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12 Best Bridal Party Fanny Packs for Bachelorettes

by Emma Arendoski

Are you wondering where to buy bachelorette fanny packs for your crew? Want to buy fanny packs in bulk for bachelorettes or bridal party attendants? You’ll find cute styles here! Find out why these retro bags are trending + get inspired for bachelorette party shenanigans. Subscribe first so you never miss out on future posts like this!

Four words I never really thought I’d talk about so passionately goes as follows: bridal party fanny packs. Ha! Back in the 90s when I was rocking my neon pink fanny pack at an amusement park — oh, I wish I had a photo to insert here, but let’s just say I was looking awesome, ha! — I never dreamed I’d be talking about bachelorette fanny packs as a wedding trend.

But here we are! And I’m here for it, tbh.

The bridal party fanny pack is a must-have for bachelorette parties and makes a fun take-home favor they can use again. Here are a few reasons why we support the fanny pack trend. :)

1. It is a convenient, hands-free bag.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

A fanny pack goes around your waist securely, keeping things like your phone, wallet, keys, and cash close-at-hand. This is great for bar crawls, wine tasting, etc. so you don’t have to lug a giant bag around with you. It is also good for safe-keeping; if you’re walking around a big city or you’re hanging around at a resort, you don’t have to worry about losing your personal belongings or forgetting to bring your hotel room key card with you. You’ll have everything in your fanny pack!

2. They can be personalized with names or customized for themes.

Who needs bridal party shirts when you can rock these bridal party fanny packs? Well, you can do both if you want to, but some like the idea of an accessory worn instead (like these bachelorette shirt alternatives, a bachelorette party sash, pins like these, or, in this case, a fanny pack) so your bachelorettes can wear any outfit they’d like to the festivities.

Fanny packs for bridal party attendees or bachelorettes can be personalized with their names or coordinated with your party theme. We’ve seen bride squad fanny packs, bride tribe fanny packs, and babe and bride packs. I’ll share all of those — and more — in this post to show you examples.

3. They are affordable.

Bridesmaid tote bags are great fun for bachelorette parties, but the cost can add up. If you want to give bridal party fanny packs as party favors, you can score many at a great discount, especially if you buy bachelorette fanny packs in bulk like these.

Now that you know why these are trending, let’s see what all the fuss is about! Spoiler-alert: they’re incredibly fun.

Bride and Babe Fanny Pack

These babe / bride fanny pack styles are cute. I like the script font and the color — that pink is my fave! There are other colors available, too. By UniqueAndYoursGifts.

by unique and yours gifts

Bachelorette Fanny Packs in Bulk

Ooh, these are a great deal and so stylish, too! Get a set of 8 rose gold bachelorette fanny packs in bulk for only $39.99. That’s an awesome deal. By xo,Fetti. You can also purchase them individually if you need a single fanny pack or just a few.

by xofetti, also available here with super-fast shipping

customized wine glasses

Don’t forget a white fanny pack for the Bride!

by xofetti, also available here

Need another option? You can also buy bachelorette fanny packs in bulk from Sara B’s Designs for any occasion. These are amazing prices and high-quality packs.

by sara b’s designs


Wife of the Party

The bridesmaids wear The Party packs; the bride wears the Wife of the Party fanny pack. Cute! By LuckTen.

by luckten

Also lovin’ the light pink style of bride and bridesmaid fanny packs:

by luck ten

Nash Bash

Are you planning a Nash Bash / Nashville Bachelorette Party? You definitely need these wedding party fanny packs by LuckTen!

by luckten

Bride and Bridesmaid Fanny Packs

Get your babes together and give them these cute, modern-styled fanny packs for bridal party attendants or bachelorettes! They offer many colors; I love the little diamond icon and the font. These are perhaps the most stylish bridesmaid fanny packs we’ve seen yet. By KLSDBride.

by klsdbride


Get Nauti! Plan a nautical bachelorette and use these fanny packs as nautical favors by SaraBsDesigns.

by sarabsdesigns

Drunk In Love / Just Drunk

Ha! By KLSD Bride.

by klsd bride

Bride & Boujee

These are fun for bridal party attendants and are available in more styles and designs! By BlueberrySprinkles.

by blueberrysprinkles

They also offer these two styles that are wildly popular right now:

by blueberrysprinkles

Vinyl Plastic

These personalized fanny packs for bridal party attendants are a fun, colorful, vinyl/plastic style. I like the font design on the front and the color selection of the packs. By BridesFlock.

by bridesflock

Found My Lobster

Oooh, these are perfect for 90’s fans! These are perfect for this themed bach bash. By SaraBsDesigns.

by sarabsdesigns

Let’s Flamingle

These wedding party fanny packs are great for flamingo themed bachelorette parties! By DesignsbyChristineE.

by designsbychrisinee

Bride Squad

For squad fanny packs, check out these by ScalaCo! You can even get a custom hashtag printed right on the packs.

by scalaco


80’s / 90’s Funny Fanny Packs

These remind me of the very neon fanny pack I was rockin’ back in the nineties. :) If you’re planning a fun neon-fueled bash with an 80’s or 90’s theme, these bachelorette fanny packs are perfect. By SaraBsDesigns.

by sarabsdesigns

Bride Tribe

And last but not least, these stylish bride tribe fanny packs are one of my favorite picks! I love the gold foil! By KLSDBride.

by klsd bride

Where to Buy Wedding Party Fanny Packs

Want to buy bridal party fanny packs or bachelorette fanny packs? Simply click on a link below a photo above to purchase.

Bachelorette Fanny Packs Bulk

Want to buy a HUGE order? To buy bachelorette fanny packs bulk or in large quantities, shop here or here.

Hope it helps!

Tell me: what do you think of fanny packs? Which style is your favorite?


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