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Where to Get Groomsmen Socks, Ties + Suspenders — All at Once!

by Emma Arendoski

If you’re wondering where to buy groomsmen socks that are the best in price and quality, you’ll find them right here! We’ve seen fun dress socks through the years, but nothing comes close to the personalized groomsmen socks we spotted at Groomsman Gear. Is it the fun striped patterns, polka dots, mustache socks, or taco socks that sold us? (They had us at tacos!) No, it is the bright colors and bold patterns on these socks, the quality, and the price (plus, free US shipping). And we love how they offer more than just socks for groomsmen. You’re going to love this everything-in-one-place groomsmen shopping experience.

red groomsman bow tie

Where to Buy Groomsmen Socks (+ More!)

At Groomsman Gear, you can buy groomsmen socks, suspenders, bow ties, neckties, and tie clips all in one place. That’s right, stop the madness: ‘X’ out of those open tabs and stop leaving items in your shopping cart! At Groomsman Gear, shop one and you’re done. That’s a great way to save time and money — especially when they offer free US shipping — for groomsmen proposals or wedding gifts for the guys.

groomsman socks

Groomsmen Socks

First, let’s talk about groomsmen socks and why they’re such a popular accessory item. They’re functional, yes, but they’re also a fun way to show off individual style and personality. Many couples ask, do groomsmen socks have to match? The answer: no! You can choose groomsmen mismatched socks and pick out a pattern that is unique, hand-picked just for him! If you do go the matching route, the only tough part will be choosing just one favorite pair! There are many stylish options from which to choose.

You’ve probably seen groomsmen socks before… but what makes THESE the best groomsmen socks you can buy? Here are four reasons why you’ll love them.

1. Selection

Groomsman Gear offers a fantastic selection of socks: there are enough pairs to mix-and-match to your heart’s content, yet not too many options to leave you feeling overwhelmed.

2. Fit + Durability

Have you ever worn a pair of socks that didn’t stay up, were too tight, and just didn’t… fit properly? I have, and that’s the worst! That can happen when you buy extremely cheap dress socks, usually when the makers don’t care about the socks lasting longer than the wedding reception. Thankfully, the socks at Groomsman Gear beat out the competition in terms of style, durability, and price. That is a serious three-pack punch. :)

3. Personalization

You can get personalized groomsmen socks with names thanks to their unique sock labels. These printed labels feature the groomsman’s name in a modern style with a black box and bowtie. These look classy, are easily added to your pairs of socks with the click of a button (simply select the labels here) and indicate the name you’d like to use. If you prefer groomsmen socks with initials instead, go for it! Just indicate the preference when you order.

4. Price

Price is important, especially when you’re planning your wedding. Whether the sky is the limit or you’re on a small budget, you’ll be happy to know these are affordable groomsmen socks that look great. You’ll also love that free shipping, anywhere in the USA. (Note: You can buy groomsmen socks anywhere in the world — they ship globally!)

The team at Groomsman Gear — Jonathan and Brooke — are a married couple in Portland, Oregon (we love you, PDX!) Isn’t it nice to know you’re shopping from a small business? They personally ship out their orders and we think that makes these products even cooler. Plus, if you have any questions along the way, they’re there to help: just send a note!

Want to shop now? Buy groomsmen socks here!

Now that you know what makes them the best socks for groomsmen, let’s show off some of the top pairs. These are sure to inspire you when picking out groomsmen socks for asking to be in your wedding, or as a wedding day gift to wear with coordinating suits, ties, and suspenders.

Groomsmen American Flag Socks

These popular American Flag socks are a great choice!

Taco Dress Socks

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? :) Tacos every day, we say! These are the ultimate fun socks for groomsmen. Plus, it can be tough to find yellow groomsmen socks, and these are definitely it!

Polka Dot Dress Socks

Navy blue and polka dots, too! These are a popular choice for groom and groomsmen socks.

Teal Groomsmen Socks

A stunning color choice on this pair — and we love the stripes.

Black Striped Socks

This is the pair that goes with everything!

Funky Groomsmen Socks

These fun socks in blue and orange look cool and make a bold statement.

Mustache Groomsmen Socks

These dress socks will be fun to wear on the wedding day and beyond.

Browse these socks and view more styles here!

Once you’ve picked out the groomsmen socks, what else can you get? That’s right: everything! All you need are groomsman suits and Groomsman Gear takes care of the rest. You can buy groomsmen bow ties, neckties, suspenders, and tie clips from their store.

Groomsmen Bow Ties + Neckties

Their pre-tied bow ties are beautifully made and arrive in a custom gift box. Choose from four go-with-everything colors: grey, red, black, or navy.

Here is an example of how stunning this bow-tie really looks, up-close! (Plus, it’s one size fits all, making it super-easy for ordering.)

Browse the bow ties here.

Prefer a necktie? Their skinny groomsmen ties are a perfect match in the same coordinating colors.

Shop neckties here.


You can shop one of the top trends for groomsmen: suspenders! This style is available in navy blue, black, grey, or red to match the ties. (See? It’s so easy, all in one place.) Their suspenders are made of high-quality elastic that stretches well and strong silver clamps to hold them in place.

Browse all the suspenders here.

Tie Clips

And last but not least, how will he keep that tie in place? With a tie clip, of course! Choose from your choice of metal finish on an easy-to-use tie clip to keep the tie looking its best, even on a windy day. The tie clip includes the personalized kraft box you see here, ready for gift-giving!

Browse the tie clips + watch a video on how they’re used here.

Ready to give your groomsmen gifts they actually want and can use? These groomsmen socks and ties are it!

Now it’s YOUR turn: outfit your groomsmen in the leading apparel for your wedding day, surprise them with fun groomsmen socks, and buy everything in one place!

Buy groomsmen socks + apparel NOW!

Tell them that Emmaline Bride sent you! :)

Happy Planning!


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