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7 Unique Whiskey Barrel Gift Ideas

by Emma Arendoski

Finding truly authentic whiskey barrel gifts isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Many products that claim to be made from old barrels, but for all you know, they could just be made from repurposed or reclaimed wood.

whiskey barrel gifts

And when you’re looking for whiskey themed gifts for someone special, you definitely want an authentic gift made from a reclaimed barrel — not an imposter. Today we’re showing off these beautiful whiskey barrel gifts (handmade!) by HoltzLeather. Mostly known for their leather, they’re also experts in authentic whiskey barrel gift ideas.

And today we’re showing you the best whiskey barrel products from their shop. We found whiskey barrel signs, a unique table, pen, towel racks, and more; they make great whiskey groomsmen gifts and wedding gifts for couples. Let’s get started!

Whiskey Barrel Gift Ideas

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

1. Whiskey Barrel Sign

A sign made from an authentic whiskey barrel with names and the wedding date makes a great gift.

whiskey barrel gifts

2. Personalized Barrel Stave

A personalized barrel stave engraved with your family name and “established in” year makes a beautiful wall art piece people will notice.

whiskey barrel gifts

whiskey barrel gifts

3. Guitar Holder, Single or Double

No more leaning your guitar against a wall or putting it away in a bag; show off your guitar in style with these whiskey barrel gifts! Available in a one-guitar or two-guitar holder style.

customized wine glasses

4. Side Table Made from Tennessee Whiskey Barrel

A cute side table!


5. Wooden Towel Holder, Personalized

This is made from a whiskey barrel stave. Cool look.

6. Magnetic Knife Block

This is one of my favorite whiskey barrel gifts for chefs. Great way to keep knives in-reach — and in style.

7. Whiskey Barrel Pen

Groomsmen pens are a surprisingly popular gift idea. These are made from reclaimed whiskey barrels and look stylish.

It comes with a stylish leather pouch!

Where to Buy Whiskey Barrel Gifts

These gifts are all handmade + available at Holtz Leather. Click here to shop now!

And as you probably know, these gifts go great with a pair of whiskey glasses. These are so stylish!

by joyjolt

Hope it helps on your quest for truly amazing whiskey barrel gift ideas for whiskey lovers!

Happy Planning!


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