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Top Black Tuxedo Styles for Groom & Groomsmen for Fall

by Emma Arendoski

Once you’ve picked your perfect wedding gown, it’s time to decide what the groom and groomsmen will wear. If you’re going for a 1920s vintage look with a touch of Old Hollywood or modern traditional elegance, consider these black tuxedo styles! We’ve rounded up the top black tuxedo styles for groom and groomsmen from Savvi Formalwear. Black tuxedos aren’t all the same; a unique pocket square, boutonniere, pair of cuff links, tie, choice of dress shirt, or even color of vest can switch up his look in an instant. Plus, each tuxedo designer has its own distinct look.

Read on to see our favorite black tuxedo styles and tell us which one you like most.

Black Tuxedo Styles

You can find specifics on these black tuxedo styles right here.

1. Obsession by Michael Kors

below, left

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

This tuxedo is from their Slim Fit collection and is made of luxury wool with two buttons and a classic black bow tie and coordinating vest.

2. Black Bari Tailcoat by Ralph Lauren

below, right

Timeless at its finest! This tuxedo is made of tropical weight wool in black. It is pictured with white pique accessories and a luxe microfiber dress shirt.

Black Tuxedo StylesBlack Tuxedo Styles

3. Cypress Black Tuxedo by After Six

below, left

This tuxedo is also made of tropical weight wool in a two-button style. It is shown with white accessories.

4. Black Parker by Ike Behar

below, right

This is another tuxedo from the Slim Fit collection. It is made of luxury wool in a classic two-button style. Shown with coordinating black accessories and bow tie and a white pocket square.

Black Tuxedo StylesBlack Tuxedo Styles

5. Black Allure Tuxedo by Allure Men

This is a lighter, tropical weight wool with a two button design in black. Shown with a vest and bow tie.

below, left

6. Black Cutaway by Ike Behar

Last but not least, this is one of our favorite black tuxedo styles! It is shown with a vintage tailcoat style in a cutaway design. Shown with classic necktie, coordinating vest and white pocket square. Classic!

below, right

customized wine glasses

Black Tuxedo StylesBlack Tuxedo Styles

Which of these black tuxedos is your favorite? You can find them all at Savvi Formalwear and find a local retailer near you to try ’em on this weekend!


This is a sponsored post by Savvi Formalwear.


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