re offering wedding blankets for guests, you’ll NEED this sign.

Snuggle Up Sign for Weddings

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

This snuggle up sign by Paper and Pine Co. is beautifully crafted, stands out, and costs UNDER $10! Whoa. I love wedding finds that are easy on the budget. Here’s a preview, with photos by Amy Galbraith. Buy it here.

snuggle up sign

via here

snuggle up sign

via here

Love it? Want it? Get your snuggle up sign right here! It looks cute as home decor for fall and winter, too, near a stack of ultra-plush fleece blankets.

Speaking of, I’ve got my eye on these chunky knit blankets from Etsy. Have you seen them yet? They’re, as my 4-year-old says, “GINORMOUS!!!” :)

giant chunky knit blankets

via chunky wool studio

Like it? Find out more here.

snuggle up sign and giant chunky knit blankets

via here

I want one in every color! Get yours here.

snuggle up sign and giant chunky knit blankets

via colorways gallery

customized wine glasses

It would be fun to give these chunky knit blankets as bridesmaid gifts or holiday gifts this year. Want one for your home? You can even add it to your Amazon registry here. Yes, you can add ANYTHING from ANYWHERE on your registry! Click here to get started.

What do you think of this weather? Are you in snuggle up mode yet? I am, and totally digging out my slippers from my winter storage this weekend. I’ve waited long enough! Have you seen these slippers? ↓

snuggle up sign and bunny slippers

by kate spade

They’re my latest favorite; I can’t get over the bunny ears! Kate Spade just gets me.


Happy Planning!


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