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Coloring Guest Book: A Fun Idea for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

Have you heard about the latest adult coloring book craze? (You know, Ryan Gosling or Unicorns are Jerks, or even Swoon? Those are the fun ones. You’ve probably seen this in stores, but I’ll admit, there are plenty of hilarious ones out there.) My high school English teacher used to swear by color therapy as a way to de-stress, encouraging us to bring crayons and paper for her lectures. She would even stop class sometimes to admire someone’s work. And now, some years later, it’s the big new thing. Now, I don’t really color (who has time?!) but I do chase around my toddler who loves to get his hands on crayons or markers and draw on anything, and I admit I have filled in a page or two of his beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book (so it counts). So when I heard coloring was a fun new trend at weddings, you bet I got on board. This coloring guest book sounds like a great way to get guests to mingle and leave you with a truly unique piece of art. And let’s face it, guests have scribbled in the same old guest book a hundred times before. It’s time to mix it up a little… and this coloring guest book from InkLoveStudio is one way to do it! Take a look!

Coloring Guest Book

So, here’s how it works: you receive a print with little illustrated men and women on a page. You can choose a large print or smaller one, depending on how many guests are invited.

It looks something like this:

via here

Display it at your wedding with a handful of colorful markers (you’ll want this kind for precision). Guests can choose a ‘stick figure’ and fill it in to look like themselves. They can even pick one of the couples and draw themselves and their date in. Then, they write their name. That’s it!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

After the wedding, frame it and you’ll have a fun piece of art work created by your favorite people. How fun! You can buy yours here. It’s an instant digital file, so it’s ready immediately!

Get the Coloring Guest Book

Pretty fun idea, I say! You can find out more about this cool guest book idea here.


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1 comment

Blair January 15, 2016 - 9:34 am

How cute it this?! I love this idea. So unique and different.


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